The Séducteur

2 posts back, I spoke of how I realized I was in love with Seth. Unfortunately, Seth only sees me as a good friend now and there was nothing that would change that. I was devastated for an entire week. I stayed off Tinder, had a chick flick marathon till I felt nothing. I decided I was going to get over him and by the end up the week, I hardly thought of him anymore. Read about Seth HERE.

I did however learn that if I could feel that way about Seth, I was emotionally ready to attempt dating again (date, not relationships!).

A week later, I met up with this mega hot male model who was featured in Men’s Health magazine October issue. He had the body of a God. We drunkenly made out the night away but he sucked at it. He had the looks, but a personality of a bimbo.



Him: Tell me your fantasies!
Me: How about threesome with 2 hot brothers?
Him: Did you fantasize about me?

*smacks head* Yet another airhead! There is some truth to Johnny Bravo’s character. Insanely gorgeous guys do not have a need to charm. I guess after one too many male models, I have finally gotten bored of it. I want my panties to be charmed off!



It was just another day on Tinder when I matched with Finn. He was sucha cutie that I was determined to go on a proper date with him rather than to just bed him. After a few replies, we exchanged numbers and chatted on Whatsapp for a week before deciding to meet up at a nearby bar.

I was nervous. I texted Christy asking for advice on the do’s and don’ts of a first date. I have gotten so used to booty calls that I have totally forgotten how dating works. My last Tinder date back in June was an ultimate disaster afterall! Read about my date from hell with Joseph HERE.


Name: FINN
Origin: Paris, France
Ethnicity: French-Italian
Height: 5″8. Toned
First impression: Very cute, very friendly
Age: 2 years younger

I entered the bar and there Finn was, smiling and waving at me. My first impression was that he looked shorter and thinner than his photos on Tinder and Facebook. I was a little anxious initially but he made me feel so comfortable that as soon as we started talking, we didn’t stop for the next 4 hours. There were no awkward silent moments, we did not flirt or even talk about sex, he was easy to talk to even though his English wasn’t perfect.

After 4 hours, I have had enough of beers and was ready to call it a night. Finn asked if I wanted another round but I took him out to the roadside food stall instead. Oh and as much as I’ve been told that French dudes are stingy cunts and would split the bill evenly, the bill came up to MYR122 and I only had to fork out MYR22 as I’ve already taken the money out.

Finn has only been in KL for 3 weeks now and has yet to get a car so I sent him home. He did not make a move and I didn’t want to pounce on him. We made plans to meet again on Thursday. As we sat in the car, I felt some sorta sexual tension going on but considering how he wasn’t at all flirty the entire night, I could not read him. We continued talking for a bit before I said my goodbyes and he left.

I realized I had no idea how to get out of the place. I wound down the window and asked him for directions.

Me: How do I get out of here?
Him: You could go here, or there.. or even here! *kisses me quickly on the lips*

Finn paused to check on my reaction before we continued making out a little bit more. He was such a good kisser!


Self control! The words kept repeating in my head. I was given strict orders by Christy to NOT pounce on the guy on a first date. I went home and texted him.

Me: I’m home. Good night! I had a great time tonight 🙂
Him: Really? It is so easy. Next time call me 🙂 Great time for me too. I was thinking, we can do this dinner on Wednesday if you want.

4 hours of pure innocent talk, no pouncing. I am proud of myself.



It was a public holiday and we initially decided to meet at 4pm at a mall nearby but Phil was having a major fight with his girlfriend and I had to take her out for lunch so my date was being postponed to 5pm.

I swear my body hates me! I was on my 2nd day of period so there was no way I could sleep with him. When we finally met up, we had Ramen for dinner, went shopping and watched Ouija. Anything but going back to his place!

Finn would occasionally hug and kiss me on the cheek while we walked aimlessly through the mall. He calls me Guapa (Spanish for beautiful) and ma belle (French for my beautiful). He has the cheekiest smile ever and he would smile shyly and blush when ever I teased him.

TIP 101 on checking out a guys body: Take him to a place where the fitting rooms has curtains instead of doors. Wait a couple of seconds till you think his shirt has been taken off, open the curtain and go all, “how is it?“. Do it innocently!

We cuddled in the movies but never in my lifetime I’d ever imagine getting seduced during a horror flick! Finn knew what to do, how to do it and stop right when you’re all turned on, leaving you dying for more.

