The Sex God : Part I – First Squirt

Over the weekend, I was at a fairly new club in town with Christy and a bunch of other girlfriends. It was a place where people stood around holding glasses of champagne and just looked pretty. The girls were all dolled up while the men splurged on 20 bottles of champagne at a time. I didn’t belong there and I hated champagne.


After one too many glasses however, I started having a little more fun. As I wandered off to another table where some friends were, I bumped into a guy.

Ethnicity: Persian-Turkish
Height: 5″10. Buffed
First impression: Biceps. I only saw biceps
Age: No idea

We chatted and it turns out he deals alot with cars and properties. At about 3am, the night was about to end and we exchanged numbers.

Outside the club, I saw him in a brand new BMW M5. I was headed to my usual joint which closed at 5am (or was it 5.30am?) and he was too!


At my favourite club, which I often referred to as my weekend home, I found my friends at the bar. As I planted my ass on the seat, an old German guy persistently tried to chat me up. I texted Felipe to come ‘save me’ before running off to the other side of the bar to avoid him.

Just then, a dude snatched my cigarette of my hands. When I looked up, even my drunken brains registered him as gorgeous! To be honest, I really couldn’t remember much other than him being German and cornering me to the bar in an attempt to kiss me. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. Felipe would be there any minute.

Name: SEAN
Ethnicity: German
Height: 6″. A little buffed, more towards normal
First impression: Asshole. Gorgeous asshole.
Age: 1 year older

.. and Felipe appeared. I ran off to Felipe and the German was out of sight. We chatted for a bit at the sofas along with the rest of my friends.

Felipe had a bodyguard with him who knew Phil. When he finally left, Phil was like, “Congrats, you found a money bag.. I know his bodyguard!“, while the girls were like, “The German is reallyyy cute though! Why did you get rid of him?“.

Sacrifice, baby! Priorities; Bulging biceps tops a pretty face! It might also partly be that my drunk brains could spot a huge bicep from a mile away but my gorgeous radar is usually off balance. I chose the safer bet.

I thought I’d never see the German again till I left the club. Christy was being chatted up by a small Asian guy on the way out when the Sean went up to the guy.

Me: Heyyy.. what’s your name again?
Him: It’s Sean! You’re sucha player!

He dragged me out to the entrance, talked about God knows what and he forcefully grabbed my head and kissed me. DAMN I love em assholes! It was sucha turn on! Just imagine; if he could do that to me in public, what could he possibly have up his sleeves when we’re behind closed doors?


I passed him my phone where he keyed in his name as ‘Sean MY HERO!!‘ How creative!

My friends and I left for supper, or more like breakfast when I decided to check out their Whatsapp profile photos. I squeaked in delight at the sight of Felipe’s huge arms while Phil shook his head at me. But when I saw Sean’s photo, I literally screamed in excitement, “HOMAIGAWDDDD This is the dude from Tinder I was obsessed about!“.

Like seriously, we matched on Tinder, never spoke, met in real life where both of us had no idea we matched on Tinder? Wow now that is some serious coincidence!


The next day, they both texted me.

Felipe sent me pictures of his gorgeous body while Sean attempted a booty call that night itself. I told him Tuesday was a better option. It was still the time of the month.



As I braved myself to head to his place, I reasoned with myself; What is the difference if I had a beer or 2 with him first? It would be way awkward going to his place after and the end result was going to be the same so why bother wasting precious time?

When he came to get me at the lobby, my first thought was, “They were right!! He issss gorgeous!

He lived in a 3 bedroom unit in the city center that costs about RM15,000/month and had a screen on the wall with surround sound system! A true bachelor pad tastefully furnished with the fantastic view of the Twin Towers.

Long story short, we had some beers, searched for movies to watch.. made out.

Damn, Sean was an amazing kisser and foreplay was fantastic! He had magical hands.

I’m a very big guy, you sure you can handle me?

