What are you looking for?


That was the question asked by most, if not every man on Tinder (or real life).

Me: Why must I be looking for anything in particular?
Dude: You don’t. But people are looking for something, whether they realize it or not.
Me: Fine. I’m looking for chemistry.

I am talking about erotic novel’s kinda scorching hot sexual chemistry.

You see, despite all the partying, I have always been a closet nerd (an introverted extrovert?) and a novel junkie, ranging from Enid Blyton, Sweet Valley and RL Stine when I was a kid to various romance novels in my teenage years.

These days I try my best to stay away from novels and read em useful psychology books to learn something useful instead. But still, every now and then, erotic fictions are my guilty pleasure.

It’s like porn, but all in your imagination. Imagine being the director, with the script to this amazing love story cum porn, being the heroine in a movie where you’re free to fantasize of this seductive, Godlike hero who would fall out-of-this-world in love with you AND F you into oblivion.

Psstt.. It is also a platform for reallyy interesting sex ideas that can be incorporated into real life F-ing. Ones that can never be found in Cosmopolitan articles on ‘how to turn your boyfriend on’ or porn itself. Caitlin often question where I get my ideas from.

I’m not talking about Fifty Shades. Sure, Christian Grey is every girl’s dream come true. But really? How often are we going to come across a multi-billionaire who owns an empire, a private helicopter, who is young, drop dead gorgeous, has a huge junk and is amazing in bed? No. Just.. no!


But then again, Anastasia is a virgin who seems to be socially inept while Mr Grey is psychotically insecure. In real life, that is just… a tad bit unrealistic. Ah common, it’s ridiculously unrealistic!

In terms of erotic romance novels, my personal favourites have gotta be Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street series and Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard series. I am currently on Book 2 of Nikki Sloane’s Three Simple Rules series and I absolutely adore it!

Three Hard Lessons evolves around a heroine who works as an escort and gets bored of men way too easily until she met the hero of the book. This, I can totally relate (other than the group plays that I don’t particularly fancy). It is so unlike the infinite typical romance/erotic novels that centres around F-Boys who eventually falls head over heels for the good girls who orgasms at a flick of a finger.

How her skin tingle at the mere touch of their partner or how legs turn into jelly when he came in close proximity in these novels are not completely fictional.


I have experienced sexual chemistry as intense as described in these books and for the love of my life, I can never understand why. I disliked him in every other aspect but turn into mush just as soon as he touches me. The feeling was mutual. We just gravitate towards one another no matter how it pissed the hell out of the both of us. Trust me. It. Is. Real. I’d go into details but I don’t want to make this post about him.

If you have read any sort of erotic fiction, then you’d completely understand the phenomenal sexual chemistry that oozes out of these books.


So yeah. What am I looking for?


Because without chemistry, nothing else matters. Not even friendship.

What are YOU looking for?