Tinder Dates – 31-43 of 50

First dates are tough work. You sit for a couple of hours and judge one another. I really kinda hate it. My only motivation is usually the food. I mean, majority of the time there wouldn’t even be a second date so why bother hyping and expect the impossible?

At one point my gay buddy, Luca and I even challenged ourselves to one date per week. After a month, I was so thoroughly exhausted I had to take a month off dating!

So anyways, on to the dating updates!


DATE No.31
Canadian Mr 31 is.. How do I put this nicely?  He didn’t quite look like his photos, he tried to be funny but came off as cheesy, he also had this feminine touch to his personality that at some point of the date, I wondered if he was gay. Needless to say, the date did not last very long.


DATE No.32
Have you ever met someone and instantly disliked them? Like his face annoys you, his voice annoys you, his very existence annoys you, every word that comes out of him annoys you. I know I’m being a bitch, but I just couldn’t stand being in his presence. Don’t get me wrong, he was pretty nice.. I think? I mean, all I felt was the annoyance.

Such a waste though. He was gorgeous AF on photos (not so in person) with the kinda body I usually lust for.  He tried to sway the date back to his place after dinner. Tough luck!


DATE No.33
Mr 33 was no other than our beloved Mr Fat Man. His photos on Tinder were gorgeous.. and that is because they were taken 5 years ago! But Luke has this warm, caring vibe about him that got me instantly hooked. Full post HERE.


DATE N0.34 
I was heart broken by LUCAS. I needed an outlet. I’ve never EVER believed in turning up at a stranger’s home, but Mr 34 was a hot, young model from Bosnia. And most of all, he was convenient!

Well, I had been chatting with him on and off for about 2-3 years, deep conversations about life, had a whole circle of mutual friends.. it really felt like I knew him already.

So when he booty called while I was having drinks with Date No.25 (we were friends), I agreed to turn up at his doorstep (he lived down the road). The F was nothing to shout about other than the fact that he had a whole lot of energy, but that ain’t no surprise considering he was a whooping 7 years younger than I am!


DATE No.35
From the US, Mr 35 describes himself as ‘young and socialble’. But all he really does is reply with single positive expressions like – Magical! Exquisite! Amazing! Perfect! Astonishing! Magnificent! Beautiful! .. and the list goes on and on.

Initially it was an ego booster. I mean, he compliments every damn thing that comes out of me. Just maybe I am that magical! But after awhile it just became clear that he was incapable of a proper conversation.


DATE No.36
A white South African, Mr 36 was pretty good looking on photos. The conversation had a decent flow and we texted a couple of days till we finally met. Still being heartbroken over Luke, I demanded a casual dinner. I just couldn’t handle being wined and dined anymore.

When we got to meet for burgers, I swear the dude has gotta be at least 10 years older than his photos. That or the photos were highly photoshopped. It didn’t help that he was very touchy. The date lasted a mere 1.5 hours before I ran off for drinks with my friends.


DATE No.37 
I have loads of mutual friends with German mixed Italian Mr 37 who ran his own business in KL. In fact, he used to be good friends with KURT. We texted for a whole 7 hours when we first matched and agreed to meet that week.

Here’s a life lesson to all you Tinderers/singles out there – Do not, I repeat, do not ever take your date out to a place where you know your friends hang out. Especially if your friends are better looking than you are.

Long story short; we dined at his friend’s Italian restaurant. Bumped into his friends.. lo and behold, among his friends was FINN (Date No.7)! After dinner, we went out for a smoke and his friends demanded we joined them. Naturally, I sat and chatted with Finn all night. When I say all night, it is because his friends totally hijacked the date and got us to go partying with them. Didn’t help that one of his friends were totally my type!

All was good till my date confronted me about Finn the next day. According to him, it was obvious we had a history – “it’s a mix between comfy and awkward, surprised and nervous, familiar and distant, yet close”.

Ah well, I wasn’t interested in the dude anyway. It was just amazing that the date was saved by his friends.

