The Weekend BF

So ever since I subscribed to Tinder Plus to check out its local delicacies globally, I was furiously swiping all over the world on a nightly basis. Christy challenged me to reach a 1,000 matches.

But.. Like, what is the point of matching with men 16,000km away and never meet them? (PS men in Miami are the hottest by far!)

If I learnt anything at all from my heartbreak with HUGO, it was to not expect anything from anyone across borders. But I figured I’d be smarter this time round. I went against my better judgement and started swiping in Singapore.

I matched with Cruz. If you don’t already know, I am extremely attracted to bald muscular men. Exchanged a couple of one liner replies, added me on Facebook where we chatted a little bit more and I forgot all about him. The incoming matches were starting to get rather annoying.

Name: CRUZ
Origin: France
Ethnicity: French
Based: Singapore
Height: 5″8. Lean, muscular, bald
First impression: Bad ass
Age: My age

A week later, I was bored out of my mind with Tinder when I finally achieved my 1,000th match. I have stopped chatting altogether, even with those who made it into my Whatsapp.

Bored one night, I texted Cruz on Facebook. He was really witty and a reminded me a lot of Hugo. He looked a lot like Hugo too! The conversation went on for a whole week and he decided he was gonna come visit me.

Him: My friends will be in KL on Thursday. Think I’ll join them.
Me: Come come! Stay the weekend! But I guess you’ll be pretty busy keeping them entertained.
Him: Not really. They are going for work. I’m coming to see you. Them going is just an excuse for me to go.

The next day, Cruz booked his hotel and flight tickets. Apparently, he bought a one way flight.

It was just 3 days till his trip to KL. I was nervous. I mean, I really do hate dates, but I really enjoyed chatting with Cruz.




We planned to meet at the street of touristy bars for dinner and drinks. Ice skating, dinner and clubbing on Friday.

I arrived at the venue before he did and planted my ass as the bar. Cruz arrived 10 minutes after.

I was pleasantly surprised that the entire night was completely natural. No awkward hellos. No awkward silent moments. The conversation was smooth, we talked about every thing and anything. Well I pretty much already know everything that came out of his mouth after my intensive Facebook stalking.

We switched bars where we sat out in the dark, alone.

Cruz was a gentleman. I began panicking that it was going to turn platonic. Can you imagine my relieve when he finally kissed me?

We went back to his hotel after supper on the pretense of ‘having some whiskey’ that he bought at the airport.

Long story short, we made out, talked, made out, talked, F-ed, talked, F-ed, talked.

Yup. You get the gist. We spend most of the night talking from 9pm when we first met, up till we went into the room 6.30am to F one last time before calling it a night.

I must admit that although I was smitten by Cruz, the attraction level did indeed decrease as soon as I got into his pants. Well, I’d rate the F to be;

Performance: 7/10
Endurance: 8/10
Size: 5/10

It could have been one of the better F’s if not for the lack of size. Oh wells, I suppose nothing is perfect.

Good looks, successful, chemistry, decent in bed.. I was determined to keep the guy.



I left for home at 10am. I was too hungry to even think of falling asleep and Cruz was an extremely light sleeper. If I stayed on, there was no way the poor soul would be able to get a wink of sleep or survive the day.

We met up at 3pm for lunch and an hour of awesome Thai massage. Cruz wanted us to go back to his place to ‘chill’ before heading out to the club but there was no way in hell I was going to brace the insane Friday traffic or to hang out at the hotel alone while he went out for drinks with his friends. I am not his pet! And yes, I even told him that.

So we went our separate ways at around 7.30pm and met at the club slightly before 1am. It was cute how Cruz kept me updated with their plans the entire time we were apart.

Cruz: I’m leaving tomorrow.
Me: What? Why?
Cruz: I’ve got loads of meetings on Monday and I need to recover. I’m exhausted.
Me: Stay another night..
Cruz: I already booked the flight.
Me: Looks like I’ll never see you again.
Cruz: I can always come back to KL.

