The Book

I have dreamt that I’d someday publish a book on my many boy dramas ever since I was a teenager.

I vaguely remember the first time I said it out loud, “My life is so ridiculous, it should be made into a book!” when I returned from the principal’s office after a boy was beaten up because I cheated on my then-boyfriend when I was sixteen.

I started this blog with that in mind – to accumulate as many stories as I could. I mean, if Tucker Max could publish a book on his drunken nights, so can I! Turns out self-publishing is pretty damn easy too!

About two months back, I realized I have written enough posts to be compiled into a book.

And so it started;

Deciding on the best posts to be included, searching for the right illustrator on Fiverr to design my book cover and after two long months of editing (not so fun when I had to figure out more than 40 different descriptions for them boys, instead of calling them all ‘charming’ as I did in every post), I finally did it!

Unfortunately, I had to remove those posts from here as KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) does not allow any part of the book to be published elsewhere.

So anyway.

Do you love the book cover as much as I do? I think it’ll look real pretty on my bookshelf. Can’t wait for it to arrive in my mail! The girl got vertically squashed in that mockup image I generated for free though.

The illustrator was amazing. My only instructions were – A girl, in a sexy+elegant long dress, holding a flute of champagne, with a bar in the background. He got it right on the second attempt! And the best part? It was done within 48 hours for only $5! Comment if you need to get in touch with him.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy (available in both eBook and a 278 paged paperback) for your girl-friends who are newly single, because you love my writings (why else would you subscribe to me, right?) or just because you’d like to support a new author (me), check out the following link and don’t forget to leave a review on how much you love (or hate) me!





Are you proud of me? *beams*