The Flirt

Origin: Italy
Ethnicity: Italian
Height: 5″9. Athletic
First impression: Gorgeous!
Age: 6 years older

I matched with Marcel on Tinder and after many weeks of chatting over Whatsapp, I finally decided to meet him on an actual date. I have not been on a date in forever unless one counted Isaac (Read about Isaac HERE) and Xander (Read about Xander HERE), but I’ve know those two for like half my life.

This was definitely different. I have never met the dude and it was nerve wrecking to meet a complete stranger who looked oh-so-gorgeous in photos.

When choosing a place to meet, I gave him two options to Google up; a classy and rather pricey restaurant with a bar and a bar cum club that served really cheap beers. He chose the pricey one.

Our date

The venue he chose

Right before we met up, he made it clear that he had just came out of a 3 year relationship, isn’t over her and is not looking for anything serious. That was entirely fine by me.

As I went to the mall where the bar was located, I was lurking on the 2nd floor to check out if he has arrived. A guy who looked somewhat like him walked by and I was thinking ‘F-ing NO!! That cannot be him? OH MY GOD!! My night is gonna be a disaster!’

I thank my lucky stars it wasn’t. I called Jenna and Kyle, going on and on;

Me: Why am I doing this to myself? I am never gonna go on another date with a stranger! This is nerve wrecking! I am totally freaking out!!
Them: Chill! It’s just dinner.. It’s only Marcel, imagine if it was Hugo (Read about Hugo HERE). You’d probably get a heart attack and die on the spot when you meet him.

That calmed me down a little. Eventually I started playing with the valet’s cat and stopped freaking out.

When I stood up and turned, Marcel was standing on the stairs with a big smile plastered on his gorgeous face.

Man was he gorgeous! Ok fine, not as gorgeous as I had hoped he would be, but definitely gorgeous and way better looking than the photos I received. Marcel has got the looks of a model. Sharp features, somewhat charming.. Very sexy indeed. He had a smile that would melt you to the ground.

Over dinner, I learned that he grew up in Australia, was based in KL 2 weeks in a month and his previous relationship broke due to his heavy travelling. Clearly Marcel was not over his ex-girlfriend. He spoke of how he loved Japanese cuisine and was lactose intolerant. That he was jetlagged from all the travelling; he woke up at 4.30am that day and had to be up at 4am the next morning for a conference call. I also found out that his ex-girlfriend would be visiting on the following week.

I was a nervous wreck the entire time. Although Marcel was the third guy I met off an app, meeting him sober without the presence of my friends was definitely not an easy task.

Marcel would flirt and wink at me while I giggled shyly like a retard. Like seriously, I’ve never been in a situation where I’d be lost for words. I blame his smiles.

Him: *points at my nails* They’re really nice. Are they real?
Me: Yeah of course.
Him: Your fingers are really long. I have huge hands, look! *holds his hands against mine* I have huge everything, even my feet are huge!
Me: You know what they say, men with huge feet has huge…
Him: Socks? *winks*
Me: *Smiles shyly and looks down at the table*

When I look back, all I feel like doing is walking up to the wall and repeatedly bang my head on it. What had gotten into me? Really, it has got to be the smiles!

While talking about Asian girls,

Me: I think that girl is hot.. *points*
Him: You sure you’re not a lesbian?
Me: Speaking of lesbians, there was this chic who kept grabbing my ass while I was talking to her in the club. Like, even men don’t do that!
Him: What would you have done if it was a man? Would you slap him?
Me: It never happened! I might avoid it I guess?

Marcel would flirt and subtly touch me the entire night. Between dinner and beers, we went out to the lounge where the view was spectacular. After four hours, we decided to call it a night.

While waiting for the valet, he came really close to me and lightly touched my ass;

No, he did not kiss me

No, he did not kiss me

Him: Are you gonna slap me now?
Me: Nope.
*after more flirtatious talks, puts his hand into my back pocket and squeezes my ass*
Him: What about now? *winks*

Thank God the car arrived just then, I no longer had a clue on how to respond to him. I insisted on sending him home. He had insisted on paying for the wholesome dinner and drinks after all.

“Do you get distracted easily when you drive?“, he asked. Oh yes baby, the last thing I needed was to crash my car due to my raging hormones.

Him: I had a great time tonight. You’re not going out tomorrow night?
Me: Definitely not. I’ve work the next day.
Him: Call me if you’re going out over the weekend.
*hugs and kisses me on the cheek*


Oh after all the flirting I’m not getting laid? Maybe over the weekend then..

The next day I was headed out to this awesome Japanese restaurant in KL near where he lived and thought I might try my luck with inviting Marcel. He was tired and needed to sleep. I though to myself, ‘Oh well, there’s still tomorrow to party.’.

But I realized how his texts became colder and the next day when I asked if he would be partying with me, he could only muster up, “I don’t feel like partying tonight“.

So that was 2 attempts being turned down and I gave up. He never texted me since.

I couldn’t understand why Marcel would flirt all night for four hours and leave me high and dry. He definitely seemed interested. Could it be because he is not over his ex-girlfriend? Or was it because I giggled like a fool? Did he flirt because he enjoyed watching me look like a retard?

I still do not understand and as much as I was tempted to ask, I did not bother to.

Maybe he’s just not that into me.


VERDICT: I’d still meet but I am not sure if I’d go on another proper date with a guy from a hook-up/online dating app. To feel like a total wreck pre-date is just more than I could handle.