We partied, he got us a bottle of champagne and left at 4am for some sexy time.



The past 2 days were cool. We hung out, flirted, cuddled. Cruz was very attentive.

But when we woke up, I could feel the chill oozing through him. I shrugged it off. Perhaps he was just tired.

We had our last meal together before parting ways. Cruz had to be at the airport while I had work to attend to. The good bye was rather platonic with just a peck on the lips.

Cruz: Well, it was a pleasure to meet you in person, Tessa. Maybe we’ll meet again in the future, in KL or some place else.
Me: Yup! We’ll meet again. Hug?
Cruz: *Hugs me*

Cruz texted all the way till he got home, telling me of how a fever was brewing.. But that was it. He was cold and eventually stopped texting after a couple of days.


I was devastated for 2 whole days.

It’s hard to put into words how I felt about the weekend. Part of me thoroughly enjoyed having a boyfriend for just 2 days. Another part of me wished I could just keep him in my life.

But I had no chance of making it work.

Cruz ran three businesses in Singapore and invested in multiple other stuff. He traveled more than he was at home. The dude clearly only wanted a weekend F away from home.

It was only when I realized this that I sought ways to forget him. He reminded me of Hugo, so I dug up Hugo’s texts and reread them. Nope. Cruz was no where as witty as Hugo. He didn’t come close.

Then I saw SETH online on Facebook.

Me: Hey! It’s been too long! I miss youuu!!
Seth: Hang on I’m gonna call you *calls me after 5 minutes* Babeeee!! Guess what.. *goes on and on about his girls*..
Me: You know what? Save your stories. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow. You’re buying!
Seth: OK

The next day, Seth bumped into PIER while waiting for me at the mall. The three of us had lunch together.

It felt kinda nice.. and strange that I was having lunch with 2 of my ex F-Buds at the same time.

But it was awesome that my memories of Cruz felt more and more distant with every minute spent with the boys.

The chemistry and love I have for Seth is irreplaceable, while Pier was one of my better looking F’s. With both Seth and Pier combined, Cruz was pretty much.. nothing! Well, maybe except for his bank account.

When I brought up the weekend, Seth had no comment. Pier however;

Me: Why would anyone travel across borders just for a weekend F? It’s not just about the money, but its so time consuming! It’s so much effort!
Pier: Well, let me tell you a story. I met this girl at the club but she lives in xxx. She told me to look for her but I refused to cross states, let alone cross borders just for a girl because my hands are already full here. Why do I need to travel for a F?
Me: Hmm..
Pier: Do you have your answer now?


VERDICT: My friends always told me I F-ed like a man. But no, I clearly do not. Yes I can F with no emotions but men could do a full on weekend fling with no emotions attached. Now that is a skill I’d like to acquire!


The Walk Of Shame

Throwback to Friday night. Christy and I were getting ready to hit the town..

Me: When was the last you got laid?
Her: *checks period tracker app* A month..
Me: It feels like FOREVER since I got laid!
Her: Don’t be dramatic. It has only been 2 weeks since ASHTON.
Me: Really? Feels like a month at the very least! I NEED to get laid tonight!

After a whole cocktail of drinks, I was ready to hunt down the man of my night.

We made a beeline to the podium and I spotted him across the dance floor, in front of another podium.

Me: *points at the dude* I want him! What do you think?
GF: Yeah he’s pretty hot. Totally your type!
Me: *jumps off the podium, wiggles my way to the other podium and jumps right up*

Our eyes met and I motioned him to come closer as I continued dancing.

It didn’t take me long before I got off the podium to examine my catch.

Origin: France
Ethnicity: French
Height: 6’3. Buffed
First impression: HUGE
Age: 2 years younger

Turns out Lucas is a popular MMA fighter and trainer who won many fights all over the world and just moved to KL 2 weeks back. I have been wanting to F an MMA fighter for ages!

Lucas is much better looking


We grinded to the beat and when Lucas grabbed my ass as we danced, I took it as a cue that it was my turn to do some groping.