The best part? Other than him not failing the reputation of a German sausage, he could really turn me on.

As Sean stopped fingering me, I demanded for more. He dragged me over to the bar stool where he did his magic, right after he told me, “You know I’m gonna make you squirt right?“. I thought to myself, ‘Yeah right! Like that’s ever gonna happen!

.. and I squirted! It wasn’t a freaking squirt, it was gushing like someone burst a water balloon!! When it was done, I was so amazed, looked at him wide eyed, feeling like I just witnessed a magic trick;

Me: FASCINATING!! I might just get addicted to that!
Him: *laughs* That’s just the beginning. No one ever made you squirt?

As we got into the room, he asked;

Him: You want it slow or do you want it hard?
Me: Fuck me hard baby!
Him: I think we’ll start slow..

It wasn’t slow at all. Sean flipped and F-ed me in positions I had never imagined possible. I have never been to a yoga class but I’d imagine this is what it would feel like.

I collapsed when I thought he finished, entire body trembling. Lying down next to me, he asked, “Now that we’re done with foreplay can we have sex?”. Are you F-ing kidding me?!

It was impossible. I had no strength to move or even balance myself so I tried distracting him by making a conversation bout the squirting. It was the only thing that came to mind at that point of time.

You wanna squirt again?“.

OMG PLEASE NO!!“. Sean dragged me off the bed. I could hardly catch my breath. Unable to fight back and trembling involuntarily, he fingered me as he locked me in a standing position. I tried to figure out and focus on what he was doing to me down south but it was so intense my brains felt like it was about to explode!

Within seconds I squirted gushed even harder and more than the first time!! My thighs were wet, the floor had drips of my fluid! I am now wondering what would have happened if he did not stop, would my body run out of fluid to release? Would I just pass out? Was it possible to squirt over and over again like normal orgasms?

We continued in the hall with his fast and hard banging that was insane. It hurts from being too large and I felt like I was about to pass out!  I swear it was the first time I ever told a guy I needed a time out. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: How was that even possible?
Him: I cannot believe no other guy ever did that to you! I’d say 8 out of 10 women could squirt, most of them didn’t even know they could!
Me: Hmm.. Really? I’ll check with my girlfriends.
Him: If they have never tried, send them to me. I’m Dr Squirt!

How would I rate it?

Looks: 8/10 – Lacking biceps but oh-so-gorgeous!
Sex: 12/10 – Fanfuckingtastic!

When I told Christy about it, she went all, “OMG I’m jealous!! 99% of the time I don’t even orgasm, let’s not even talk about squirting!

Yup, sad truth is that less than 1/4 of the men I’ve slept with actually managed to make me orgasm. I understand now why he put me on a bar stool and gave a squirt warning. He must have done it to a million other women! It is amazing that most men can’t even get me close and Sean could make me squirt on cue!

Sean is definitely F-Buddy material and I’m keeping him. Massive package, magic hands, gorgeous face and with the gym and protein shake he’s consuming, his body was a WIP. Sean really is a Sex God!

Fingers crossed he doesn’t think that I can’t keep up with him. Well, forgive me for the insecurities but I’ve always been the one who demands for more sex after and never begged for a time out. I have even been told that I wasn’t one who was easy to satisfy!

Not being able to take the curiosity that was consuming me, I asked Seth (Read about Seth HERE), “If a girl can’t keep up with you, would you still want to F her again?“. He laughed, “If she’s hot, I don’t see why not!“.

Christy asked why didn’t I hold back the sex and try turning him into a boyfriend. He acts and talks exactly like Seth. There was no way I could turn him into one. Even if I had managed to pull it off, there was no way I’d have to patience and/or ability to tame him .. and the amazing sex would die down.

To be continued HERE.

VERDICT: Who ever said Germans were not good in the sack has not met Sean! Though I’ve read plenty about squirting, I always thought it only existed in porn flicks and was a whole load of bull. That was until I met Sean!