The Artist: Part I – Brainless Cheater

I love men who behave like assholes. I’m drawn to them the way flies are drawn to shit. Did I just call myself a fly?

Some 11 years back, my late dad once sat me down and gave me a long lecture;

Dad: What does a pile of shit attract?
Me: Err.. Flies?
Dad: Yes. You are the pile of shit. Now stop attracting flies!


Seems like I can take on both roles!

Anyways, 2 weeks back, I was out partying on a Wednesday night when Aiden came in to the club rather intoxicated.

Origin: KL
Ethnicity: Malay, Chinese and a whole lot of other random mixtures
Height: 5″9. Normal.
First impression: Party animal. He is full of life
Age: 1 year younger

Aiden is a singer, actor, song writer, producer and a well known local DJ who spins at a popular club in town. Good looks, charms and a whole lot of energy. When he walks into the club, it’s almost like he’s got the vibe of a superstar that he carries with him.

As Aiden greeted Phil and the rest of the gang, I grabbed him by the hair as an acknowledgement the way I always do.

Him: Tesssssaaaaa!! *carries me up and spins me around*

I was cold. He took his blazer off and gave it to me right before he told me how cute I was and grabbed me for a kiss.

I was in shock! Never in my lifetime I would have expected Aiden to be attracted to me. He definitely never showed it!

Me: Dude WTF was that? I know your girlfriend!
Him: No, we broke up!

I am not a fan of getting into scandals with guys who hangs out within the group of friends. Last thing I need is another girl giving me the killer stares or girlfriends hating my guts. I just much rather party in peace.


But drunk Aiden kept coming back to me and after one too many tequila shots, I gave in and we made out all night.

Fast forward; When the night was over, we made out a whole lot in the car. I did wanna jump on him but as soon as I unzipped his pants, all I felt was disappointment. Not only did he have a whiskey dick, it was on the small side of the scale.

I decided to send him home where his now ex-girlfriend still resides.

The entire journey back, he’d hold my hands, being adorable, mind F-ing me with thoughts of how he wanted to cuddle me to sleep, that we should go out on a date some time.

The next day, he was continuously texting and calling me all day saying stuff like, “Babyyy what are you doing now?.. Why didn’t you call me for lunch?.. Call me back when you get to office aite?” but I ignored him. I really do not mind sleeping with him, but a full on fling with a clingy boy? Nah, that is just not my cup of tea.

Like, I much prefer the baby, I’ll text you when I need some action kinda thing. So after getting ignored for hours, he apologized for what happened and we agreed it would not happen again.


Over the weekend, I bumped into an old friend Gina whom I used to be really close to at the club. We used to party like 5 times a week back in college. Gina pretty much only hangs out at neighborhood bars these days so we kinda drifted apart. Thing with Gina is that, she is motherly. She nags bout my drunken behavior so much it is a pain in the ass!

girls party

Gina is also really close to Aiden’s girlfriend.

Me: Babe. I want to tell you something. I’m telling you because I don’t want you to hear it from any other source and you gotta promise me you’ll never speak of it again. But promise, no lecture OK?
Gina: Yeahhh what is it?
Me: I made out with Aiden 2 days back. He came in drunk, grabbed me for a kiss and told me he broke up. I can’t help it, I gotta admit I am somewhat attracted to him.
Gina: Eww! First of all, Aiden never broke up with her. He is an asshole. He cheated on her with one of the dancers (at the club he spins at) and what do you even see in him anyway?
Me: I don’t know. Just don’t tell her.
Gina: I will tell her what happened. I just won’t mention names.

Fair enough.

But a week later, I was out watching the World Cup opening ceremony with Phil and a bunch of friends when I received a text from Aiden.

Him: How could you do this to me?
Me: Huh? What did I do?
Him: You made out with Aiden. I’m so sad. He told me everything.

As it turns out, it was girlfie texting me from his phone!

My friends told me to ignore her. They filled me in on how this isn’t the first time it has happened. Apparently, Aiden has been actively and openly cheating on her and every now and then, he’d hit a girl who just happens to be aquianted to his girlfriend and girlfie would then be confronting them.

I was pissed. How could he make out with me and report everything back to her? So I texted Aiden the next day.

Me: WTF dude? Why did you tell her everything? So not cool!
Him: What are you talking about?
Me: *sends screenshot of the text*
Him: Ignore her. She was drunk. She found out from Gina, I don’t know if she’s lying to get the truth out of me but I did admit to her after that. I’m so sorry!

I did not have the balls to tell Aiden that I was the main culprit in this. That I told Gina what happened. I was extremely disappointed with Gina. Yes, girlfie is currently a close friend of hers but so am I! We spent years hanging out both sober and drunk, went on trips and went through heart breaks together!



Aiden came into the club highly intoxicated as usual but he bolted when he saw me with this girl. She was an ex-fling of his whom his girlfriend had confronted and had been ignoring him and staying away from the club he spins at ever since.

When I got home, Aiden texted to ask how is it that I know her too.. and we started flirting.

Him: Baby, you know you can’t handle it. Imagine an ADHD guy working on you.
Me: I don’t even know why am I still replying you!
Him: Because you like me. And you know it! I wish I could call you now.
Me: Noooo I just want to sleep right now
Him: Just my voice telling you what to do with your hands. If only we met 4 years back (that is the duration he has been with his girlfriend)

I woke up to a whole pile of drunk texts and wished there was a place for me to bury my head.

It was my 2014 resolution to NOT bother with a a guy who is in a relationship. He broke it. Well, Sean broke it too but I don’t know for sure if he has a girlfriend, I was only told so. I never asked Sean, and he never mentioned it so I assume he’s single. (Read about Sean HERE)


At my usual club at about 4am, Aiden was at our table.

Him: *starts dancing in front of me*
Me: Where is girlfriend?
Him: You know babe, you text me when you’re drunk..
Me: Whaaaatt? No I don’t! You texted me!
Him: You texted me, don’t do that anymore.

I don’t remember what happened next. Either he walked away or Christy pulled me away from him but WTF really? You texted me and I get the blame?

To be continued HERE.

VERDICT: A guy may be popular and charming but I’ve hotter and smarter boys to deal with than idiots who reports all his cheating acts to girlfriends.