The Millionaire

Some years back I was in the luxury car industry.

To summarize it, I spent a lot of time networking with clients. No, not what you think. All they wanted were pretty young things hanging out with them at the bar while all I wanted was their contacts, to get to know everybody. It was a win-win situation.

We are talking millionaires. Possibly billionaires who owned and were in the luxury car clubs. Mostly very rich old men. Some very fatherly, some were out right sleazy. The nice ones are still my friends till today and I’m grateful to have met them.

I was with a friend of mine at a bar when I bumped into a couple of them. Man, the word subtle does not exist in their dictionary. While talking about cars;

Guy: You’re my kinda specs.
Me: You think I’m a car?! What kinda specs do I have?
Guy: The kind I like.

Gosh, it seems like the less you’re willing to entertain them, the more they want your attention. I reckon with a snap of a finger, the panties of a girl drops which explains how my playing hard to get intrigues them to a point of calling me out for drinks multiple times a week. Just that, it’s really not hard to get my panties to drop, you just need a pretty face and some bulging biceps!

So anyways, back at the bar.

We were drinking (obviously!) and chatting when a young chap plopped on the bar stool at our table and started yabbing away. He immediately caught my attention.

Name: HANS
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5″10. Skinny
First impression: Rich spoilt brat
Age: 3 years older

We introduced ourselves and I was immediately drawn to his charisma. Hans was cute, charming, very talkative and funny. I learnt that he lived near me, has a driver and he owned a Go-Kart.


Me: You OWN a Go-Kart? Why would anyone own a Go-Kart?!
Him: For fun. It’s like a sport. We race occasionally.
Me: You just have too much money and no where to spend it! *rolls eyes*

OK, I know my reaction was uncalled for but unlike many girls who hung out with them, they knew I was not impressed by their moolah or ability to spend, or at least the way they spent so unnecessarily. Most times I’d be going, “That is someone’s monthly salary you’re spending in a night!“.  I ordered beers instead of champagne like all other girls. They knew what I wanted was never their money.

You are one cheap date. Most girls expects champagne. All you need is 3 beers a night!”



I was itching to meet Hans again. I called Jenna asking her to help me out, “I can’t handle the crowd and get his full attention. I can’t do it alone. Pleaseeee come with me!“. She agreed.

I texted Hans, “We are having drinks tonight. You wanna join?“. Immediately smacked myself in the head. What if he had forgotten me? What if he ignores my text?

I waited and waited and finally he replied, “Sure, you want to have dinner with me first?

OMG! Dinner? Like a date?

He picked me up. Much to my surprise, he did not have his driver with him and came down to open the car door for me. Impressive!

We braced the bad traffic and much to my disappointment, everyone else had arrived when we got there. No private dinner afterall.

Through the night I’d catch him looking at me from across the table not so discreetly, he proudly told us of how he bought a unit at a luxury condominium for under 2 million which was a million below market value. I also learned of his dad’s passing and how he inherited his family’s wealth. He is clearly a very intelligent and capable man with many businesses of his own. Jenna picked up on how he mentioned, “I don’t like girls who are easy to get, I like a challenge“.

Oh so I have gotta drag this on? Le sigh.

As the night was ending, everyone was highly intoxicated. For some reason that I can’t recall, the guys demanded I kissed Jenna where I loudly proclaimed, “I really much rather kiss Hans“.

Just to shut them up;

Me: *kisses Jenna on the lips quickly*
Hans: *immediately after* OK, my turn! *kisses me on the lips*

I was shocked. For at least a minute I was speechless and all I could do was look at Jenna who laughed hysterically. Oh wow I really did not think he was that interested!

In the car, Hans was going on and on like a happy little boy about his awesome purchase, “I really want to brag. Please let me show you the unit I just bought. The view is magnificent! I promise I won’t touch you and I promise to get you home safe“. All I could think of was, “Could I promise to keep my hands off him?

It's the same condo

It’s the same condo, not the exact unit though

When we got to the unit, magnificent was an understatement. I felt like I was in one of those Hollywood movies where the rich hot bachelor brought a girl home to have hot passionate sex on a grand piano with jazz music in the background in candle light.

Except in my case, the house was still empty with only a white couch in front of the glass window/walls with a postcard view of KL. Like really, instead of a wall, it was made out of glass. It was breathtaking.

Hans gave me a tour of the empty house, lightly touching my waist while leading me around. Ever so often, he would smile at me suggestively. By the time he plopped on the couch and patting on the space next to him signaling for me to enjoy the view with him, my brains were about to explode. I kept repeating in my head like a broken record, “Please control yourself, please control yourself. Challenge.. challenge!! If I F-ed him tonight, I’ll most likely never see his face again!“.

I smile, “Let’s go. It’s so empty, it scares me“.



It was Gina’s birthday. It was also one of the luxury car club’s annual dinner. I wanted in. But I found out so last minute that there was no way I could score myself as a date.

I called Hans in the morning inviting him to dinner and Gina’s birthday that night.

Him: I’ll come for the party but I can’t make it for dinner. I’ve this annual dinner to go to.
Me: Really? Can I invite myself?
Him: Sorry, it’s by invitation and it’s too late to get another one now. How about we have lunch later instead?

We met up at a nearby mall for lunch.

