The Rules Broken: Part II

Me: You know how Aaron used to be like a puppy to me? Follows me around, always wants my attention..
Phil: Yup. I see it all the time.
Me: He turned from a puppy in to a world class asshole. How did that happen?
Phil: The tables have turned. You’re now the puppy.

I am no one’s puppy!!

Aaron and I have been F-Buds for more than a month now. He used to be sweet and adorable. Read about Aaron’s transformation into an asshole HERE.



Come Wednesday, it was ladies night.

Christy, Violet and I headed out for dinner and drinks at the bars in town.

Initially Aaron texted Violet that he didn’t want to party anymore but would join us for drinks. We told him no. We would meet him at the club.

I was a beer and 3 tequilas in when we arrived at the club. By the time Aaron got there, I was a goner after uncountable Vodka cranberries.

Initially I found a German-Jap who took my number and left early. Then there was another big buff Persian MMA fighter who glued himself to me.

Violet greeted Aaron when he arrived but all he did was look at me even when they were talking. Christy saw him looking at me funny and asked what was up with him. All he said was nothing, he didn’t want a relationship or to commit and it looked like I was having fun anyways.


We left to our usual joint soon after.

I was flying by the time we got there and ditched the Persian guy who followed us for an English dude who found me on the podium. He was gorgeous!

After some time I left with the English but unfortunately his friends were a bunch of asswipes and they stayed in a hostel that did not allow extra guests.

I tried calling Aaron in hopes for him to pick me up since he was on the way anyway.

After 8 calls and still no answer from Aaron, Phil got me an Uber and I managed to get back to the club when Aaron was still at the entrance trying to get it.

Me: Why didn’t you answer? I called a million times.. I was stuck at xxx and was hoping that you could come pick me up on the way here!
Him: Oh sorry, I was making out with a girl.
Me: Where is she now?
Him: On the way over.

Inside, I found Phil and had more whiskey. By the time Aaron found us at the bar, I looked like I could really use some sobering up as much as I was still alright. Aaron gave me some water and did not allow me to have the beer Phil had while I continued to drunk dance till Phil came back and told us that he got booty called and left me with Aaron.

Aaron decided that we should go to the dance floor. But I jumped up the podium immediately. Down on the dance floor, he was watching me while picking up chics.

When he went missing, his friend, Sam found me and took me to the dance floor where Violet pointed out a hot guy next to me.

Name: SVEN
Origin: Turkey
Ethnicity: Turkish-Lebanese
Height: 6″. Lean
First impression: Gorgeous
Age: 6 years younger

Towards end of the night, Aaron texted asking me to leave with him. I told him to wait while I gave Sven my number.

When I pointed at my cheek for a kiss but I kissed him on the lips instead, Sven didn’t allow me leave. Violet wanted to follow his friend and pleaded that I go with her.

I turned back to see Aaron looking at me and it hurts like a bitch to do that to him. As much as I wanted to be in his arms, it had to be done. I hate playing games but the kid needed to know that I will always have options and my sex life did not revolve around him.

Violet and I left with the guys soon after.

Well Sven was hot so I really did not mind. But he was a model who was obviously an airhead and sucked in bed. I came to conclusion that all models have got no skills in the sack. No kissing, no foreplay, no stamina and a very small ding-dong!

I checked my phone after we were done F-ing to find that Aaron had called a total of 5 times and when I didn’t reply his messages on Whatsapp, he texted me on Facebook.

Me: Did you get laid? I found a model his body is awesome!
Him: No I can’t think of sex right now.
Me: Why not?
Him: I’ll tell you later. Where are you?

Oh and the next day I checked the time stamp of when I called him and when he arrived at the club, it was impossible for him to be making out with a girl and get to the club that fast! It was a total lie!


The next day, I tried to booty call him. I was after all an ass to him the night before. I wanted him to know that I still wanted to F him;

Me: You couldn’t think of sex last night. Would you like some now?
Him: No thanks 🙂 I’m getting some now.

Fine. Be an ass.

I whined to Seth no end bout it cause I needed an asshole’s advice.

He’s F-ing 25 what do you expect? He’s emotionally attached to you. He’s jealous and is showing you that he’s getting some too.”

I was wondering if he’d ever bother with me again..



I invited him to party with us and he didn’t reply till late at night.

I decided if I saw him that night, I would play nice if he did the same.

Initially he told me he’d come, but ended up at our usual joint with Phil instead.

I went on getting smashed and while trying to wing Christy, I turned and got the shock of my life when I saw him in my face. I immediately grabbed him and made out on the podium, the highest and brightest point of the club.

Apparently, he came to look for a girl but he was pretty much with me the entire time.

Me: You’re mine tonight.
Him: I’m booked tonight.
Me: Right. It’s not a choice.

When Aaron told me that he was going to run off to look for the girl, I saw him standing alone at the dance floor. Alone!