I felt him out from under his shirt; Good looks, checked. Solid body, checked. Sexy full sleeve tattoo, checked. I rammed my hands into his pants. Satisfactory size, CHECKED.

We left the club not long after at about 5am. Well at least I got one part right. You see, bad experience had taught me to never buy a car without a test drive. Too many times I end up in bed with a hunk thinking I striked jackpot only to be disappointed as soon as I unbutton his pants.

But then again, with drunken hook ups, only so many things could go right.

Lucas’ friend dropped us back to his place. Lucas lived alone in a 2 bedroom dumpster of an apartment. The toilet was disgusting. The kitchen looked like it was falling apart. No air conditioning..

Him: I’m sorry this place is horrible. It’s temporary.
Me: It’s not that bad *jumps on the couch*
Him: No no no.. You don’t wanna sit there. You’ll get all itchy after. Come into the room!


He stripped and WOW! He is HUGE!! The 3 hands long kinda huge. 8 inches!

The F was pretty damn awesome too. Lucas nailed everything from choking to slapping to hair grabbing to spanking. Cuddled to sleep.


I woke up scratching my toe with the sun blaring in at 9am. When I rolled over;

Him: You’re moving too much. I can’t sleep.
Me: Ok, I’ll leave. What’s the name of this place? I’ll call an Uber.
Him: I have no idea. You can ask the guards down there.
Me: Seriously?

Dressed up. Walked out half asleep, itching all over..

There were no F-ing Uber in the area! Just F-ing great!

I walked to the nearest eatery, ordered some food and while impatiently poking on the Uber app continuously, I realized that it’s not bad luck when I don’t follow Phil home but the fact that drunken hook ups always turn out to be a disaster. Here are some obvious reasons why;

  1. When ever you fall asleep, you will almost always overstay your welcome.
  2. Unless you packed make up remover and make up, you WILL most certainly look like a raccoon the truck ran over. To make matters worse, my hair tie broke and my hair was the ultimate mess.
  3. Your clothes says it all. You never went home.
  4. You would most likely have no idea where you are.
  5. Feeling like you could sleep for 2 weeks. You won’t have enough sleep and the hangover definitely doesn’t help.
  6. Most times you won’t have enough cash to grab a cab. I most certainly would not be asking the dude for cab fare!
  7. You will have memory gaps of the awesome fuck. I prefer to remember every tiny detail.
  8. You’ll be feeling guilty for having your friends be worried sick about you for leaving with a stranger. Every. Single. Time
  9. You’ll never know if you picked up a serial rapist/killer/get gang raped!

Bonus points

  • I’ve got bed bug bites all over! 12 bug bites to be exact!
  • I waited at least 30 minutes for an Uber to come around and it took the driver an hour, circling around where I was before he finally found me.

I left Lucas’ place at 9am-ish and only manage to land on my bed after 11am! The sex definitely isn’t worth the hassle and the F-ing bed bugs!

I always wondered why I feel like crap after certain one nighters. I am now certain it’s all cause of a drunken hook-up from the club.

Every single booty call I go to completely sober had been PERFECT. Here are some reasons why;

  1. You know for sure you want to F him. In fact, you have been dying to F him for days/weeks/months!
  2. You can decide if you want to go to his part of the city.
  3. You’ll be driving and hence you’ll be able to leave at any given time. No need to wait around for cabs/Ubers.
  4. You’re sober. You’ll remember every detail.
  5. You’re sober. No hangovers! Yay!
  6. Most times, you’ll continue being friends with these dudes because you actually had decent conversations before and during the booty call instead of mere drunk introductions and jumping straight into bed.
  7. And because of that, both parties would at least know a little bit about each other hence having a better time together.
  8. Besides your after sex hair, you still look pretty damn good!
  9. After every successful booty call, I drive home with that happy after sex glow that lasts for days.

Cons for a sober booty call? NONE!