Our made out session in the car that night left me out of breath. It killed me that I couldn’t be on his bed. Finn was a gentleman in the sense that there were no groping. He did not insist when I told him not tonight. We made plans to meet on Sunday.

We spent a whole 6 hours together without sex. May I just say I’m so extremely proud of myself?


Friday night came along and being the alcoholic that I am, I was at my usual joint when I drunk texted him.

Me: *Sends picture of the club*
Him: You are guapa! What are you doing later?

I went into a rage. Yet another booty call? I expected more from this guy. But Phil and Christy insists that it doesn’t mean a thing so I allowed it to slide. My sober self reasoned and reminded myself that if the dude did not want sex, I’d be even more pissed.

Wayne wanted to get into my heart before he got in my pants and I had to pretend I was head over heels for him before I could get some action. So exhausting! Read a little about Wayne HERE.

Somewhere within those drunk texts I told him I’d call him the next day when I wake up.



I jolted up to a massive hangover wondering WTF I drank the night before. Re-read my texts to Finn and gave him a call. I invited him to KL with Christy and I for Halloween shopping but he was a little busy with work. “We could have dinner and catch a movie later if you want?“, he asked.

After some delay with my car issues and Finn still stuck with work, being on the phone with his French company, I picked him up at 8.30pm for some local Chinese dishes nearby. He had a migraine while I was a talking zombie with not much of a conversation.

Finn suggested we catch a movie or grab a beer but I wasn’t up for any of those. I wanted to F. Being lead on for a whole week was just too much for me. I seriously have no idea how guys could do it!

We went back to his place with on the pretext of watching a movie. I ran to the toilet as soon as I entered (as usual) only to be disappointed that I still had a trail of period left. Not tonight again I guess. Le sigh!

Obviously the movie watching did not last more than 2 minutes before we were all over each other! We were both out of breath when I told him to slow it down.



Him: Why? You don’t like it?
Me: I do. But.. I have period.
Him: Owhh mann.. We have to wait?
Me: Yes. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday. Or maybe when you are back from Jakarta. Unless you disappear after you come back!
Him: No! I’m not like that! *looking offended*

Yes, Finn is going to Jakarta for a 2 days work trip on Tuesday and I have this extreme paranoia that I will never hear from him again after he leaves. I guess that’s the impact after my 2 awesomest shags leaves the country and I never hear from them again. Read about Sean HERE and Lance HERE.

Finn did not insist on F-ing like most guys would, so I returned the favor by going down on him. I usually can’t be arsed to blow a guy but Finn was so goddamn sexy with his moans and the way he held my hair up and gave mini head massages while I was at it that I actually continued till he came!

We cuddled up in bed and talked till we fell asleep. I am completely smitten by him. Finn didn’t throw me out or gave out any vibes that I should leave so I stayed over.


When we woke up at around 8am, Finn started touching me all over. I have said it before and I will say it again; I hate morning sex. But I’d go delirious as soon as he touches me. Period was almost non-existent now and I was excited that I could finally F.

Me: Do you have condoms?
Him: No, do you?
Me: No
Him: So if we wanna do it we have to wait?
Me: Yes

Whaaaaaatttt?!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!

I figured that there was only 2 reasons why a guy like him would not have a condom. Either he doesn’t F around at all, or that he Fs without one every time and that’s scary!

By now Finn had almost completely figured out how to drive me crazy with all the hair grabbing and tossing me around, but he still did not try to convince me to go without a condom. Brownie points! This guy is totally willing to wait! WOW!

He was rewarded to yet another blow-till-you-cum session.

We cuddled and talked for a little before I decided to make a move. I did not sleep well, I was hungry, I missed my bed and he had badminton.

Him: When are you free this week?
Me: Aren’t you going to Jakarta?
Him: Yes. Maybe I’ll see you Thursday or Friday?
Me: Sure. Or how bout you come out with my friends for Halloween?
Him: Sure.
Me: Really? You promise?
Him: *laughs* no I can’t promise!


I totally respect that! It looks Finn doesn’t make empty promises.

Christy asked to bring him out with me and put him to the test. I’m all nooo wayy! My usual joint, it is my hunting ground. My playground. I’d be put to the test if I brought him there.

It’s going to be another 4-5 days before I get to see him again and possibly finally do the deed. My only question is, will I ever see him again? And if I do, what happens from then on?

To be continued HERE.


VERDICT: I have once mentioned that I heard French and Italians are the best lovers. Finn had not failed my expectations thus far!