I met up with Finn a couple of days later and fooled around like horny teenagers in the car. But nope, did not F.


DATE No.38 
Australian mixed Italian, personal trainer/gym manager was 3 years younger, a divorced dad of 3 at the ripe young age of 21! Fatherhood was so overwhelming that he had a vasectomy at 24!!

Mr 38 had a body of a God and a personality of a sack of hay. Half way through the date, we bumped into his hot friend who was really entertaining and my first thought was “Wow! Why aren’t I on a date with him instead?” (See, the above life lesson applies here as well!)

Nope, did not hook up. We did plan on meeting again but that of course did not happen.


DATE No. 39 
I suppose the date with Mr 39 wouldn’t have gone far considering I was heartbroken by Lucas (again!). Yeah, after 5 fruitless dates, I just really missed that fat ass. Didn’t help that I met Lucas a couple of days before the date for the very last time.

This one was a chatter. He’s funny, super duper cute, with that cheeky smile but I just couldn’t make myself be interested. He tried to sway the date home but nahhh, if Lucas wasn’t occupying my brains 25/7, he probably would have stood a chance.


DATE No.40
I tried to move on. I really did. French Mr 40 just arrived in KL for the next 5 years. He was nice, sweet, looking for a relationship and all that jazz. But it’s about time I accept the fact that I may say I want a relationship, but run the other direction when I’m presented with one.

But.. he really is a man with a woman’s soul. He’d continuously seek attention.  All the freaking time! It was exhausting!

Him: I’m going back to France for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t be able to disturb you then.
Me: Oh *asks some random questions*
Him: You didn’t say I’m not disturbing you!! *gets legit upset*

Seriously?! We had like 5 casual dates (no making out/hooking up) till I just couldn’t take it anymore. Especially so when he demanded that I show more interest. I. Just. Cannot!


DATE No.41
That week, I told Kurt that since I’ve tried importing Tinder dates from other countries, I wanted to export myself out to meet a dude. I obviously have got no balls for that shit so I decided to meet someone who’s based in another country so that I could go there for a F-cation.

Mr 41 is an absolutely gorgeous, successful, young, single dad from Australia who owns a yacht and speedboat business on an island in a neighboring country. We met up for drinks, gave in to the seduction and failed my mission miserably. Hey, you can’t blame a girl when the dude could reallyyyyyy dance!


DATE No.42 
Remember the hot friend of Mr 38? We matched on Tinder the day after! Can you imagine my excitement? We laughed about the night, continued chatting and finally met 2 months later.

Mr 42 is a master golf instructor who was highly entertaining with a nice solid body at 6’4, and a downright gentleman. I don’t know what he’s looking for, but my gut instinct tells me he’s not looking for a one nighter. Maybe I’ll see him again, maybe I won’t..


DATE No.43 
Throwback to Date No.20 – I was instantly, ridiculously attracted to him. Every fiber of his being oozed sex appeal and I was dying to pounce on him from the moment we met. Here’s a recap – it was the most memorable Tinder date to date, spent 6 hours binge eating at 3 different locations, Top 5 best F with a gigantic D. I will never forget getting F-ed on his kitchen counter. It was pure bliss!

So when I matched with Mr 43, I was curious to know if I’d feel the same way. They were brothers after all *insert maniacal laughter*

Well, I did not plan on meeting the dude initially. I even admitted that I stalked him on FB and what I found was awkward. But the conversation had a good flow and we talked each other into meeting up at 3AM because we were both night owls. I made it clear that it will not be a hook up though I secretly hoped I’d get to do both brothers. I am F-ed up like that!

When we finally got to meeting at 3AM at a mamak a few hours after Date No.42, to my disappointment, I did not have an ounce of attraction towards the dude. Not one bit. So I decided to spill the beans – that I hooked up with his brother a year back and man, we did have a good laugh through the date.

What’s life if we did not do weird stuff to keep ourselves entertained?


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