UPDATE 28 June 2015

2 weeks after The Walk of Shame, Lucas texted and we chatted for a bit. We met up at a budget hotel near his area the next day. The F was satisfactory and he asked me to stay the night where I politely declined. We did however spend quite some time just chatting on the bed with no intention for another round of F-ing. He asked me out the next day and the day after that.

He wanted a companion and I wasn’t up for it. He reeked bad vibes. He was full of anger and hatred for everything around him. His Facebook updates were rants about how sad humanity was. Plus I wasn’t going to make a relationship out of a one nighter where I’d have to prove to him for the rest of the time together that I haven’t already slept with every hot guy in KL.


VERDICT: Want a good after sex experience? Do it sober! Get his digits and decide if you still wanna F him the day after. I don’t know about you but after my realization 2 days back, I’ve decided I’m done with drunken hook ups!


The Séducteur Part II

As I looked through my phone book deleting unused numbers I collected off Tinder, OKCupid and the clubs, I stopped to text the few whom I actually enjoyed talking to just to see how they were doing.


First to reply was Norman, the Swedish MMA fighter with tattoos and abs that looked like they have been photoshopped on. It started off on Tinder and he was the first guy whom I actually got pissed off and argued with, without even meeting. He was an absolute asshole. Annoying, full of himself but some how that attitude charmed the F outta me. He had a strange sense of humor and a foot fetish. I’d send him photos when ever I bought new heels.

Unfortunately, we matched during my early days on Tinder so as much as we chatted a whole lot, we never actually met up. I found out that he had started dating this girl he met at the gym exclusively for the past 6 months and seemed truly, utterly in love. That was news to me. An asshole like him actually got whipped! It’s like there is hope for mankind after all!

The second guy was Ken, a Canadian book writer and entrepreneur who has a girlfriend and is looking for another to form an exclusive polyamory relationship. If you don’t know what that is, it meant his girlfriend is a bisexual and wants another bisexual girl to share with her boyfriend. That is just a little too complicated for my liking as much as I have been a little bi-curious recently. Just imagine the endless possibilities! Well, as he puts it, “If I remember correctly, I come with one too many pussies and you with too many penises“.


And finally Pablo replied the next day. He had went back to Spain a couple months back but is in the midst of negotiating a job offer in KL. As much as I didn’t like his possessiveness back then, I had to admit I over reacted and apologized for being a bitch. He admitted that he only behaved that way because the sad truth is he actually liked me. Wow the guy hardly knows me and he liked me. Read about Pablo HERE.

That brings me to my point. Although I have only been single for a year and only met guys from Tinder and clubs, I have not met a nice guy other than Pablo.

I had initially thought Finn would fit into the nice guy category considering how he was all nice and sweet and charming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dying for a relationship. It is finally no longer an option that I completely put off if I meet someone who’s worth spending my time with.


First, you will need to read about Finn HERE.

When Finn got back from Jakarta, we scheduled to meet up that weekend. It was Halloween. He mentioned that he had some cars to view at some faraway land bla bla blah.. but we were to meet for dinner and party after.

By 3pm, I was hungry and annoyed by the lack of communication. Yes, we were supposed to meet for dinner, but what time exactly? I absolutely hate waiting around for people. I hate waiting. Period.

I told him to give me a time so that I can get on with my day without waiting around like a fool. He told me to get on with my plans as he did not know what time he would be done with car viewing. Fine.

Long story short, I found out he was having dinner with his neighbor and took a piss at him for wasting my time.

He sent me a long explanation on how he didn’t know what time he would be done with the cars and how I should understand.

Take note that his English is bad. When I showed the conversation to Chad, he thought I over reacted. Fine. I apologized.


Sunday, we met up at about 10pm for movie after he played Badminton with his neighbors. By then I figured badminton was a sad lame excuse. I was beyond annoyed with him when he continuously texted all the way to the mall, with the screen tilted to a side afraid that I might see what he was up to.

Like seriously, you think I wouldn’t figure that you’re texting a girl while you’re on a date with me? Geezz..

