The Solo Traveler

Noticed how I have not posted in months?

I have been bored out of my brains of the usual debauchery and decided on a life-detox.

I stopped my nightly partying. Stayed sober for 5 months and counting. It’s Sahara down south.. And I’m utterly proud of myself!


As a reader had commented, life (and my posts) had become repetitive and boring. When I first turned single, all I wanted was to do whatever dafuq I wanted and not answer to anybody until I finally got bored of it all. And that was exactly what I had been doing for the past 3 years.

And because it had gotten so mundane, I decided I needed a vacation.  Wanting a different scene from my usual go-to (the beach), I booked myself out to Siem Reap for four nights as I have always been fascinated by Angkor Wat.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to travel solo and try living in an actual dorm in a hostel.

Friends were worried bout my solo trip and how I might get mugged, get lost, or get scammed. But I was determined!



I arrived at the hostel 5 hours before I was allowed to check-in. Chilled at the pool. Texted some friends to let them know I made it to Siam Reap alive when a dude landed on the pool’s bean bag next to me.


Chatted me up with the usual traveler’s chat; where are you from? How long will you be here? Where are you going to next?

Name: NICK
Origin: London
Ethnicity: English – Welsh
Height: 6′. Normal
First impression: Cute
Age: 1 year younger

Nick had the most adorable shy smile, husky voice (from all beer, no water and too much partying), and his hair.. His hair was skinned on the sides with long extremely curly fringe. What I wouldn’t do to just reach out and touch it.

Turns out Nick was leaving that night.

So off I went to meet a friend whom Facebook notified was in Siem Reap on holiday as well. Lunch, shooting range and beers before calling it a night. I was exhausted from the travels.

Soon after I crawled into my bunk, a couple curled up in the bunk opposite me, turned on the light on their bunk and was joined by their friend.

That’s the actual view from my bunk. Yes, that’s him.

Half asleep, I checked him out. Damn, he was cute! Sharp features, nice smile..

I soon drifted off to sleep.



Woke up, dragged myself off the bed to fill up my royal tummy and when I got back to the dorm to get some stuff, the cute dude opposite me started waving at me with both hands.

It took me awhile before I realized it was Nick! He was the cute guy sleeping opposite me.

Me: Heyyy! I thought you left?
Him: Yeah I was supposed to but I’m kinda stuck here. I’m out of money and waiting for the Western Union transfer.
Me: Well, I’m headed out for a massage. Wanna join?
Him: I’d love to, but I can’t. I’m broke. Text me when you’re back.
Me: Okay. Add me on Facebook then.

May I add Nick was seated prettyyy damn close.

By the time my massage was done (It was amazing at only $6), I was due for a Tinder date.

Met my date who turned out to be way skinnier than I thought at a fancy restaurant. Not wanting to lead the dude on, I refused to order anything and have him pay for it, or worse, not pay for it. I had not budgeted for such extravagant meals and if my ego had its way, I’d have to stinge through the rest of the trip.


Headed down to Pub Street after dinner where I finally had meals that were more on par with my budget, a couple of beers before I asked him to leave me there for a foot massage.

As I was swiping on Tinder during my massage, a match was in Pub Street and asked to join him and a friend of his. Ahh, why not? I was already there anyway.

This, was way worse. He was as buffed as his photos but for the lack of description, he was totally unattractive to me. I realized then to never swipe right on dudes wearing shades in all their photos!

So my match totally ignored me, and left me to his friend who then informed that my match only swiped right on me because he (his friend) liked me. After a beer with his friend, I was just so done with my night. The friend tried to booty call me too!

At that point, I completely hated everything about Siem Reap. All the food I’ve ordered thus far was horrible. Everything was pricey. It was dusty and the heat was nasty. I wanted so badly to be back in KL.. and I still haven’t been to Angkor Wat yet!

Nick and I got back to the dorm right about the same time. He was about to roll a joint and asked if I wanted some. Chilled on my bunk with another dude chatting and decided to call it a night.



Woke up and decided I needed to check out Angkor Wat. It would be ridiculous if I went all the way to Siem Reap and not visit any of its attractions.

Called up the tuk-tuk driver my friend used and arranged to go at 2pm.


So Angkor Wat, Bayon temple, bla bla bla..  Tuk tuk driver took me for the dinner I requested – MUST be extremely cheap and extremely yummy. Best meal I had the entire trip!

Got a foot massage after and the lady at the reception took me out for a hair wash. I did not pack a hair dryer and all of Siem Reap did not sell hair conditioner (Whatt??!)

I landed on the bed with close to zero energy but it was impossible to sleep.

Dorm-mates were still up and not leaving the room. A couple was most obviously fooling around when I heard someone shouting – If you’re going to F, please use the bathroom.

When the noise finally died down, the couple got to it, just 2 bunks away from me. They weren’t making any obvious noise but the bed creaking and the soft pants were unmistakable.

