The Weekend BF

So ever since I subscribed to Tinder Plus to check out its local delicacies globally, I was furiously swiping all over the world on a nightly basis. Christy challenged me to reach a 1,000 matches.

But.. Like, what is the point of matching with men 16,000km away and never meet them? (PS men in Miami are the hottest by far!)

If I learnt anything at all from my heartbreak with HUGO, it was to not expect anything from anyone across borders. But I figured I’d be smarter this time round. I went against my better judgement and started swiping in Singapore.

I matched with Cruz. If you don’t already know, I am extremely attracted to bald muscular men. Exchanged a couple of one liner replies, added me on Facebook where we chatted a little bit more and I forgot all about him. The incoming matches were starting to get rather annoying.

Name: CRUZ
Origin: France
Ethnicity: French
Based: Singapore
Height: 5″8. Lean, muscular, bald
First impression: Bad ass
Age: My age

A week later, I was bored out of my mind with Tinder when I finally achieved my 1,000th match. I have stopped chatting altogether, even with those who made it into my Whatsapp.

Bored one night, I texted Cruz on Facebook. He was really witty and a reminded me a lot of Hugo. He looked a lot like Hugo too! The conversation went on for a whole week and he decided he was gonna come visit me.

Him: My friends will be in KL on Thursday. Think I’ll join them.
Me: Come come! Stay the weekend! But I guess you’ll be pretty busy keeping them entertained.
Him: Not really. They are going for work. I’m coming to see you. Them going is just an excuse for me to go.

The next day, Cruz booked his hotel and flight tickets. Apparently, he bought a one way flight.

It was just 3 days till his trip to KL. I was nervous. I mean, I really do hate dates, but I really enjoyed chatting with Cruz.




We planned to meet at the street of touristy bars for dinner and drinks. Ice skating, dinner and clubbing on Friday.

I arrived at the venue before he did and planted my ass as the bar. Cruz arrived 10 minutes after.

I was pleasantly surprised that the entire night was completely natural. No awkward hellos. No awkward silent moments. The conversation was smooth, we talked about every thing and anything. Well I pretty much already know everything that came out of his mouth after my intensive Facebook stalking.

We switched bars where we sat out in the dark, alone.

Cruz was a gentleman. I began panicking that it was going to turn platonic. Can you imagine my relieve when he finally kissed me?

We went back to his hotel after supper on the pretense of ‘having some whiskey’ that he bought at the airport.

Long story short, we made out, talked, made out, talked, F-ed, talked, F-ed, talked.

Yup. You get the gist. We spend most of the night talking from 9pm when we first met, up till we went into the room 6.30am to F one last time before calling it a night.

I must admit that although I was smitten by Cruz, the attraction level did indeed decrease as soon as I got into his pants. Well, I’d rate the F to be;

Performance: 7/10
Endurance: 8/10
Size: 5/10

It could have been one of the better F’s if not for the lack of size. Oh wells, I suppose nothing is perfect.

Good looks, successful, chemistry, decent in bed.. I was determined to keep the guy.



I left for home at 10am. I was too hungry to even think of falling asleep and Cruz was an extremely light sleeper. If I stayed on, there was no way the poor soul would be able to get a wink of sleep or survive the day.

We met up at 3pm for lunch and an hour of awesome Thai massage. Cruz wanted us to go back to his place to ‘chill’ before heading out to the club but there was no way in hell I was going to brace the insane Friday traffic or to hang out at the hotel alone while he went out for drinks with his friends. I am not his pet! And yes, I even told him that.

So we went our separate ways at around 7.30pm and met at the club slightly before 1am. It was cute how Cruz kept me updated with their plans the entire time we were apart.

Cruz: I’m leaving tomorrow.
Me: What? Why?
Cruz: I’ve got loads of meetings on Monday and I need to recover. I’m exhausted.
Me: Stay another night..
Cruz: I already booked the flight.
Me: Looks like I’ll never see you again.
Cruz: I can always come back to KL.

We partied, he got us a bottle of champagne and left at 4am for some sexy time.



The past 2 days were cool. We hung out, flirted, cuddled. Cruz was very attentive.

But when we woke up, I could feel the chill oozing through him. I shrugged it off. Perhaps he was just tired.

We had our last meal together before parting ways. Cruz had to be at the airport while I had work to attend to. The good bye was rather platonic with just a peck on the lips.

Cruz: Well, it was a pleasure to meet you in person, Tessa. Maybe we’ll meet again in the future, in KL or some place else.
Me: Yup! We’ll meet again. Hug?
Cruz: *Hugs me*

Cruz texted all the way till he got home, telling me of how a fever was brewing.. But that was it. He was cold and eventually stopped texting after a couple of days.


I was devastated for 2 whole days.

It’s hard to put into words how I felt about the weekend. Part of me thoroughly enjoyed having a boyfriend for just 2 days. Another part of me wished I could just keep him in my life.

But I had no chance of making it work.

Cruz ran three businesses in Singapore and invested in multiple other stuff. He traveled more than he was at home. The dude clearly only wanted a weekend F away from home.

It was only when I realized this that I sought ways to forget him. He reminded me of Hugo, so I dug up Hugo’s texts and reread them. Nope. Cruz was no where as witty as Hugo. He didn’t come close.

Then I saw SETH online on Facebook.

Me: Hey! It’s been too long! I miss youuu!!
Seth: Hang on I’m gonna call you *calls me after 5 minutes* Babeeee!! Guess what.. *goes on and on about his girls*..
Me: You know what? Save your stories. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow. You’re buying!
Seth: OK

The next day, Seth bumped into PIER while waiting for me at the mall. The three of us had lunch together.

It felt kinda nice.. and strange that I was having lunch with 2 of my ex F-Buds at the same time.

But it was awesome that my memories of Cruz felt more and more distant with every minute spent with the boys.

The chemistry and love I have for Seth is irreplaceable, while Pier was one of my better looking F’s. With both Seth and Pier combined, Cruz was pretty much.. nothing! Well, maybe except for his bank account.

When I brought up the weekend, Seth had no comment. Pier however;

Me: Why would anyone travel across borders just for a weekend F? It’s not just about the money, but its so time consuming! It’s so much effort!
Pier: Well, let me tell you a story. I met this girl at the club but she lives in xxx. She told me to look for her but I refused to cross states, let alone cross borders just for a girl because my hands are already full here. Why do I need to travel for a F?
Me: Hmm..
Pier: Do you have your answer now?


VERDICT: My friends always told me I F-ed like a man. But no, I clearly do not. Yes I can F with no emotions but men could do a full on weekend fling with no emotions attached. Now that is a skill I’d like to acquire!