Him: Why are you so nicely dressed today?
Me: Naw.. not really.
Him: You look good. Do you dress like this all the time?
Me: No, not really.. *instantly wanting to slap my head*
Him: So why today?
Me: I guess it depends on my mood *slaps head again*
Him: So how’s your mood today?
Me: *looks for a place to bury my head*
Him: *Smiles to himself*

Gahh!! Hans 1 -Tess 0

double facepalm

We had lunch and shopped for his annual dinner’s costume and Gina’s white themed party before we parted ways.

That night, Hans arrived in full white from head to toe looking like a knight. We were both happily intoxicated by the time he arrived and truth be told I don’t remember much of the conversations other than the fact that I was dancing with this hot guy and he dragged me away.

We started dirty dancing at the bar and he was like, “Not here.. lets go to the dance floor”.. and the dance floor we went!

The way we grinded, we would already be having sex if we were not fully clothed. He has got the moves and he could really seduce. I could feel his breath on my skin but his lips never touched me.

Him: You enjoy playing with fire huh?
Me: *Shrugs*
Him: If I had no self control..
Me: Naw. I definitely have self control.
Him: Oh is that a challenge? That was only 75%. If I gave you a 100%, we’ll be naked on my bed now.
Me: Oh, realllyyyyyy..

No where as decent

We parted ways when the night ended. As much as I wanted to follow him home, I needed self control. If the guy wants a challenge, he got a challenge.

In the next 2 weeks, we went Go-Karting, lunch, dinners. I was crying inside that I did not allow myself to sleep with him just yet but the game was fun nevertheless. He was fun to be with. Very much different from all the other men I have dated. If I wanted a glass of whiskey, he’d order a RM600 bottle of whiskey. Can’t decide on a meal? Choose 1 item per page on the menu. Don’t worry, I’m totally against food wastage so I always made sure he finished his share.

Me: Please stop picking me up in your sports car. I’m starting to feel like a gold digger!
Him: You are not a gold digger. I can smell one from a mile away. I can see you just want to have fun!

One night, we met up for a late dinner after my meeting and headed to a club for his friend’s birthday.

When we arrived, Hans immediately started talking to a girl. Super tall, crazily hot. I was fuming. How dare he bring me here just so I could watch him chat up another girl while watching my reaction? Little did I know that the chic was actually one of the guy’s mistress (I’ve met his wife).

Then it started again. He started provoking me to dance. I ignored him but after a couple of whiskey, we started grinding all over again. When I was already breathing hard from all the grinding and dancing (and mostly being turned on), he began massaging my neck and shoulders, all the way down to my lower back to the rhythm of my breath. I swear my ovaries could have exploded! Where do men learn such techniques!

Him: Why are you seducing me?
Me: Why are YOU seducing me?
Him: Because I can!
Me: Just returning the favor!
Him: What am I gonna do with you?!! I might just take you home!
Me: You wouldn’t!

At one point while we were dancing, he bent down and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away. “Ha! That was a failed attempt!” and I laughed hard, so did his friends. We continued to drink and dance.

He tried again. When he requested for a kiss on the cheek, I gave him a lightning speed peck. He asked for a slower one. As I was approaching, he turned n I backed off immediately and laughed at him till my stomach hurt. “Attempt no.2 failed. How much more do you wanna fail tonight?“.

We continued dancing with his face glued to mine, forehead to forehead. I had to turn away, but he told me, “I’m not going to kiss you. Just look at me‘. It was so intense and extremely hard to resist, but I knew I had to control myself. My hormones were raging and he was driving it up the roof.

Past midnight, it became clear that we were both frustrated from all the seducing and wanted some real action. Hans dragged me out of the club.

We entered the car at the valet, drove off a little before he stopped and pulled his hand brakes. He demanded for a kiss on the cheek. I told him I wanted one first and we exchanged a peck, half expecting it was going to be a trap again. But it wasn’t. Feeling a little disappointed, I wondered out loud, “I’m surprised it wasn’t a trap“.

Hans pulled the brakes again and looked at me, pulled me slightly closer to him while I kept blabbing on and on about self control.

Just shut up and kiss me!“.

Hans grabbed my head and we were in it for THE kiss. It was awesome. I felt like I have waited forever for that moment. It was forceful and I loved the dominance! As soon as the kiss ended, he smirked, “Third time’s the charm! Good things comes to those who wait“.

I had a feeling he attempted the first two failed kisses on purpose just so he could use that line. Half of me wanted to go to his place so badly. Half of me expected him to drive me back to my car.

We headed to his place with the crazy view where he pushed me on the couch and the rest of the night was history.

When we were about done;

Me: I don’t know about you, but I can never fully enjoy sex with alcohol.
Him: Me too. We should try this when we are sober!
Me: No way dude!
Him: *makes a reference to the movie No Strings Attached*

.. and a F-Buddy was born!

Over the months, it was a lot of fun. We shagged randomly at his 3 properties, went out on dinner and lunch dates, partied together till it became clear we got bored of each other.

After about 5 months, we drifted apart naturally.

Oh and I must have forgotten to mention; All through the entire 5 months, Hans had a girlfriend who was studying in London and I was still in a relationship with CHAD.

The last we spoke, Hans is now married to said girlfriend with a new born baby girl. Lucky girls! He did try to booty call me some months back while wifey was pregnant but hell no! I may be promiscuous but I do not do married men.



VERDICT: I finally understood the appeal of rich men ever since Hans. But the moolah still don’t appeal to me. Waiter, a set of gorgeous biceps to take away please? Oh with a side dish of abs too?