Soon after they were done, Nick came strolling in and sat on my bunk. I was lying down whispering to him.

Me: I finally went to Angkor today! *beams* bla bla bla.. Oh.. that bed was *shows F-ing sign with my hands*
Him: *raises eyebrow* Oh really?

Nick bent down and looked me directly in the eye, made sure he wasn’t going to get punched in the face before he dove in for a kiss.

Man, I wouldn’t say Nick was a fantastic kisser but it was so hot, we were both out of breath in record time! I suppose the whole couple F-ing 2 beds away got me all hot and bothered.

Nick got into my covers, continued making out with him groping me all over when I could hear the rest of the drunkards returning to the room.

Me: Let’s go somewhere else.
Him: The bathroom?
Me: Okay.


It has gotta rank No.1 in my list of impromptu sex and definitely hot beyond words! Just pure raw lust! First time I F-ed in a public restroom too!

Oh and he’s huge! I just love them 8 inchers!

Nick knocked out almost immediately after a ciggie, snoring wayyy louder than usual and did not even wake up from all the commotions when the drunk young Australians returned. Long story short, fat dude tried to jump from bunk to bunk, on top and landed with his head on the metal rail. Got himself 12 stitches!

Couldn’t sleep from all the havoc they wrecked. I lived in a 30 bunk dorm and I’d imagine everyone was awake then. Sam, the dude sleeping above Nick went out and got us some food. Chilled, ate and passed out when the noise finally died down.



Opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Nick waving at me and giving me the thumbs up to see if I was okay.

Got up. Had lunch with Sam.

Decided I should hang out at the pool and actually use its facilities. I had after all booked myself into a party hostel.

There were pool parties from 10am till 10pm daily. The guests will then move up to the roof bar that opened till midnight. When the bar closes, they’d move on to Pub Street together.

So pool volleyball and beers with Nick, Sam, and some Brazilian chics till my tuk tuk driver came to take me out for a massage.


As I ran into the dorm to get changed, Nick came over to me –

Him: You running in here made me think of last night.. *goes back to his bed*
Me: So you remember last night?
Him: Yeah, and it got me hard..
Me: *feels him up* Damn right. I gotta head out. This waits for me!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the massage the driver brought me to so I paid him $1 and asked to be sent back to the hostel.

Much to my dismay, the dorm was crowded when I returned. I was hoping for it to be empty so I’d get some action.

Me: *gives him the F-me eyes as I walked past*
Him: Too many people in here. Tonight.

I fell asleep.

Woke up and went for my four hands massage. It was something I was totally looking forward to in Siem Reap, even more than Angkor Wat. Haven’t actually seen it elsewhere and it was phenomenal! Hands down the best massage of my life (and I believe I’ve had more massages than the average human!)


I got back to the dorm later that night and started packing. My flight out was at 8.30am and I had to leave the hostel by 6.30am. Thought I’d have an early night when Sam came over and asked if I wanted to grab some beers. Ahh, why not I figured. Booking myself into a party hostel made no sense if I refused to drink.

Hung out at the roof bar till past midnight and totally passed out after just about 3 or 4 beers. Woke up to Nick looking directly at me at about 3am when the drunkards returned and the sunrise Angkor Wat fellas were getting ready to head out.

When the noise died down, I crawled into Nick’s bed and we made out for a bit before running off to the bathroom.

Much to my disappointment, a planned F can never quite be anywhere as exciting as an impromptu one. This time is was just a regular F that wasn’t nearly as impressive.

Got out of the bath just in time to do my final packing and checked out.



That was that I guess.

Solo travel, check. Stayed alive, check. Not go broke, check. Met nice people, check. Had fun, check. Got laid, check.

Would I return to Siem Reap? Most likely, when the USD isn’t so high against MYR. The A-mok dishes were yummy, the $6/hour massages ($10 for four hands) were heavenly, beers are dirt cheap at $0.50 – $1, and I absolutely adored the hostel.

Did I have fun? Most definitely. Pretty sure I’d have more fun if I wasn’t being so uptight about not drinking too much. Also, someone please remind me not to Tinder when I’m living in a bloody hostel swarmed with hunks!

Unlike JOHN who was all boyfriend-like the entire trip, Nick was more of a F-Bud. Who knew you’d find F-Buds on a vacation? Never heard from him since but not like that matters. There were more interactions between Nick and I than I cared to write about. Smokes and conversations about life at the stairway and dorm aren’t particularly blog material.

And as much as this is yet another boy meet girl post, there really aren’t many ways to describe meeting a dude, F-ing, then parting ways.

Even after one too many romance novels, it’s all the same; boy meets girl – boy insists on a no string attach relationship – someone falls in love – one pisses the other off – breaks up – make up – get married *roll eyes*


VERDICT: Ladies, if you’ve never traveled solo, I’d highly recommend it. Words cannot describe how exhilarating it is!