The Playboy Tycoon

May I just start off with my rants of how as much as I love having F-Buddies, it really sucks because I cannot jump on them as frequently as I want to. Given a choice, I’d want to F Lance all day long, every F-ing day!

Origin: America
Ethnicity: American mixed Asian
Height: 6″. VERY normal.
First impression: Rich playboy
Age: 3 years older

Lance. We matched on Tinder initially but we never spoke much. Young, good looks and a whole lot of money isn’t the only thing about Lance. He was also well known and owned various clubs in KL and Singapore.


I saw Lance at his club in KL some 2-3 months back. It was the same night that I met Sex God Sean (Read about Sean HERE). I was initially checking out this other dude at his table who turned out to be the son of this multimillionaire and was wayyy out of my league. He was pretty damn stuck up too, and not only to me.

So anyways, after one too many champagnes, Christy insisted I went and chat up the stuck up dude while dragging me over.

Christy: Go talk to him, you already know every other guy at his table! *drags me by the hand*
Me: Noooo.. I want this dude! We matched on Tinder and he owns this place! *points at Lance*

I stumbled over to Lance.

Me: I know you from Tinder. You’re Lance!
Lance: Really? Come, sit with me. You’re really attractive!
Me: Thank you! *sits and lights up a ciggie*

We talked casually for a bit before I noticed how Christy was strutting to and fro in front of me giving me the ‘you’re kinda nailing it‘ look and I decided to get up and ignore him for the rest of the night after he asked for my number.


My rule has always been to not ever be all over the guy the way other girls would. He was literally surrounded by girls and what was the point if I just blended in? Every girl wants the free access to his drinks and club. I refused all of that. I even refused the drink he offered me!

The next day, much to my surprise, Lance added me on Facebook and messaged me (I didn’t even give it to him!). Though I read the messages, I ignored them for hours before replying with some one liners.

Lance invited me to his club week after week without fail. If he did not text, it would only mean he was not in town. I refused every single invite.

Him: Coming out tonight?
Me: I’m headed to *my usual joint*
Him: Boring. Come to my club. Bring your friends with you.
Me: Do you want me to come or do you want me to bring my friends. I doubt you need me to bring you any more business considering how packed your place is.


I refused to go at all cost. I was not going to be yet another girl who would drool all over his power and money.

At the same time, I was confused. I could not read the guy at all. What did he want from me? He is surrounded by girls on a daily basis, so why bother with me at all? If he wanted to get in my pants, why did he not want to come out for beers with me? Why didn’t he just get straight to the point?

It came to a point where Lance would invite me to his place for after parties with his friends and I still refused.. and he still continues to text me every weekend. Weird!

All my friends thought of him as dodgy. I just thought of him as weird.


Last weekend, Lance was in town all week and texted me to find out what my plans were.

Him: What are you up to this week?
Me: How rare is it that you’re texting me on a weekday! Lets grab a beer!
Him: Down to smoke a blunt instead?
Me: You know I don’t baby. I’m sure you can come up with better reasons to lure me to your place.
Him: Like…
Me: You’re a clever boy, you’ll figure it out!
Him: I smoke and you drink?

.. and I ignored him. I told Jenna and Christy, “The day he outright says he wants to F me, I’ll go“.

A couple of days later, he texted me again with something along the lines of him still being in town.

Me: What do you have in mind for the weekend?
Him: Sex. Drugs. Deep trance
Me: Replace drugs with tequila shots and that would sound quite appealing.
Him: Sounds like a plan


I ignored him again. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with me but I guess I was kinda amused by his persistence. Also, he did not actually say he wants to F me and it was the time of the month (againnnn!)

The weekend came and went. Lance was silent. I figured he must have found someone who was easier and that he would be gone by Saturday.

Surprisingly on Monday Lance texted me again and this time, he made it clear.

Him: Wassup
Me: The ceiling! Are you still in KL?
Him: Yeah I’ll be here the whole week but I’m only free tonight. Then I’ll be gone for a month. Bored? Wanna come over and fool around?

I hate it when guys give me a limited time frame to F them just cause they know I want to! It’s like, this awesome dress is on promotion today and today only. You’ll only be able to buy after a certain amount of time if you don’t buy it today.

But whoaaaa!! From invites to his clubs and after parties to smoking up, he finally says he wants to F me! I was really excited! I never thought this day would come!

I called Jenna and Christy being all jumpy. “You have wanted this for so long! It’s your golden opportunity. You must go!

After some brief, delayed flirting, I told him ‘I just got home and am gonna shower now. Let me know if you’re still up for it when I’m done“. Delayed flirting meant I took 15 minutes to reply each time.



Not knowing what to expect, half expecting to get gang raped and murdered, I went anyways just because I have wanted it for so long.

After 1.5 hours when I finally got to his place, he was better looking than I remembered and much better looking than his photos. He turned out to be really nice, down to earth and charming too!

Lance poured me a mug of Vodka passion fruit while he lit up a joint.

Him: You sure you don’t wanna smoke up?
Me: Nope.
Him: Have you tried?
Me: Yup. Once and I didn’t like it.
Him: OK.

I lied. I was too lazy to explain but I never do drugs, not even marijuana. It was a deal I made with my dad when I was 14 that I could do whatever I wanted except drugs. Which meant I was allowed to have boyfriends, cigarettes, alcohol and no curfew. What more can a 14 year old ask for. I kept the promise till today with no regrets and all my friends respects that decision. I was impressed he was such a gentleman about it and did not insist that I join him.

We chatted for a couple of hours about various stuff. His clubs, his origins, sex and how he fucks really hard (which I told him that he’d better be able to walk the talk), porn, food.. He even offered to have his driver send me home in the morning!

Fast forward (this post is getting too long!), Lance was a F-ing good fuck! He was rough and hard and everything I loved! His size was perfection! If I knew it would be this good, I would not have dragged it this long!


After sex,  we spoke for a bit before knocking out. Lance summarized the sex as me being pretty dominant and knowing what I want, how I gave good head and that he loved my curves and abs. He also mentioned that we were similar in a way that we cannot be bothered to please the other half and hence the lack of foreplay, which was entirely fine by me.

Me: Are you the touch and go kinda guy or the F-Buddy?
Him: *laughs* Of course I’m the F-Buddy kinda guy! I’m pretty high right now so I’m kinda retarded, but when I’m drunk, I’m really rough!

I woke up to Lance grinding me in his sleep. I’m not usually the morning sex kinda girl but I was sooo turned on! But well, he refused to wake up and said we’d F when we finally get up.

We F-ed again and whoaaa!!! He was like an animal!

I wanna meet drunk Lance. If that was you F-ing while sober, and you definitely were, I cannot imagine you drunk!

I got dressed and called for my ride while whining about how I was dying of hunger. Lance left the room and came back with some cookies, “Sorry I can’t offer you much. This is all I could find but it’ll keep you alive a little longer“. Awwww, that in my dictionary was sweet!


It’s been 2 days. I can’t get him off my head. I reckon somewhere between getting F-ed into oblivion and all the charms and niceness, he kinda got into my head. F my life seriously! Oh but I didn’t mention. He never told me, but I found out when I stalked him on Instagram. He has a girlfriend. So unfortunately, he ain’t boyfie material.


VERDICT: Never judge a book by it’s cover! Sometimes the dodgy dudes might just surprise you with their charms and niceness and dudes who seem nice would break hearts!