About Me

This blog has been created to share the journey and experiences of my love life, or the lack thereof.

But first, a little about myself. A brief description, the format which I’ll be using in all of my posts. All names has been altered, including my own.

Origin: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5″. Petite
Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Very dark brown
Age: Late 20s

After a string of bad relationships, I have almost completely lost faith in love. I have came to a conclusion that love is painful, pointless and overrated. Nevertheless, I still love men. Just not relationships.

During my teenage days, friends have always told me that I was boy crazy. Apparently I’m supposed to grow out of it and start chasing men with power instead of hunks with muscles. I can’t possibly be more grown up now and unfortunately, nothing changed. Yes, I cannot make myself settle down to save my life. 2 years back, I accidentally found out that a boyfriend of 4 years was planning on proposing. I freaked out and broke up.

But I love ’em men. The bulging biceps. Rock hard chest. Washboard abs. I’ve always claimed that there is no difference in the way I lust for huge biceps from the way men ogle at boobs. Oh and I love the Caucasian beauty. There’s just something about those blue eyes, naturally brown hair and sharp features.

So anyways, after I closed the chapter on my last relationship, I’ve decided that most men (hunk or not) behave pretty much the same regardless of age. Or maybe, just maybe it’s just my luck. I figured, if my heart’s gonna be broken, might as well be by the ones who puts some effort in their appearance than the average Joe..

.. and due to my love for anything other than Chinese, I have recently braved myself to try out different non-Asian men out there. I mean, if all Chinese men treats their ladies generally the same way, and say, the Indians in a specific way, does that mean I’ll have an entirely different experience with every culture?

Through the years I have been experimenting on how I can be attracted and have an emotional connection without actually falling for them. Minor heartbreaks here and there, but nothing that hurts that much ever since.

So on with my journey on finding true love while experiencing the joy of having men of all shapes and sizes.. and culture. Of course not without my best-est friends by my side to ease the heartbreaks and laugh at bad judgments;

  • CHRISTY, a close friend whose smart, fun loving and gorgeous whom I met while partying some time back.
  • PHIL, my high school senior whom I party with regularly.
  • LUCCA, my gay buddy from college and partner in crime when obsessing over hunks.


NOTE: All entries are true event that happened to me. I would never exaggerate.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Josh says:

    Not one Indian or Black Guy? Amusing as you are in some of your comments your construct is way to narrow. It becomes repetitive and boring, like some of your conquests.


    • LoveTessa says:

      I agree, hence my lack of posting these days. Couldn’t think of any ‘conquests’ to write about that isn’t repetitive. Then again, how much can these sex infused conquests differ? Even eroticas are made of the same old concepts. I’m not writing fantasy fiction here, it’s a personal blog 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    I got addicted on reading your blogs. Maybe because I am with a Spanish guy. Needless to say, I am like watching a short film as my imagination takes me somewhere while reading. Simply means it is well written. Hope I can meet you in person and take a peek at the other side of life. 😉



  3. Clare says:

    Omg where have you been all my life? I love your blog and it’s funny how I can relate so easily to your post cause I’m going thru it now. We need to be friends!!!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Love your blog!! Cant believe i never chanced upon it until now. Would’t say I want to aspire to be like you, but I would love to be more confident like how you are..!
    Question! Thing with French men, its that they are naturally very romantic and all. So how do you tell apart those who are romantic naturally and just wants to get in your pants, from those who truly feels like you’re something more?!


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