The Artist: Part II – The BF-Experience

Some guy friends of mine used to say that there are some girls (and hookers) who gives them the GFE and I would never be one of them. The GirlFriend Experience.

My story today is of a guy who gave me the BFE!

But first, you have gotta read about the roller coaster ride of a chase with Aiden HERE.

Aiden is a singer, actor, song writer, producer and a well known local DJ who spins at a popular club in town. Good looks, charms and a whole lot of energy. When he walks into the club, it’s almost like he’s got the vibe of a superstar that he carries with him.

After all the drama that took place, Aiden finally broke up with his girlfriend and moved out.

Over the last month or so, I’d bump into him at my usual joint every weekend and he would attempt to kiss me, telling me how he has already broken up with girlfie and has found a new place. “I don’t believe you. Tell that to me again when you have actually moved out“.

My friends are totally against my obsession and/or fascination with Aiden. Mainly because he is an asshole and we are all acquainted to his girlfriend. They defended me when people started talking of our scandal and I did not want to disappoint them.

In order to actually make out with him at the club, I had to do it discreetly. It was so much fun because it actually felt like I was cheating on my friends with him! Yes, FML I just had to find a way to cheat in order to feel some excitement.

Him: *corners me to the wall and kisses me*
Me: No, please no.. Phil is around!
Him: Why are you so afraid to be seen with me?
Me: Because they will kill me!
Him: I’ll tell them to F off! Why can’t they give our love a chance to grow?
Me: Love? *laughs hard!* Do you mean lust?

Aiden had his way with words. As much as I do not believe a word he says, I was very much attracted to his charms and charisma.

Eventually, he really did move out. It was all over his Facebook.

I immediately texted Jenna; He moved out!! And soon enough a new F-Buddy will be born!!

A couple of days later I was about to head to the club on a Wednesday night when I saw Aiden online on Facebook. I messaged him.

Me: Coming to *insert club name*?
Him: No. I’m whacked. In bed already.
Me: Lousy!
Him: How about lunch tomorrow?

I was having lunch with Jenna the next day. I invited Aiden but he declined and we ended up texting all day long. He invited me out for beers, swims, dinner.. I declined it all. I was exhausted from the night before and needed a rest badly. What fun would it be if I attempted to pounce on a guy feeling like a zombie?

After a good nap, by 11.30pm, we agreed to grab some beers at a darts joint near his place.


We ordered a tower of beer and played dice while bonding over random stuff like his brand new house, work, how his biggest song release would be out soon.

Him: Do you live alone?
Me: No I live with my aunts. Parents are divorced.
Him: Wow. All the girls I’m attracted to comes from a broken family. All my ex-girlfriends too. Do you still see your parents?
Me: It’s just cause it’s really common to have divorced parents these days. And no, I haven’t seen my mum in 11 years and my dad passed away a couple years back.
Him: Awww *immediately gives me a tight hug*

Aiden kept owning my ass at Liar’s Dice. If you don’t already know what that is, read THIS. I only know of a handful of guys who beats me at the game. Only one girlfriend of mine ever beats me hands down. But anyways, we bumped into a mutual friend who then joined us. I was relieved that I did not have to sit through the night having only him to talk to.

The boys played darts while I chatted with his girl friend while pawning her at dice. Every now and then, Aiden would join our conversations while holding my hands and kissing me.

Me: If they found out I was here with you, I would never hear the end of it!
Him: Don’t worry. Nobody knows we’re here.

By 2am, I started getting hungry.

Him: You wanna buy some food back to my place and chill?
Me: *ignores and talks about other stuff*
Some time later..
Him: So do you wanna come over?
Me: *shrugs and smiles*

Obviously I went back with Aiden. It was the only reason I came out anyway. Just that I would prefer my guys to be straight forward and dominant.

Lets go back to my place” vs “Do you want to come over and *insert lame excuse*?“. I’ll take the former anytime.

“You need to tell me your life story”

Oh God. Why are you torturing me like this? I always told my friends; I rather the guys just shut up and look pretty. I have no interest in communicating other than to tell the guy to F me harder and faster.

