The Summer Romance

We all seen it in Hollywood movies. How a boy and a girl meets on a vacation, falls madly in love and lives happily ever after. My earliest memory of romance of this sort was the movie Grease. I was probably only 7 or 8? It seemed like the perfect fairy tale.

After my heart break with KURT, I wanted to get away. I love the beach, but none of my friends did. Except for Stella; DJ, party animal, part time model and a very good friend of mine. Thing was, Stella was already in Phuket when I made my decision on going. She raved on and on about the many hot studs all over the streets and how the party was insane!

You see, I have never traveled alone. Always wanted to but never found the time, money or reason to do so. So I decided that if Stella could take off to a foreign land alone, so could I.


I wanted to go immediately. But it was Christmas the following week and I didn’t want to be away from my friends. I bought my flight and room for 5 days for the first weekend after the new year.

I booked myself into a hostel. I have never stayed in a hostel and I did not need a proper room considering I was going to be alone anyway. I’ve been told that hostels were an awesome place to make new friends.

Three days before my trip, Stella decided she was going to fly to Phuket directly from her vacation in Japan. She was afraid I’d get drunk and die at the side of the street. Aww!

By then, I had already subscribed to Tinder Plus and made plans with several dudes living in Phuket. I didn’t plan on getting drunk every night, but I did plan on going on a whole load of dates!



It was already 4pm by the time I checked into the hostel. It wasn’t the usual hostel with several bunk beds in a room. I lived in a capsule. It was quiet, cosy and surprisingly pretty comfy. There were quite a number of hot dudes roaming the hall.

After I settled in, I was chilling outside the hostel having a smoke and chatting with Tinder Date #1 when I saw him. He was hot! Tall, tanned, bald. He was cute but he also had this macho vibe going on. I probably stared a little too obviously because he looked at me and said hi with a smirk plastered across his face. If you didn’t already know, I have a thing for bald dudes!

Stella was to arrive at about 8pm. She wasn’t staying with me though. Her fling from her previous trip to Phuket had a place 5 minutes from where I stayed.

I couldn’t sleep and I had hours to kill till Stella arrived so I went for a massage before I met Tinder Date #1 for dinner.

I got lost BIG time looking for a place to meet up. When we finally met, I was a sweaty pile of mess.

Origin: England
Ethnicity: English
Height: 5′11. VERY buffed
First impression: HUGE!
Age: 4 years older

Me: I’m sorry I don’t usually look like this. I’m drenched in sweat and balm from the massage, my make up has melted, I’m in flip flops, my hair is a permanent mess and I most likely stink too!
Him: Don’t worry, I don’t usually look like this too! The weather is a killer!
Me: Then again, I bet if you walked up to any chic on the street and smelled them, they probably stink just as bad! Everyone is a mess here.

Brandon was a gentleman. Good looking, really buffed and easy going albeit a little shy whenever I teased him. We chose the nicest looking restaurant on the street, spent a couple of hours chatting over dinner and I took off to shower and meet Stella right after. No, we didn’t F. We did plan on meeting up again later that night.

But after one too many shot with Stella and her friend, we were whacked! Who wouldn’t when they serve 7 shots of your choice for a 100 Baht?

We ended up at the beach chasing waves at the end of the night, screaming and laughing hysterically. A sober person would fall chasing waves, I don’t need to describe what happens to a drunk. Needless to say, my phone went skinny dipping.



I jumped up in my capsule with a tremendous hangover. We were underground with no windows, the room was pitch black and I had no phone to check the time. I panicked and ran out looking for a clock. I definitely did not want to sleep my entire vacation away!

It was only 10am. Phew!

I dragged my ass across the street to stock up on water and breakfast, planted myself at the hostel’s PC to contact Stella through Facebook and inform my friends that I was unreachable.

There he was again. Sitting right next to me, looking all adorable.

I was so hungover, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass that I looked monstrous!

Does anyone actually look this good hungover?

Does anyone actually look this good hungover?

Me: Can you open this for me? *passes him the bottle of water*
Him: Tough night?
Me: Couldn’t be worse..

I didn’t see him again till later that night when we both walked right past the reception.

Him: Hey! Where are you going tonight?
Me: I’m not sure, probably grab some drinks down the road. See you later?
Him: Yeah, let me know!

That obviously did not happen. I had no phone and was too tired from the night before so Stella and I had a picnic by the beach till her boy from the previous night called and we went our separate ways.



Early to bed, early to rise.

I got up at 9am and headed across the street to grab me some food.

He was already up with a beer outside the hostel when I went out.

Me: Got a lighter?
Him: *hands me a lighter* Come join us!
Me: What are your plans today?
Him: No plans at all. My brother is still sleeping.
Me: I’m going to the beach, come join me!

Name: JOHN
Origin: Sweden
Ethnicity: Swedish
Height: 6′. Normal
First impression: Cute/Macho
Age: Same age

We probably spent 3-4 hours at the beach getting a tan, going in and out of the water. I can’t swim and John was well aware.

He guided me to the deeper part of the sea, pushed me in, carried me and swam further in before I could retaliate. Real smooth! I was then stuck to the dude with no chance of escaping unless I wished to drown. It was pretty cute, really!

Me: I’m hungry! Lets go back to the hostel, have a quick shower and eat at XXX
Him: Are we gonna shower together?
Me: No way! I ain’t getting thrown out of the hostel for that!

