The Blast From The Past


I was at my usual joint with my then boyfriend, CHAD.

NOTE: Chad used to be a geek who doesn’t party or hang out with my friends. That night was one of the exceptions.

We were at the table right next to the bar when I spotted GERALD. Gerald is one helluva hunk and a F-Boy with the nastiest reputation in the party scene.

Me: I don’t feel like drinking champagne. Can I trade it for your whiskey? It’s a good deal ya know.
Gerald: Yeah sure. Two champagnes for a whiskey. You know whiskey is way stronger..
Me: *roll eyes*

Right then, Gerald’s friend came up to me;

Dude: Can I offer you a drink?
Me: *looks at the drink, looks at him* Sureee!

This dude was gorgeous! Like a 101% my type!

I obviously accepted the drink without having to trade champagnes. We started talking. And dancing. Then grinding..

Gerald who was trying to get into my pants at that point of time started to get really annoyed. Butting into our conversations didn’t work and eventually, he walked right up to me..

Gerald: Your boyfriend over there is… *I honestly can’t remember/couldn’t hear what he said*
Dude: Whaaaatt?? You have a boyfriend? And your boyfriend is here?!
Me: Yes. He’s right there *points*
Dude: So what are you doing here with me?
Me: Uhh.. We were dancing. It’s not like we’re having sex *roll eyes*

The night went on and I went back to my table. At the end of the night, I spotted him at the dance floor and we danced reallll close. It was pretty obvious that he was refraining from kissing me when Mr BF decided to turn up at the dance floor and dragged my drunk ass home.



I was itching to see him again. I didn’t get his digits and I forgot his name.

I texted Gerald and got the dude’s name. Added him on Facebook, got his digits and started texting all day.

Origin: KL
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5’9. Fit
First impression: Freaking CUTE!
Age: 1 year younger

So I found out that he was going to the Pitbull concert that night and decided I had to go too! I’d probably had gone mad if I didn’t get to see him again.

I contacted LUKE (my previous ex who was still a friend then) and he hooked Mr BF and I up with VIP tickets for free! Luke was working with one of the event sponsors. Yeah, Mr BF insisted on coming along after he caught me misbehaving.




So we were at the VIP area which was barricaded away from the rest of the crowd. Free flow beers all night long. I found out where Corey would be and told my girl, Gina to come with me.

Me: Let’s go there *points* I wanna see this dude.
Gina: Chad is here though?
Me: Let’s sneak out!

When both our boyfriends weren’t looking, we literally darted out of the VIP. Luke who was standing at the entrance stared at us like we have lost our minds.

Corey was just so Goddamn gorgeous. I can honestly remember it like it was yesterday. We danced, we laughed, we drank, and we got really close. So extremely close to a kiss. It was so tempting, my brains could blow (or should it be my ovaries?) but Gina insisted that we should get back to the boyfriends before they came looking for us.

Yes, the two boyfriends were obviously pissed when we got back. They found out from Luke that we ran out towards the opposite direction of the washrooms (we told them we went to the washroom and it was packed).



Nothing much happened the following few encounters at my usual joint. He claimed he did not wanna mess with girls who had boyfriends.

But some weeks after the Pitbull concert, it was Chinese New Year. And those of us who don’t have a hometown to return to pretty much have absolutely nothing to do but to hit the clubs.

CHRIS, one of my closest male friend back then and I decided to head to the usual with one of Mr BF’s friend, Jean whom he was interested in.

I bumped into Corey on the way out from the washroom. We said our hi’s and CNY greetings, and I went back to the dancefloor.

When I went back to the bar for a smoke, Corey was nearby and I motioned for him to come over.

Me: Why are you hiding in the corner?
Him: Staying away from trouble.
Me: What kinda trouble are you possibly staying away from?
Him: Staying away from you.
Me: Righhhttt… By hiding at the exact spot I spotted you? So why are you in front of me?
Him: Cause you asked me to come over.
Me: *dance a lil with my beer*
Him: Serioussssly?
Me: You could look away! Or you could always go back to your corner or back to your friends.
Him: You know I won’t.
Me: *continues dancing closer to him*
Him: Seriouslyyyy??? I don’t dance with girls with boyfriends. You’re tempting the F outta me!
Me: I’m not even touching you. I’m not even trying! Look, I’m standing far from you. I’m dressed like I’m going to Starbucks..
Him: Reallly? *continues repeating the same thing while smiling and coming closer* I don’t dance with girls with boyfriends.
Me: And you’re telling me that when your face is an inch away from mine?
Him: You’re really tempting the F outta me. You have no idea I so want to smash you right now *starts dancing closer and tempting me*
Me: *laughing* Relax, *rubs his chest and tracing my fingers all the way down to his belt*
Him: You really think I’m gonna relax like that?