Aiden told me a load of his life with me pretending to be interested. When he asked about mine, all I said was, “there really isn’t anything interesting about my life“, and gave him a brief uninteresting summary.

I learned the hard way that every time I share my life experience, either party would tend to take an interest in wanting more of the friendship/relationship.

He cooked us instant noodles while he continued yapping away. “You are literally the first girl I’m cooking for in this house

He didn’t have a sofa at his place so I headed straight for the washroom after food. When I came out, he kissed me and pointed at some clothes, “these are your clothes if you decide to stay“.

We cuddled for a little before making out and he actually asked, “are you comfortable with me going down on you?” OMG are you kidding me? Do you actually need to ask?

There was nothing to shout about. I love mind blowing, earth shattering sex that Aiden would never be able to provide. His whole BFE in bed just wasn’t working for me. It was mind numbing!

People-YawnWhy bother asking if I’m alright or if he was hurting me? The more pain, the more pleasurable it would be. And how could anyone make out while F-ing? I can’t possibly concentrate on feeling good down there while having to make sure I’m kissing him right!

After cleaning up and having a smoke when we were done, Aiden cuddled me to sleep. He snored like there was an orchestra right next to my ears. I tried pushing him away only to have him grab me again and again. So very suffocating!

I could not sleep at all and Aiden woke up after an hour or so. We had sex again. It did feel better this time but I needed to empty my bladder so bad that I hardly enjoyed it. I mean, I can’t just push him off and run to the washroom in hopes of resuming. Or can I?

I took a closer look at his package and realized that he is indeed pretty large for an Asian dude. If I wasn’t exposed to the XL sized foreigners, I would have loved it for sure!

.. and we cuddled to sleep. Again. Sigh. The sun was up by then and I only managed 3 hours of lousy sleep.

I woke up to Aiden touching me all over but I ignored him for as long as I could. I’m no fan of morning sex. Hell, I’m no fan of morning anything! Suddenly, he sprained his neck and all the touching came to a halt. Can you imagine my relieve?

Him: What time do you have to go?
Me: What time do you want me out?
Him: That’s quite harsh isn’t it?
Me: Are there any better words for it? How about what time do you wanna get rid of me?


Turns out, he had someone coming over to fix the internet so I made a move. I wasn’t upset that he wanted me gone. I was annoyed by the lack of sleep!

While I was stuck in traffic on the way home, Aiden called;

Him: I felt kinda weird earlier.
Me: Why? Cause I’m not a morning person?
Him: No, just weird. Never mind.

So I texted him later on;

Me: What is weird, don’t be shy just tell me!
Him: I’m not shy. Just feel weird that we had done whatever. And I’m not at all ready for anything. You know?
Me: It’s called sex not whatever. And I’m not interested in anything at all.
Him: Oh ok, cool!


Guys like Aiden are the epitome of a jackass! I did not fall for his BFE behavior, but I’m pretty sure many girls would. Christy said she would for sure!

I felt outright insulted that he had to even spell it out. Do I look like I would ever want something more with him? Phil explained that it is normal for guys to say that as a prevention from having girls cling on to them after sex.

But why do guys enjoy tricking a girl into thinking that they want something more when they could just be straight forward? If the girls won’t sleep with you then it must just mean she isn’t into casual sex and should not be tricked into doing so!

He was all sorts of awkward when I saw him at the club that night. There wasn’t the usual attempt to kiss me and it just felt plain weird. Perhaps it’s cause we were both exhausted from the lack of sleep. I don’t know and I honestly can’t really be arsed.

Then again, as Christy puts it, “You’re totally the female version of a jackass“. I really like the sound of that!


I’m glad I’m done with my obsession. I ain’t gonna be turning a BFE dude into a F-Bud fo sure! I now realize that no matter how charmed, entertained or attracted I am towards a guy, if the sex is mediocre, all fascination goes down the drain with a snap of a finger.


VERDICT: This whole love making, boyfriend sex does not cut it for me at all. I need to be treated like a whore in bed, not a girlfriend.