After lunch, we hung out at the hall waiting for Stella. We melted into a puddle on the sofa with John stroking my arms, thighs.. Just pretty much turning me on in front of the entire hall of hostel guests.

Him: *places my hand on his hard on* Come with me!
Me: No way..
Him: *drags me towards his capsule* Come check out my tiny room..

So he climbed up after me, pushed me onto the mattress and we kissed. He was good!

I never knew F-ing could be so intense when you are not allowed even a tiny squeak! I mean, there were like 20 capsules in each room and there was another dude in the room when we got in.

John was amazing. He loved going down on me. He knew what he was doing and he did it good. I just wish there were more space to move about and a little room for some moaning (and screaming!). John was a rough one!

We F-ed twice and I decided that was enough. Stella would arrive anytime now and I really just didn’t fancy the stress of having to be silent while getting F-ed so crazily. Needless to say, the room was empty when we were done.

So Stella, John, his not-so-little brother and I headed out for food and massage.

Stella: J is leaving Phuket at 6pm. You can have the keys to his place. I’m gonna stay with D anyway. J said you could stay there if you wanted. I’m not responsible for who you bring with you.
Me: Perfecto! My personal hotel room.. You are awesome!
Stella: Yup! My personal storage

** J was Stella’s fling from her last visit to Phuket, while D was the dude she met the first night we arrived.

After massage, John and I headed over to J’s place. We F-ed and he F-ed gooood! John wasn’t the largest I had but he had the moves and he wasn’t afraid to show it. By the time we were done, I was exhausted. We set the alarm for an hour nap but I couldn’t sleep. He was a snorer.

By midnight, I woke John up and rushed him back to the hostel. I was late for drinks with Stella, D and the rest of his crew.

John joined us. He was a gentleman, always looking out for me, giving me the space I needed, getting me drinks whenever I finished mine.

The only issue I had with John was that at some point of my drunken stupor, I looked at him and came to the realization that he looked a lot like KURT!! The way I felt about him went downhill from then on.

When we were done, we headed back to J’s place to F again. Only this time, I was so wasted, I could hardly remember a thing!



I woke up to the sun shining in my face and no phone/iPad or clock to check on the time. John lost his phone too!

Me: Did we actually F?
Him: Yes. You don’t remember it? Damnnn.. What a waste! It was really good!
Me: I didn’t pass out?
Him: No, in fact you were very active!

Rushed back to the hostel to meet little brother who was supposed to check them out of the hostel. John decided to stay another night as it was my last night.

That night we headed to Phuket Town’s night market with little brother, Stella, D and his friend with a tuk tuk. I was tired, sleepy, grumpy and just wasn’t in the mood.


John constantly hugged and touched my waist/knee to check if I was alright, but all I did was brush him off.

I’m not sure if I just needed alone time, was overwhelmed by the amount of attention from him or that I felt all of the above because he reminded me of Kurt. I was just pretty much a bitch to John.

When we got back to the hostel, D offered to take the boys partying so I’d get to be alone. I wandered out alone for a massage, chilled in the capsule not able to get my mind off Kurt.



By the time I woke up, John had already started drinking outside with some of the fellow hostel guests.

I booked my transport to the airport. I was to leave at 5.30pm.

Him: Are you really leaving today?
Me: Yup!
Him: It would be nice if you could stay a few more days..
Me: Nah, I’m exhausted and out of money!
Him: You have a free place to stay and we can always pay for your food.
Me: I need rest and I gotta get back to work..

Stella and D came to meet us during lunch to say our goodbyes. She was supposed to leave with me but decided to extend her stay for another two nights. They were in love.

We hung out outside the hostel for the rest of the day till it was about time to leave.

Him: How long till you have to go?
Me: 30 minutes. Wanna walk me there?
Him: Sure. There are so many things I wanna say but English is stopping me.
Me: Try..
Him: I really like you.
Me: Why? Cause I’m grumpy all the time?
Him: *pauses while trying to construct a proper sentence* No. I like hanging out with you. You’re funny, smart, bla bla bla..

When the time came, John walked me to the place where I was to get on the minivan to the airport and waited with me.

Him: I really wish you could stay longer.
Me: Me too.. The van is here
Him: *kisses me long and hard*
Me: Ok gotta go! *hugs him tightly*

As I sat in the minivan heading towards the airport, half of me wanted to just turn back and stay a couple more days. Another part of me was relieved that I could head back to reality and face my demons.


The vacation did not take my mind off Kurt. If anything, it reminded me of him even more. That I was in Phuket because of him.

Did my vacation romance totally backfire because I wasn’t over a guy? Or was it because I did not like him enough?

Me: Maybe I just didn’t appreciate him enough while I was there. No matter, he’s a million miles away now. I wanted to go on continuous Tinder dates but I ended up with only ONE dude!
Stella: You know on mornings I asked why you look like shit? I wasn’t kidding. You really did look like shit.. And John still looks at you smiling, like you were the prettiest thing on earth. That, is hard to come by.

Stella is now Facebook official with D on a long distance relationship where D would be visiting KL in a month. How cute is that?


VERDICT: No matter how hard it is, face your demons. Running would only hurt even more. It is alright to feel pain. Embrace it.