The First O.N.S


At about 1am on a Thursday night, I was home chatting with Hugo (Read about Hugo HERE) when Phil called, all heart broken pleading to head to our usual club.

I was getting ready for bed and truth be told, I very much rather stay in and continue chatting. But of course at that hour, he was about to call it a night and I soon caved in after some convincing.

Me: OK fine. I’ll go have a beer and check out the eye candies.
Him: Don’t you want to hunt?
Me: It’s the time of the month babe. First day.

As we entered, we stood by the bar checking out the dance floor when a guy walked by. Phil immediately nudged me to look, “Your type“.

He was tall and buffed, very pretty features I must say. Tailing right behind him was a shorter Asian guy who was just as buffed up.

Must be gay“, I told Phil.

It was really crowded for a Thursday but as time passed, I decided there were no hotties for the night and retreated to the bar where I held on to my beer watching Phil dance. The only hot ones around were most likely gay after all.

They passed by twice before he made a bee line to the bar and stood right beside me while waiting for his drink.

Him: Is he your boyfriend? *points at Phil*
Me: No, definitely not. Is he your boyfriend? *points at the Asian dude who was standing nearby*
Him: No way!

Origin: Thailand
Based: Australia
Ethnicity: Thai-English
Height: 6″2. Buffed
First impression: Superstar! He looked like a MTV V-Jay or something
Age: My age

Turns out he had been on vacation in KL for the past 8 days, stayed in the 5 star hotel right opposite the club and was headed back to Australia the next morning. Definitely could not have guessed he was half Thai.

We talked some, got closer and the next thing I knew, we were making out. From the moment he mentioned that he was living right opposite I knew what he wanted but I shoo-ed him off anyway.


Me: Go find other girls.
Him: Really? You want me to go?
Me: Yeah, go ahead. Really. Come back if you don’t find anything.

He left and Phil was shocked.

Phil: Why did you ask him to go away? Weren’t you like drooling at the sight of him earlier?
Me: Red sea, remember? What’s the point?
Phil: Owhh..

After one too many beers and submarines (tequila shots submerged in beers) for a Thursday night, Aston came back to me and we immediately kissed. I was pretty much flying by then.

Him: Come with me. I live opposite.
Me: I’m not coming with you. Really.
Him: Why?
Me: Because, it is the time of the month!
Him: I don’t care, it’s not my bed. Do you care?
Me: Owhh..

He got the hint. A few minutes later, he pulled me away from my friends right after I told Phil I was headed to the dance floor.

We made out a little at the corner before he took me by the hand out of the club. I was thinking to myself, “Now, this is new. I have never left mid-party for sex and definitely not during the time of the month. Definitely not right opposite the club too!”


Walking towards the hotel, I wondered out loud;

Me: Why am I following you? This is way weird!
Him: Because I look like this *points at his body and smirks*
Me: Hmm.. Good enough for me!

By now, you should already realize that I have a thing for cocky assholes who ooze confidence.

Placed a towel, and got straight to it. It was good though most of my thoughts revolved around, “Am I leaking? How long is this gonna take? How long have I been out? Would Phil be looking for me by now? What if Phil left without me? This better end soon..”. Not the sexist of thoughts during sex for sure!

He started chatting right after sex with the questions still running wild in my head. I had no idea how long I’ve been out of the club and as much as I’d love to stay, I really wanted to get back to my friends (and beers!). Instead of exchanging numbers, we exchanged Facebook.

He walked me down with me literally running back to the club. Phil was standing in the middle of the club staring into the crowd when I got back.


Phil: Where were you? I looked everywhere!
Me: At the dance floor! I was looking all over for you too!
Phil: Never mind, come drink!

We partied till the club closed at 5am with me glowing in happiness. I have never had a real one night stand. You know, the kind every body talks of where you meet, have sex and never see or hear from them again?

When I got home, I texted Hugo, “I wish you were here“. Yes, I did. If only it was Hugo instead of Aston.


VERDICT: I’d say my first experience of a ONS was close to perfection except for the fact that I ain’t too comfy bleeding right in front of a complete stranger and having a million questions running through my head. Well, it could have been worse. Least I nabbed the hottest dude in the club by far!