Tinder : A land where men are disposable

As I got bored of OKCupid, Chad recommended I download Tinder. An iOS app where I would only be able to chat with men who liked my ‘profile’ as well.

Yay! Now I do not need to go through uncountable spam messages from men I had zero interest in!

It’s like swipe, swipe, swipe, left, right, right, right, left.. It is fun. It feels like I’m online shopping for a new hook up.

To date, I have got 193 matches on Tinder and I have only been on it for less than 2 months. Let’s just say I’m picky and the ratio of men I liked and ignored is usually 2 out of 10.

It’s a land where men (and women) are disposable. Gone were the days where you struggle to meet men who seemed interesting and when you/they stop being interested, you’d be devastated that you’re back to being alone.

Imagine this; If I were to go on a date/hook up with each and every match, I’d have no time left for anything else! If a guy was being an ass, I’d ignore him and there would still be plenty of men to go around. If anything, it makes one realize that there are indeed plenty of fishes in the sea!

Chad: I’m out of town this weekend, why don’t you go party and hunt down a new play thing?
Me: Nah.. I’m lazy. I have Tinder!

You see, Tinder has its pros and cons.

I’m able to ‘pick up’ men within seconds and that makes one lazy to go out into the real world, meeting real men. At the same time, as soon as I get even a little bored of one guy, I’d cease all communication and hop into a conversation with the next guy who replies. As one article I have previously read, Tinder is online dating on steroids. In the fast paced world we live in, even dating has to be up to it’s speed.

There are a couple of categories of men on Tinder;




These men are in and out of the country in a blink. They’d be gone before you know it. What irks me about them is that they would usually go along the lines of, “I’m there till Tuesday and I’m looking for some fun. I’m staying at Hilton. I’d love to meet you before I leave“.

EWWW! You want sex, hire a hooker, buddy! You don’t even have the tendency to ask me out to party or to show you around town?

Do they behave this way because women turn up at their hotel room just for sex?



They most likely just arrived in your country and have no friends. They are looking for a companion, not a hook up. They always make it pretty clear too!



Usually the drop dead gorgeous men. The beautifully toned abs, chest and gorgeous biceps. They would talk to you nicely up till the point where they start chatting with you on Whatsapp and they’d be requesting raunchy photos of you, talking dirty and sending topless photos of themselves.

They even expect you to turn up directly at their doorsteps! Like seriously, what women meets complete strangers to have sex before even knowing for a fact that the men are indeed real or does not have a team of human traffickers at his house?

I chatted with a number of these dirty talkers, and as much as they seemed amusing at first, there is no substance. After receiving one too many topless photos, it gets boring.

A chat composed purely of ‘I want you to sit on me now, I’m so blardy hard it hurts‘… Yawwnnnn!!

The best way to get rid of them? I’ve said it more than once and it goes somewhere along the lines of this;

Him: Send me a photo of yourself.
Me: No more photos of myself.
Him: Pleaseee! I’m playing with myself and I want to imagine I’m F-ing you when I cum.
Me: No.
Him: Where do you want me to cum?
Me: In a condom. I don’t want to worry about STDs or getting pregnant
Him: That’s obvious! Great, now you have turned me off!

HAHAHAHA Like seriously, he’s a million miles away and would only return in like, 2 months. Why would I even bother? He’d probably have forgotten me by the time he’s back!



These are men who are able to hold an actual conversation with you. They are easy to chat with and they stay away from dirty talking. They would never ask you to appear at their doorstep and would invite you out on real dates.

The much more respectable category of them all, though I tend to get bored of them fast. Perhaps after my experience with Hugo (Read about Hugo HERE), I’ve lost interest in being too chatty with strangers whom I have never met.


What are your experiences on Tinder?


VERDICT: As I finished this post, I wondered out loud; What am I doing on Tinder if none of the above categories matched what I wanted?