He could have at least hid somewhere less obvious *roll eyes*

We left to our usual joint soon after he left and when I got there, my night was a complete blur. I wish I remembered more but I guess the gist of it was that he was with me the entire night, very well behaved.

Every time I talked to someone else, he would stand around taking care of me, hug me from the back or be standing nearby watching me instead of his usual jumping around like a mad man.

Everyone agreed that it wasn’t F-bud behavior at all.

Obviously I left with him. He was too smashed to keep it up and we ended up dancing naked in bed. Weird shit.

Oh and probably cause Phil asked us to slap him in the club (yup, I have a very emotional friend), I told Aaron to slap me while F-ing but he just couldn’t do it. Even the hardest was a light slap. “No I won’t do it! I’m not a violent person!

As he played DJ in front of the PC and told me to make myself comfortable on him, we ended up cuddling with him planting little very passionate kisses on my head and cheeks, slow make outs, fingering..

Him: I’m sorry I’m too F-ed to F. I owe you a F-ing good F!
Me: It’s ok, I have no intention to get laid tonight. If I did, I would have been on the dance floor. I don’t even know why I’m here!

And he hugged me so tight! So soooo tight! He was just adorable!

We talked and we danced around till around 8 or 9 in the morning and F-ed for the longest time. I was literally out of juice and had multiple orgasms but he still couldn’t finish.

Eventually we gave up and cuddled to sleep.

But the first thing he did when he woke up at 3pm was stare at the pile of clothes on the floor.

Him: What’s that?
Me: Your clothes?
Him: What’s it doing there? I can’t remember anything I did or said!


I call bullshit because later on when I asked him random questions of the night at random times, he could answer everything to the dot. I know this because I have already asked Phil.

Aaron acted all normal but it wasn’t normal at all. His normal self was usually cheeky and flirty.. it just didn’t feel like his usual self.

It felt like it was a mutual understanding that the both of us were trying to withdraw from that lovey dovey act earlier that morning.

We had our late lunch together with his brother and got home by 6pm.



He did not text me through out the week.

Come weekend, I made a bet with Phil that he would not turn up at our usual joint.

I lost my bet by evening.

Seth was out with my friends and I at another club and he promised to show up in front of Aaron to get to him. All I needed was for Seth to stand next to me.

When we got to our usual joint at about 2.30am, we found Aaron by the wall waiting for his friends.

Aaron: Is that what you found tonight?
Me: No. He’s the guy in the video playing with the baby I showed you. Remember?
Aaron: Oooh he’s Seth?!

I have previously told Aaron about my weird ass relationship with Seth and how I think I’d never be able to get over him. Read about Seth HERE and HERE.

I introduced the boys.


I could totally see the grin on Seth’s face that he wanted to laugh his ass off at me. I usually went for tall, big muscular guys like himself and Aaron was totally the opposite of that.

Aaron stormed off to look for his friends soon after with me chasing after him and Christy trying to drag my ass back but I was a very stubborn drunk.

The rest of the night was as usual, a blur.

There are memories of Aaron holding my hands and dragging me all over the club, being on the dance floor, more tequila shots and we left at about 4am for breakfast before we headed back to his place.

As we waited for our food at McDonald’s, even in my intoxicated state I could tell that Sam was interrogating me about feelings and relationships. I’m pretty sure Aaron put him up to it considering I hardly spoke to Sam at all. If anything, I totally hate his guts for being an ass to my girlfriend who’s totally heart broken right now.

Aaron and I cuddled up on the sofa and made out a whole lot with Sam telling us to get in the room.

F-ed and woke up to yet another round of cold Mr Aaron.

By the time I finished the Subway his brother brought back for lunch, I was dying to go home.

I could no longer tolerate the hot and cold behavior Aaron had towards me.

Called an Uber and as I walked out the door, I decided I was done for good.



Me: I’m guessing everyone knows I’m F-ing Aaron?
Phil: Rumors spread and it spreads fast. He was holding your hands around the club as if you guys were exclusively together.
Me: Ahh whatever, it’s not like I hide my F’s. What else did you see? I can’t remember jackass.
Phil: I saw 2 commitment phobes in love. Its weird but cute! You guys are adorable together.

I love what we had before it turned weird.

The passion when we were together. The easy conversations. The fun we had partying. When we are apart, he doesn’t require any attention and I am free to F anything else.

But there is just no way I was going to be in a relationship with a 25 year old kiddo who only has MYR7 in his bank account till the next payday and spends every cent on alcohol, drugs and girls.

I’m done with the games. I am done with him. What was meant to be a one nighter had turned into some awkward shit and I have absolutely no time for that.

My usual routine was to hunt on Fridays and get wasted on Saturdays. Aaron had turned into my designated Friday F and because of that I have lost a couple of hotties due to one too many rejections.


VERDICT: I am only human. I too have emotions and I am definitely way past the age of mind games.