We watched a war movie and as much as I never enjoyed war movies, I did not mind this particular one considering it starred Brad Pitt.

Him: You don’t like war movies?
Me: Not really, but this was alright. You like history?
Him: I love history. I’m a very curious person. What do you like other than partying?

At that very moment I felt the blood boil right up to my brains. That was the exact same sentence Luke had said to me. Turn off is an understatement. I lost all respect for this guy. Not that I need to justify but I do have a whole lot of other interest other than drinking myself to glory every weekend. Read about Luke HERE.


As I sent him home, I contemplated to myself; I’d have wasted hours spending time with this dude and I am genuinely curious of his skills in the sack. I did not want to pass that up and hence I F-ed him that night to get it over with.

The sex was above average though nothing mind blowing and lasted decently long.

I thought I was done. I didn’t text him anymore. Few days later he texted me to make plans for the weekend.

I thought to myself, why not? I can do just sex with this dude, I just don’t have to listen to him talk. Although Finn did not have the super human body that I usually drool at, he was still adorably cute.

Somehow, some stuff came up and we didn’t meet as we were supposed to.. and it repeated.

Long story short, each time we made plans to meet, something would pop up on either side and we’d cancel. It came to a point where I told him to not waste my time if he wasn’t interested but he’d reassure me that he really had a lot on his plate and the planning and cancelling continued.

We did meet up twice just to F after work and before he headed out for dinner with his ‘boss’. Honestly I could not have given a rats ass who he was meeting, it only mattered that I managed to slot in a good F before heading out with my friends.

One weekend, I was totally sloshed when my friends asked to join them at the other side of the club where they played deep house. I spotted Finn when I entered and said hi but the dude just nodded at me and continued whatever he was doing. I was too wasted to think straight but Christy pointed out what an ass he was.

Finn did not bother to come say hi, or at least acknowledge my existence. He did not at least text when he knew I was there every week.

Do not go to him. Do not text him. Do not see him again. Unless you are THAT desperate“.

By the time I left the club, I was pissed. Phil noted the anger in my voice and found out what happened from his girlfriend. Knocked out in the car,

Phil: Tess?
Me: Yea?
Phil: Do me a favor?
Me: Uh huh?
Phil: Can you not text Finn?
Me: Sure.
Phil: Can you block him?
Me: *laughs* Nah, he’s not Seth. I don’t need to block him. I’ll ignore him.

Half asleep, my phone beeped. “How was your night?

Seriously? He has the balls to text me after ignoring me out in public? I ignored him.

A couple minutes later he called;

Him: Where are you?
Me: Sleeping.
Him: Don’t you want to eat? You’re always hungry!
Me: I’m hungry but I’m drunk more than I’m hungry. I’m sleeping!
Him: Come eat with me, then we can go back to my place.
Me: I’m sleeping! BYE!

I hung up annoyed only to receive his text a few moments later.

You and I drunk could have some fun together


All I wanted to reply was, “If you think you’re all that, take a look in the mirror and question yourself“.

But I ignored him. He is unworthy of my effort to even type that out and hit send.


VERDICT: Nice guys are only nice up to the point they get into your pants.

The Séducteur

2 posts back, I spoke of how I realized I was in love with Seth. Unfortunately, Seth only sees me as a good friend now and there was nothing that would change that. I was devastated for an entire week. I stayed off Tinder, had a chick flick marathon till I felt nothing. I decided I was going to get over him and by the end up the week, I hardly thought of him anymore. Read about Seth HERE.

I did however learn that if I could feel that way about Seth, I was emotionally ready to attempt dating again (date, not relationships!).

A week later, I met up with this mega hot male model who was featured in Men’s Health magazine October issue. He had the body of a God. We drunkenly made out the night away but he sucked at it. He had the looks, but a personality of a bimbo.



Him: Tell me your fantasies!
Me: How about threesome with 2 hot brothers?
Him: Did you fantasize about me?

*smacks head* Yet another airhead! There is some truth to Johnny Bravo’s character. Insanely gorgeous guys do not have a need to charm. I guess after one too many male models, I have finally gotten bored of it. I want my panties to be charmed off!



