The Nerd

Name: MARC
Origin: Australia
Ethnicity: Australian
Height: 5′8. Lean
First impression: Nerd
Age: Same age


So Marc is one of the boys who hangs out with Tanya’s group of friends. We party together once or twice a week and I’ve been observing him for the past couple of months.

Unlike every white boy (or any boy for that matter!) in KL, Marc does not hit on the ladies. All he does is drink and talk when spoken to.

I’d say Marc is a total nerd who hangs out with a bunch of raging alcoholics just because a few of the boys are his high school buddies. His parents moved to KL when he was only seven.

It was refreshing to see a non F-boy. Marc was like a unicorn in the midst of herds and herds of rhinos. Oops.. it’s called a crash of rhinos. Had to Google that up!

Anyway, when I announced to my friends that I was intrigued by Marc, the typical responses were;

Tanya: Marc is a super nice guy. Please don’t break his heart!

Christy & BF: Marc is a sweet heart. He’s not your type at all! And he’s definitely not a F-boy!

Val: Marc is so nerdy. If he has a big D, you can keep him!

Yup! That was it, I was gonna go for the kill.



We were out drinking at my usual joint and when I was all nice and boozed up, I noticed Marc was standing behind me. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my waist while I continued dancing.

When I decided to kick it up a notch, I dragged Marc out to the dance floor and continued grinding him to a hard on. Dayum! It felt massive!

.. And we made out. Marc seemed to have the moves, tugging on my hair, acting like he knew what he was doing. I was even more intrigued! Maybe Marc was a closet beast? *squeals*

When the night ended, we had supper along with some friends where Marc would hold my hand whenever I rested it on his thigh.

The next day;

Me: I made out with Marc!
Tanya: Whaaattt?! I hardly see him even talking to a girl, how did you even do it?
Me: I’m not sure. I was drunk. Only Phil saw everything.

Me: Guess what? I made out with Marc! And he had a huge hard on!!
Christy: You did what?! Marc is like a piece of wood. What did you do to him?
Me: Well it’s hard to avoid a hard on when your ass is on it.
C: Ah so you unleashed the wood in him. Literally. Tess oh Tess, not bad. I’m proud of you!

Yeah, some achievements needs to be announced. Plus, I kiss and tell. All the F-ing time.. as I do on this blog.



Out at our usual joint with 10 bottles of Black Label and 6 bottles of Moet, and only 6 of us, we were all completely smashed by the end of the night.

Marc and I were making out on the dance floor towards the end of the night and with everyone gone, I had to send the dude back.

We continued making out in the car.

Marc: Do you have condoms?
Me: Who said anything about F-ing. I’m hungry, we are going to eat!

After supper, I sent the dude home. Again, he invited me in but I declined. I just wasn’t in the mood for it.

I texted Marc when I got home and he replied the next day.

Me: I can’t seem to get my mind off those kisses.
Marc: Haha is it that bad.
Me: Oh so it’s bad to you?
M: No I thought to you.
Me: It’s stuck in my head, of course it’s a compliment.
M: Ok haha thanks. Just a kiss, I didn’t think I did anything special.
Me: Then should I be looking forward to anything ‘special’?


Just pure silence. The girls insisted that Marc might have been shy. But being shy is no excuse to not reply. That is just rude! Even F-boys has the decency to follow up till they got in your pants!

I decided to just drop the chase.



I was out with a bunch of girls for Ladies Night and Tanya decided to join. And with that, GERALD came with Marc too.

Gerald, whom I’ve known for the past 10 years and F-ed 5 years back is now a friend who has the hots for Tanya and is one of Marc’s closest friend. Gerald is based in Singapore so we only party together whenever he is in town.

Gerald: So what’s the story?
Me: I’m too embarrassed to tell you.
G: You’re Tess. What can possibly embarrass you?
Me: Fine. Two weeks back, I made out with Marc.
G: WHAT?! *burst into laughter* How desperate were you?!
Me: Well, he seems nice. And he’s not a F-boy. And nice guys can be kept!
G: Since when do you wanna keep guys?
Me: He ignored my text though.
G: Here’s the thing. Marc thinks he has game. But has no game at all. He’s not a F-boy, but he’s not nice. In fact he’s quite a douche to girls.

Long story short, when we were done at the bar, Gerald headed home and I drove Marc and I to our usual joint. When I sent him home, I had to borrow his washroom cause apparently I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

We made out at his yard. When I unzipped him, whoaaaaa it is one of the largest D I’ve ever held. 8 full inches and a pretty damn good girth too!

But the F was so below par that I just couldn’t finish.

I mean, the dude just doesn’t seem to know what he was doing. Marc couldn’t unbuckle the bra (front clasp), he was worse than a virgin with his fingers, he wasted the 8 inches when he didn’t seem to dare thrust it all the way in. Eventually, I just completely gave up.

We had some pillow talks and cuddles, mostly because Marc didn’t have a clue on how to throw me out and I was just too lazy to get my ass up and drive all the way home at 6am. It’s a 40 minutes drive, FYI.

Eventually, Marc just had to;

Marc: Do you wanna stay over?
Me: Nah, I need to get home.
M: You sure? Your car is at the front gate though, we can move it in.
Me: Don’t worry, I’ll leave in 5 minutes.

The next day, no text. Seriously?! But Gerald did.

Gerald: Did you behave?
Me: Nope!
G: Was it at least good?
Me: Nope! Don’t even know why I bothered.
G: Told you not to but you wouldn’t listen.
Me: I need to maintain my QC (Quality Control) man. I went to a different level of low with this one. If any of my ex-fucks knew, they’d laugh at me!
G: I’m already laughing at you!



I told my friends I wasn’t going to party as I had a Tinder date. I actually had a bunch of Tinder dates since my last post but they’re to sad to post about. I’ll get to it soon enough.

Somehow my girls managed to convince me to join them after my date and I managed to convince my date to come with me.

When I got there, Gerald mentioned that Marc was on the way over and everyone knew that we made out.

When Marc arrived, he pretty much ignored my existence until the point where I accidentally looked right at him and had to wave hello at him. I did see him watching me several times through the corner of my eyes though.

Gerald: Have you kissed him (my date) yet?
Me: Nope.
Gerald: Ok, I want your first kiss to be in front of Marc.
Me: Geez why? That’s just mean!
Gerald: Because he deserves it. He is being stuck up and no one should behave that way, especially when they don’t deserve to, if you know what I mean.

Well it wasn’t something that was up for debate. My date eventually went for the kiss at the table itself and not only Marc, but the entire table witnessed it. At that point of time, it wasn’t like I cared anyway. I’ll leave the story of this date for another post.



Me: Everyone knew I made out with Marc. I shouldn’t have made him lose face like that.
Gerald: Marc should have known you’re like that anyway. It’s not gonna be the last time you hang out with us. Does that mean just cause you made out with Marc, you can’t make out with any other guy in the club?
Me: You’ve got a point. Still feel bad though.

With no text or follow up from Marc, I’ll just leave it be.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind F-ing Marc again just cause I really do love his size. I wouldn’t even mind teaching him how to use it properly. It’s a massive waste of a good D if he didn’t know how to fully utilize it!

Let’s just see how bored I get 🙂


VERDICT: You really cannot judge a book by it’s cover!


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