Tinder Dates – 16-30 of 50

Continuing from where we left off, I feel that as the number of dates increases, I spent more time getting to know these dates rather than getting a quick F. Tinder dates are after all really time consuming considering I’ve gotta keep up with the chatting.


DATE No.16
I was in Phuket and while waiting for Stella to arrive, I met up with Brandon. Full post HERE.

From the UK, Brandon was a gentleman, a little shy and pretty sweet. We had dinner at the nicest restaurant on the street before I ran off to meet Stella to party. Nope, we did not hook up.


DATE No.17
Can’t remember his name or where he was from, Mr. 17 turned out to be living at his friend’s temporarily that happened to be the next building from mine. Initially had an argument about him booty calling me, and ended up meeting for lunch the next day. It was so uninteresting that the date ended after 30 minutes.


DATE No.18
Matched Mr. 18, a Spanish chef and chatted for a whole week and eventually met for cheese fondue! We had a lot of chemistry going on and the date lasted 4 hours, but unfortunately, I was not one bit attracted to him in person. Wasn’t surprising that he wanted to continue dating and see how things went, but I couldn’t bare to waste his time. Nope, did not hook up.


DATE No.19
I felt like getting laid. I also felt like having Jamon Serrano on toast. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than a Tinder date?

Freddy probably deserves his own post but I guess it’s just a typical one night stand turned 3 night stands plus some dates.

Texas born business owner with a mountain of lawsuits on him, Freddy was 3 years younger than I am, hilarious, witty, charming, a sweet talker and so very adorable. Unfortunately with a personality like that, one can only be a F-boy. The first date lasted a whooping 7 hours before we landed on his bed. He F’s like a machine too and the chemistry was nuts!

I can’t deny I adored him. Chemistry was insane, we could talk and F for hours.. but being 6 months fresh out of a divorce (he was with her for 16 years!), he obviously couldn’t take anything seriously. He even showed me his divorce papers.


DATE No.20
This one was a texter. And the thing with texters is that I often find that they don’t talk much in person. Not Mr. 20 though. Dutch business owner, 6’4 with a solid body.. he is by far the most fun Tinder date to date.

We binge ate the night away at 3 different locations. The entire date lasted a whole 6 hours. I liked him so much that I held back pouncing on him. The level of attraction I have for him was mad. He wasn’t supermodel hot, but I just find him so very good looking!

For some strange reason that I can no longer recall, we argued over text the next day and that somehow led to angry sex at his. I failed my mission to hold back sex once again but it was so amazing, I have no regrets.

It’s been a year and I still think of him every now and then.


DATE No.21
From the Isle of Man, Mr. 21 was a chef. Dinner, drinks and joined me to party. Nothing much to write about really. The F was bad though! The best memory of the date was the very yummy Wagyu dish we had at a Japanese restaurant.


DATE No.22
Australian cop, Kent and I matched when he was in KL for vacation, left without meeting and somehow continued chatting. He decided to fly back to KL for my birthday only to realize not only we had no chemistry, we simply did not like one another. Doesn’t change the fact that he was massive hot though! Full post HERE.


DATE No.23
A pilot from the US, Mr. 23 was okayyyy. I guess we could hold a decent conversation but we didn’t exactly have anything in common. I found it funny that he shaves his legs, did IPL on his entire body (chest, arms, pubes) but left his somewhat balding head with (not much) hair. He did not look like he was balding on photos, and nope, did not hook up.


DATE No.24
Dutch Mr. 24 was looking for something serious. But at 6’4, we looked kinda ridiculous together and I find him rather dull for my liking. No hooking up either.


DATE No.25
Mr. 25 from the UK is a sweetheart who’s also looking for something serious. Unfortunately, shallow me had zero attraction towards him and sometimes find him rather annoying and braggy. I get more of a friend vibe from him and after the second date, I told him that we could only be friends. We are still friends and hang out occasionally.


DATE No.26 and 27
I met them both in one night when I solo traveled to Siem Reap. Full post HERE.


DATE No.28
Born in the UK and spent many years in KL, the date with Mr. 28 was pleasant and lasted 4 hours with a goodnight kiss. We met again the next day at his restaurant, just hanging out from noon till night and by the time I left, all I felt was suffocation. He too was looking for something serious but I’m starting to think that maybe I ain’t made for relationships?

I slowly but surely slowed on the texting and he continuously drunk texted till I had to tell him that I couldn’t date him. We are still friends.


DATE No.29
Whoaaa this one was intense!

A football TV presenter from the UK, Mr. 29 had a very annoying sense of humor. He was looking for something serious and continuously badgered me for a second date (during the date) while I kept declining politely. The days following the date, he’d text. And call when I didn’t reply immediately. And kept calling. Eventually told him to tone it down and he got pissed *roll eyes!


DATE No.30
Australian tech start up founder, Mr.30 was just your typical Mr Nice Guy who most likely gets friendzoned by every girl he meets. I’m just assuming cause that was the vibe I got. The date was just okay, nothing extraordinary. He had a nice solid body and was pretty good looking, but no attraction whatsoever. Dinner, drinks, joined me to party.. and never heard from him again.