The Groupie

It was a regular Saturday night at the club.

Towards the end of the night, Christy found a Korean boy on the dance floor while I spotted a cute white boy near my table and when our eyes met, he smiled at me.

Christy: Hi! What’s your name?
White boy: I’m Max.
Christy: Have you met Tessa? *runs away*

Name: MAX
Origin: Germany
Ethnicity: German
Height: 5″9. Lean
First impression: Cute
Age: No clue

I said hi, he said hi and I spotted his two friends standing nearby. Oh damn.. those boys are hot!

I ran off to Christy and told her to ditch her boy.

Me: Aren’t they just hot? Dammit I can’t decide! Can I have all three?
Christy: Yeah.. that one is pretty cute!

You see, Christy has a thing for Asian boys and Asian boys alone. She had never tried anything else and I have been raving to her about all my sexcapades. She does find them hot but never actually sealed the deal.

Me: Try just once! If you don’t like it, I will never bug you again. Promise!
Christy: *Shrugs*

I motioned for the cute one to come over and got them introduced.

Me: My friend thinks you’re cute!
Him: You don’t think I’m cute?
Me: Just.. go to her!

Name: TOM
Origin: Germany
Ethnicity: German
Height: 5″8. Normal
First impression: Adorable!
Age: 8 years younger

Tom has these super adorable puppy eyes that made my insides stir. But I had my eyes on their other friend.


Origin: Germany
Ethnicity: German
Height: 5″11. Buff
First impression: Gorgeous
Age: 4 years younger

Friend No.3 was buffed with short blonde hair and looked bad ass. So totally my type. We spoke for a little and he dragged me out to the dance floor  where we made out while I felt up my new catch.

Rock hard chest. Subtle abs. Shaved. Decent size. All good to go!

I was surprised that it turns out Christy was totally up for it. The four of us left together soon after for their hotel nearby. The boys were in KL for vacation and were leaving the next day.

On the way to their place however, I realized Tom was the fun one and Brody was well, broody.

Me: How many of you are staying in the same room together?
Brody: All of us. We have to be done before they get back.

So they were living in a one bedroom suite with an extra bed in the hall. Christy went straight for the room while Brody and I settled for the hall.


Made out, stripped, put on a condom and F-ed for a minute.. then one of their girl friends came back!

Brody and I ran straight into the room where the both Christy and Tom were already undressed and all four of us hid under the covers.

Me: Oh wow! That’s small! *referring to Tom’s D in Malay* I’m sorry for you!
Christy: I know right. Just my luck.

And the weirdest thing happened.

Brody and I continued making out while Tom continued to F Christy, with her going all, “OMG are we seriously doing this?!!“.

It was hilarious! Half the time we were laughing at one another. It was impossible to focus on what we were doing.

Brody lost his erection from all the commotion of their friend’s return and I was just too lazy to try to get it back up so he went down on me.

When Christy and Tom were about to change position;

Tom: Wanna switch?
Christy: Serioussssslyyyy?!!!
Me: Hmm.. If you want this grumpy one, I’m all good *climbs off Brody*
Christy: Really? You’re giving me a soft D?!
Tom: Here you go.. New condom, new girl! *hands Brody a new condom*


Brody was a goner below the belt anyways and I didn’t particularly enjoy the way he F-ed. Brody immediately went down on Christy while Tom F-ed me good although he was way smaller than Brody.

We changed a couple of positions till he finished but Christy was still trying to get her new guy up.

After Tom and I cleaned up, Brody took Christy into the toilet and continued whatever they were doing and eventually started F-ing while Tom and I laughed, chatted and took a selfie in the room.

Tom: You do this all the time?
Me: No I swear this is the first time!
Tom: Really? Me too!

When they were finally silent in the toilet, we went in and threw them out as we really needed to pee. But..

When I got out, lo and behold, there was an extra person in the room! Max was back from the club looking all confused.

Max: WTF is going on in here?!!
Tom: There! I was telling you he has a huge D. Show her.
Me: Fine, fine. 
Max: *undresses*
Me: It’s.. normal.

Brody and Christy ran back in to the toilet while Tom and I made out, Max put on a condom and we F-ed for a little, having our own little threesome.

But I was pretty much out of juice after one too many D’s and told Max he can just forget about it. Max is the asshole of the group (there always is one) and was persistent and whiny but I guess eventually Tom told him to back off.

Retrieved Christy from the toilet who was sitting at the tub chatting with Brody and after alot of arguing with Max, we left.

Christy: OMG I still can’t believe that happened!
Me: It was.. hilarious!! Till Max came back at least.
Christy: Yeah Max was an ass. But the 2 boys were nice though.
Me: I like Tom more. He’s fun and so adorable!
Christy: Really? I thought Brody was hotter, taller.. really good looking. He’s really, really nice too!
Me: Yea he’s hot.. and if you like grumpy boys.. Guess it was a good switch then!
Christy: *laughs* If you put it that way! We totally graduated to a whole new level of friendship!

I have heard one too many stories from my ex-F’s bout threesomes and group sex. Few of them had tried to convince me into one but I was never interested. Maybe it’s cause they didn’t have any hot friends that I’d like to share the bed with. Although I have not actively searched for one, it had been on my bucket list.

Seth described it as fun because you’ll be laughing with your friends but doesn’t particularly fancy it because you can’t completely focus on what you’re doing.

I finally understand what he meant now. I have to say though, other than the fact that it was a foursome, the sex was way below average. Or maybe it was below average because it was a foursome

Oh well, I could not choose between the three.. But on some rare occasions, I guess I don’t have to.


VERDICT: It was really quite an experience. I doubt I’d do another group sex again unless it’s completely accidental, but I’d totally try another round of threesome with two hotties!