When Chris and Jean came back to the bar, I threw my bag to them and took Corey to the dancefloor.

We danced and eventually our lips touched. Corey looked like he was in disbelief. When he snapped out of his shock, I dived in for another kiss, though more like a couple of short ones. I was sober and afraid Chris and Jean might just show up.

It was just too tempting to resist. If I continued being on the dancefloor I’d probably end up dragging him home!

Back at the bar, he sat looking like a broken puppy going all, ‘What am I doing?!’. I continued dancing in front of him and at some point, he grabbed and pressed me to his body. If only Jean wasn’t there!



We texted a whole lot. He sent a way too suggestive modeling shot for it to be innocent. Well, no innocent boys who refuse to ‘mess with people’s girl’ would be texting the girl, let alone exchanging photos.

Me: I’m going tomorrow. Are you?
Him: Yeah I’ll be there.
Me: Looks like I’d run into you again. Unless you wanna go into hiding.
Him: If your boyfriend is there then I’ll definitely be hiding.
Me: He’s not around.
Him: Good to know I won’t have to hide from you.
Me: That’s a first. I thought u didn’t want to be anywhere near me in the first place.
Him: When your boyfriend isn’t around, I would like you to be around.
Me: Contradict yourself much?

The next we met, probably a day or two apart. I begged my friends hit the club with me. They were exhausted from all the constant partying.

When Corey arrived, Chris almost immediately dragged Jean to the dancefloor for a good long time.

Tequilas, beers, made out. Being all over each other, I could feel a very hard hard on.  His body was delicious. The hard abs, the very defined jawline.. and I loved how dreamy his eyes were. He was an amazing kisser. Everything about him oozed sex appeal. His moves totally got me drooling. Corey was totally driving me nuts!

Him: I so wanna do things to you that can’t be said out loud right now.
Me: *Ovaries explodes*

The sexual frustration was so bad that we both eventually got pissed off. Corey pretty much stopped in his tracks, claiming that I have a boyfriend (roll eyes), he has his moral values and how it ain’t right. We went back to the bar.. and we started arguing!

Him: Why are you doing this to me when you know it’s not gonna get us anywhere. You’re obviously leaving with your friends and I didn’t drive.. We both know that I so wanna F the hell out of you right now but it obviously ain’t happening so why are we wasting our time. I might as well find someone else to go hook up with!
Me: Go ahead. You knew from the start that I had a boyfriend. That it aint happening tonight but you still chose to do it and besides, look at the time.. you think you’ve got the time to find someone else?
Him: I’m not gonna stand here and argue with you. Where are your friends?
Me: *Shrugs* Chris left. Brett is somewhere around. You go ahead.
Him: Call him then. You know I ain’t leaving you here alone.



Him: Where’s your boyfriend?
Me: What makes you think I have one?
Him: Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend?
Me: If I had one, would I be out here tonight, on a weekend?
Him: I’m not sure. I was in a 4 years relationship and I still went out.
Me: *Shrugs*
Him: Are you saying you’re single?
Me: *Shrugs* To be honest, I don’t know. There was once I thought I broke up with a boyfriend but it turns out he didn’t think the same.
Him: So are you saying you broke up?
Me: *Ignores*
Him: Well, you are fun to hang out with and I’m all up for a good time with single girls. When you’re sure you’re single, gimme a buzz and we could hang out.

And that was that. We lost touch. Maybe Corey really did have a wee bit of moral values. He got himself a girlfriend not too long after so I only bumped into him twice briefly since 2011 till two days back.

I was at the bar when I ran into a friend I usually party with.

Me: Who else are you with that I know?
Him: No one really. Oh, Corey is there!
Me: That one with the cap? Oh my God, he looks like a ball!!

I joined their table caught up with Corey a little and played liar’s dice with the boys for the next couple of hours.. but not before throwing some insults at him;

Me: Long time! Why dafuq are you so fat?
Him: I aged.
Me: And I did not age?
Him: Well, I drink a lot..
Me: I drink a lot too, and you don’t see me looking like a ball.

It’s sad that he looked nothing like he did once upon a time. I had once thought that he is the most gorgeous Chinese dude I have ever met in real life. Gerald could probably come second.

That being said, Chris and Jean dated for a couple of years before it ended and he is now married with a daughter.

Gerald, still single and F-ing around. He could possibly be the hottest Chinese boy I know to date, being one of Singapore’s Man Hunt finalist. We eventually hooked up twice back then and we still party every time he’s in town now.

Chad and I split after 4 years of dating, and not because he caught me red handed. Story HERE. We still hang out though not as much anymore. He’s now newly married and I’m happy for him


VERDICT: Sexual tension ain’t as fun as it’s made up to be at times.