It was just another day on Tinder when I matched with Finn. He was sucha cutie that I was determined to go on a proper date with him rather than to just bed him. After a few replies, we exchanged numbers and chatted on Whatsapp for a week before deciding to meet up at a nearby bar.

I was nervous. I texted Christy asking for advice on the do’s and don’ts of a first date. I have gotten so used to booty calls that I have totally forgotten how dating works. My last Tinder date back in June was an ultimate disaster afterall! Read about my date from hell with Joseph HERE.


Name: FINN
Origin: Paris, France
Ethnicity: French-Italian
Height: 5″8. Toned
First impression: Very cute, very friendly
Age: 2 years younger

I entered the bar and there Finn was, smiling and waving at me. My first impression was that he looked shorter and thinner than his photos on Tinder and Facebook. I was a little anxious initially but he made me feel so comfortable that as soon as we started talking, we didn’t stop for the next 4 hours. There were no awkward silent moments, we did not flirt or even talk about sex, he was easy to talk to even though his English wasn’t perfect.

After 4 hours, I have had enough of beers and was ready to call it a night. Finn asked if I wanted another round but I took him out to the roadside food stall instead. Oh and as much as I’ve been told that French dudes are stingy cunts and would split the bill evenly, the bill came up to MYR122 and I only had to fork out MYR22 as I’ve already taken the money out.

Finn has only been in KL for 3 weeks now and has yet to get a car so I sent him home. He did not make a move and I didn’t want to pounce on him. We made plans to meet again on Thursday. As we sat in the car, I felt some sorta sexual tension going on but considering how he wasn’t at all flirty the entire night, I could not read him. We continued talking for a bit before I said my goodbyes and he left.

I realized I had no idea how to get out of the place. I wound down the window and asked him for directions.

Me: How do I get out of here?
Him: You could go here, or there.. or even here! *kisses me quickly on the lips*

Finn paused to check on my reaction before we continued making out a little bit more. He was such a good kisser!


Self control! The words kept repeating in my head. I was given strict orders by Christy to NOT pounce on the guy on a first date. I went home and texted him.

Me: I’m home. Good night! I had a great time tonight 🙂
Him: Really? It is so easy. Next time call me 🙂 Great time for me too. I was thinking, we can do this dinner on Wednesday if you want.

4 hours of pure innocent talk, no pouncing. I am proud of myself.



It was a public holiday and we initially decided to meet at 4pm at a mall nearby but Phil was having a major fight with his girlfriend and I had to take her out for lunch so my date was being postponed to 5pm.

I swear my body hates me! I was on my 2nd day of period so there was no way I could sleep with him. When we finally met up, we had Ramen for dinner, went shopping and watched Ouija. Anything but going back to his place!

Finn would occasionally hug and kiss me on the cheek while we walked aimlessly through the mall. He calls me Guapa (Spanish for beautiful) and ma belle (French for my beautiful). He has the cheekiest smile ever and he would smile shyly and blush when ever I teased him.

TIP 101 on checking out a guys body: Take him to a place where the fitting rooms has curtains instead of doors. Wait a couple of seconds till you think his shirt has been taken off, open the curtain and go all, “how is it?“. Do it innocently!

We cuddled in the movies but never in my lifetime I’d ever imagine getting seduced during a horror flick! Finn knew what to do, how to do it and stop right when you’re all turned on, leaving you dying for more.

Our made out session in the car that night left me out of breath. It killed me that I couldn’t be on his bed. Finn was a gentleman in the sense that there were no groping. He did not insist when I told him not tonight. We made plans to meet on Sunday.

We spent a whole 6 hours together without sex. May I just say I’m so extremely proud of myself?


Friday night came along and being the alcoholic that I am, I was at my usual joint when I drunk texted him.

Me: *Sends picture of the club*
Him: You are guapa! What are you doing later?

