The Séducteur Part II

As I looked through my phone book deleting unused numbers I collected off Tinder, OKCupid and the clubs, I stopped to text the few whom I actually enjoyed talking to just to see how they were doing.


First to reply was Norman, the Swedish MMA fighter with tattoos and abs that looked like they have been photoshopped on. It started off on Tinder and he was the first guy whom I actually got pissed off and argued with, without even meeting. He was an absolute asshole. Annoying, full of himself but some how that attitude charmed the F outta me. He had a strange sense of humor and a foot fetish. I’d send him photos when ever I bought new heels.

Unfortunately, we matched during my early days on Tinder so as much as we chatted a whole lot, we never actually met up. I found out that he had started dating this girl he met at the gym exclusively for the past 6 months and seemed truly, utterly in love. That was news to me. An asshole like him actually got whipped! It’s like there is hope for mankind after all!

The second guy was Ken, a Canadian book writer and entrepreneur who has a girlfriend and is looking for another to form an exclusive polyamory relationship. If you don’t know what that is, it meant his girlfriend is a bisexual and wants another bisexual girl to share with her boyfriend. That is just a little too complicated for my liking as much as I have been a little bi-curious recently. Just imagine the endless possibilities! Well, as he puts it, “If I remember correctly, I come with one too many pussies and you with too many penises“.


And finally Pablo replied the next day. He had went back to Spain a couple months back but is in the midst of negotiating a job offer in KL. As much as I didn’t like his possessiveness back then, I had to admit I over reacted and apologized for being a bitch. He admitted that he only behaved that way because the sad truth is he actually liked me. Wow the guy hardly knows me and he liked me. Read about Pablo HERE.

That brings me to my point. Although I have only been single for a year and only met guys from Tinder and clubs, I have not met a nice guy other than Pablo.

I had initially thought Finn would fit into the nice guy category considering how he was all nice and sweet and charming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dying for a relationship. It is finally no longer an option that I completely put off if I meet someone who’s worth spending my time with.


First, you will need to read about Finn HERE.

When Finn got back from Jakarta, we scheduled to meet up that weekend. It was Halloween. He mentioned that he had some cars to view at some faraway land bla bla blah.. but we were to meet for dinner and party after.

By 3pm, I was hungry and annoyed by the lack of communication. Yes, we were supposed to meet for dinner, but what time exactly? I absolutely hate waiting around for people. I hate waiting. Period.

I told him to give me a time so that I can get on with my day without waiting around like a fool. He told me to get on with my plans as he did not know what time he would be done with car viewing. Fine.

Long story short, I found out he was having dinner with his neighbor and took a piss at him for wasting my time.

He sent me a long explanation on how he didn’t know what time he would be done with the cars and how I should understand.

Take note that his English is bad. When I showed the conversation to Chad, he thought I over reacted. Fine. I apologized.


Sunday, we met up at about 10pm for movie after he played Badminton with his neighbors. By then I figured badminton was a sad lame excuse. I was beyond annoyed with him when he continuously texted all the way to the mall, with the screen tilted to a side afraid that I might see what he was up to.

Like seriously, you think I wouldn’t figure that you’re texting a girl while you’re on a date with me? Geezz..

We watched a war movie and as much as I never enjoyed war movies, I did not mind this particular one considering it starred Brad Pitt.

Him: You don’t like war movies?
Me: Not really, but this was alright. You like history?
Him: I love history. I’m a very curious person. What do you like other than partying?

At that very moment I felt the blood boil right up to my brains. That was the exact same sentence Luke had said to me. Turn off is an understatement. I lost all respect for this guy. Not that I need to justify but I do have a whole lot of other interest other than drinking myself to glory every weekend. Read about Luke HERE.


As I sent him home, I contemplated to myself; I’d have wasted hours spending time with this dude and I am genuinely curious of his skills in the sack. I did not want to pass that up and hence I F-ed him that night to get it over with.

The sex was above average though nothing mind blowing and lasted decently long.

I thought I was done. I didn’t text him anymore. Few days later he texted me to make plans for the weekend.

I thought to myself, why not? I can do just sex with this dude, I just don’t have to listen to him talk. Although Finn did not have the super human body that I usually drool at, he was still adorably cute.

Somehow, some stuff came up and we didn’t meet as we were supposed to.. and it repeated.

Long story short, each time we made plans to meet, something would pop up on either side and we’d cancel. It came to a point where I told him to not waste my time if he wasn’t interested but he’d reassure me that he really had a lot on his plate and the planning and cancelling continued.

We did meet up twice just to F after work and before he headed out for dinner with his ‘boss’. Honestly I could not have given a rats ass who he was meeting, it only mattered that I managed to slot in a good F before heading out with my friends.

One weekend, I was totally sloshed when my friends asked to join them at the other side of the club where they played deep house. I spotted Finn when I entered and said hi but the dude just nodded at me and continued whatever he was doing. I was too wasted to think straight but Christy pointed out what an ass he was.

Finn did not bother to come say hi, or at least acknowledge my existence. He did not at least text when he knew I was there every week.

Do not go to him. Do not text him. Do not see him again. Unless you are THAT desperate“.

By the time I left the club, I was pissed. Phil noted the anger in my voice and found out what happened from his girlfriend. Knocked out in the car,

Phil: Tess?
Me: Yea?
Phil: Do me a favor?
Me: Uh huh?
Phil: Can you not text Finn?
Me: Sure.
Phil: Can you block him?
Me: *laughs* Nah, he’s not Seth. I don’t need to block him. I’ll ignore him.

Half asleep, my phone beeped. “How was your night?

Seriously? He has the balls to text me after ignoring me out in public? I ignored him.

A couple minutes later he called;

Him: Where are you?
Me: Sleeping.
Him: Don’t you want to eat? You’re always hungry!
Me: I’m hungry but I’m drunk more than I’m hungry. I’m sleeping!
Him: Come eat with me, then we can go back to my place.
Me: I’m sleeping! BYE!

I hung up annoyed only to receive his text a few moments later.

You and I drunk could have some fun together


All I wanted to reply was, “If you think you’re all that, take a look in the mirror and question yourself“.

But I ignored him. He is unworthy of my effort to even type that out and hit send.


VERDICT: Nice guys are only nice up to the point they get into your pants.