The Dominator

Two nights back at the club, I was looking to get laid. I don’t know about other girls, but I get real horny right before my period and Finn wasn’t available to scratch the itch so I had to go hunting for a new F. Read about Finn HERE.

As the night went on, my new regular toy boy (whom I was about to write about if it wasn’t that more interesting stories kept coming up) turned up unannounced and we made out for a little till I noticed his hot friend.

ToyBoy: Come back with me later. But I’m going to another club now.. Do you want to follow me or I could come pick you up after?
Me:  OK, but for now I want your friend.
ToyBoy: Sure no probs. Good luck!

Yup, with a body just like that


His hot French friend with killer body was already beginning to show some interest. It turned out that we matched on Tinder some time back. We danced and I grinded him to a full on hard-on but Phil just had to turn up on time to pass me my bag so we could go to another part of the club. We exchanged Facebook and parted ways.

At the other part of the club however, I was introduced to Ethan.

Origin: Denmark
Ethnicity: Danish
Height: 6″1. Lean
First impression: Not too bad
Age: 1 year younger

I wasn’t completely wasted. I don’t usually drown myself in alcohol whenever I’m on a hunt. I would behave like a complete fool and unless the guy was a desperate sleazeball, he would never take a second look or be even remotely impressed by my slurring.

We chatted for a bit before he held me by the waist to dance behind me. It wasn’t the way most guys would hold on to a girl for a dance. Ethan had this hard, firm grip that made my insides stir.

I walked away from him back to my friends trying to decide if I should wait for ToyBoy to finally reply and come pick me up, to go back to the French dude or to just take what’s in front of me.

When French dude texted me on Facebook informing that his phone ran out of battery and was already home, I decided a change of flavor would do me good. I can after all have ToyBoy anytime I wanted.. Plus, I have never been with a Danish dude!

Friend: *talks about abs*
Me: Let’s see if this one has any.. *pokes at Ethan’s stomach*

Ooh he does! Under that loose buttoned up shirt were lean ripped muscles!

We danced a little and I decided I needed to see some real moves on the dance floor.


Man it felt more like a battle than a dance. Ethan would push me against the wall roughly, yank my hair back and kiss me hard. At that moment, I knew I needed to know what he could have up his sleeves in bed.

I’ve said it before and I’d say it again; If a guy could behave that way in public, there would be so much more to expect behind closed doors!

Needless to say, I followed Ethan home.

Once settled in, he pushed me on the bed, stripped me and did the usual foreplay and shits.. he did everything with extreme roughness.

It was nothing new and I love it when they grab my hair while I went down on them. I’ve been mildly choked and lightly tapped (slap) on the face by Pablo once and I loved it. Read about Pablo HERE.

But Ethan? Mid-Fuck, he slapped me HARD across the face and choked me so hard I was in utter shock! What shocks me more was that I thoroughly enjoyed it!


He didn’t just do it once. The choking and slapping went on through out the entire time and he’d stop occasionally to finger me. I never liked it when guys tried to finger the back door but he did it so naturally, I didn’t find it awkward or uncomfortable at all! It actually felt.. nice!

By the time we finished, I was wrecked! I felt like I was aching all over from getting thrown around.

When I woke up at around ten in the morning, his morning wood was apparent and clearly Ethan wanted to F again.

I was thoroughly sore and luckily the sex was vanilla this time round. I doubt I could handle any more slapping and choking that early in the morning. Still rough, but I realized that it was no where as pleasurable as the mild BDSM style sex we had only a few hours back.

Or maybe I just hated morning sex.

I left after a couple more hours of sleep. All the way home I wondered; How am I ever going to enjoy the plain old vanilla sex anymore?

It seems to me I learn something new about my sexuality with every new guy I bed. Would there be an end to my endless kink fascination?

Would I F Ethan again? I’m not so sure. I am undecided if I really like being completely dominated, or that I like dominating my guys to dominate me. Did that even make any sense? It’s just that I seem to get the kicks from demanding that they perform certain dominating acts.


VERDICT: I can’t wait to meet my very own Christian Grey with his red room of pain.