I went into a rage. Yet another booty call? I expected more from this guy. But Phil and Christy insists that it doesn’t mean a thing so I allowed it to slide. My sober self reasoned and reminded myself that if the dude did not want sex, I’d be even more pissed.

Wayne wanted to get into my heart before he got in my pants and I had to pretend I was head over heels for him before I could get some action. So exhausting! Read a little about Wayne HERE.

Somewhere within those drunk texts I told him I’d call him the next day when I wake up.



I jolted up to a massive hangover wondering WTF I drank the night before. Re-read my texts to Finn and gave him a call. I invited him to KL with Christy and I for Halloween shopping but he was a little busy with work. “We could have dinner and catch a movie later if you want?“, he asked.

After some delay with my car issues and Finn still stuck with work, being on the phone with his French company, I picked him up at 8.30pm for some local Chinese dishes nearby. He had a migraine while I was a talking zombie with not much of a conversation.

Finn suggested we catch a movie or grab a beer but I wasn’t up for any of those. I wanted to F. Being lead on for a whole week was just too much for me. I seriously have no idea how guys could do it!

We went back to his place with on the pretext of watching a movie. I ran to the toilet as soon as I entered (as usual) only to be disappointed that I still had a trail of period left. Not tonight again I guess. Le sigh!

Obviously the movie watching did not last more than 2 minutes before we were all over each other! We were both out of breath when I told him to slow it down.



Him: Why? You don’t like it?
Me: I do. But.. I have period.
Him: Owhh mann.. We have to wait?
Me: Yes. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday. Or maybe when you are back from Jakarta. Unless you disappear after you come back!
Him: No! I’m not like that! *looking offended*

Yes, Finn is going to Jakarta for a 2 days work trip on Tuesday and I have this extreme paranoia that I will never hear from him again after he leaves. I guess that’s the impact after my 2 awesomest shags leaves the country and I never hear from them again. Read about Sean HERE and Lance HERE.

Finn did not insist on F-ing like most guys would, so I returned the favor by going down on him. I usually can’t be arsed to blow a guy but Finn was so goddamn sexy with his moans and the way he held my hair up and gave mini head massages while I was at it that I actually continued till he came!

We cuddled up in bed and talked till we fell asleep. I am completely smitten by him. Finn didn’t throw me out or gave out any vibes that I should leave so I stayed over.


When we woke up at around 8am, Finn started touching me all over. I have said it before and I will say it again; I hate morning sex. But I’d go delirious as soon as he touches me. Period was almost non-existent now and I was excited that I could finally F.

Me: Do you have condoms?
Him: No, do you?
Me: No
Him: So if we wanna do it we have to wait?
Me: Yes

Whaaaaaatttt?!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!

I figured that there was only 2 reasons why a guy like him would not have a condom. Either he doesn’t F around at all, or that he Fs without one every time and that’s scary!

By now Finn had almost completely figured out how to drive me crazy with all the hair grabbing and tossing me around, but he still did not try to convince me to go without a condom. Brownie points! This guy is totally willing to wait! WOW!

He was rewarded to yet another blow-till-you-cum session.

We cuddled and talked for a little before I decided to make a move. I did not sleep well, I was hungry, I missed my bed and he had badminton.

Him: When are you free this week?
Me: Aren’t you going to Jakarta?
Him: Yes. Maybe I’ll see you Thursday or Friday?
Me: Sure. Or how bout you come out with my friends for Halloween?
Him: Sure.
Me: Really? You promise?
Him: *laughs* no I can’t promise!


I totally respect that! It looks Finn doesn’t make empty promises.

Christy asked to bring him out with me and put him to the test. I’m all nooo wayy! My usual joint, it is my hunting ground. My playground. I’d be put to the test if I brought him there.

It’s going to be another 4-5 days before I get to see him again and possibly finally do the deed. My only question is, will I ever see him again? And if I do, what happens from then on?

To be continued HERE.


VERDICT: I have once mentioned that I heard French and Italians are the best lovers. Finn had not failed my expectations thus far!