The Animals

Name: LEON
Origin: KL
Ethnicity: Chinese mixed European
Height: 5′8. Normal
First impression: Cute
Age: 3 years younger


I met Leon about 1.5 years ago through some party people and we hung out together a couple of times.

Stella was hitting on him the first time we met and Christy then had a thing with him soon after. When I say a thing, it meant a couple hours of fooling in the car after party hours. Nope, they did not F.

I always thought Leon was very decent and somewhat shy. I mean, I had to use the G-Line on him when I was trying to get him to make a move on Christy!

This is how the G-Line works;

Me: Are you gay?
Guy: No, I definitely am not.
Me: Riiiighhhtttt.. *rolls eyes*
Guy: I really am not!
Me: Prove it!

.. and get them to make a move on your friend. Or if it’s obvious that you’ve got your eyes on him, he would most definitely make a move on you. Or accuse him of being a piece of wood. Both works wonders, every. single. time!

Trust me 😉


Leon has always been just a friend to me and I thought nothing of him till about 3 months back when I was drunk out of my brains from too much champagne.

Leon appeared with a bunch of girls and somehow, my severely intoxicated brains suddenly decided he was cute and grabbed him.

Leon: Babe, I’m here with a girl.
Me: Do I look like I care? *laughs*
Leon: Well, she’s at the washroom but okayyy..

So we grinded and we danced and his girl came back.

I have close to no memory of this other than the brief moment Christy stepped into the VIP and looked like her eyes almost popped outta her skull when she saw Leon and I. Just to clarify, Christy is completely cool with it, but was rather in shock as to what was happening.

The next day, I texted Leon.

Me: Sorry I misbehaved. I remember I said something bout cock blocking you..
Leon: No worries my dear. You’re lucky I had a girl with me otherwise I would have misbehaved and you would have been the victim.
Me: I was told I was grinding you..
Leon: Oh yeah and I enjoyed it while my chic was at the washroom. I was grinding you too and man, you were a tease. Don’t worry I’ll get back at you next time.`

Oh flirty, I see? At that point, I have just gotten over KURT and was on zero dude supply. I definitely didn’t mind a new F. Sure Leon wasn’t quite my type but beggars ain’t choosers plus Leon lives nearby, is one of the CLEO’s Bachelors and pretty popular with the ladies. Nothing beats convenience.


Leon invited me out for drinks a couple of times but I declined. I always have a shit load of events to attend, so if a dude wants a date, he most certainly got to plan in advance. No, I’m not popular. I just have loads of friends who love to drink.

A week after the grinding incident was Tanya’s birthday. Tanya is the craziest woman I have ever met through my decade long partying lifestyle. Seriously, no girl has came close to her level of insanity and I love her.

Tanya invited Josh, Leon’s best friend to her party. Which also meant Leon was invited.

Me: I heard you’ll be making an appearance at XXX tomorrow?
Leon: What’s XXX?
Me: Tanya’s birthday. Saw your name on the list.
Leon: Ah right. Josh mentioned, guess he signed me up for it as well.
Me: I’ll see you tomorrow I guess. Come pick me up? I’m too lazy to drive.
Leon: Alright sure. Where are you partying tonight? Wanna come to XXX?
Me: I’ve got an event at XXX. Feel free to join me. Else I’ll see you tomorrow.



Leon picked Josh and I up and headed over to the party. The birthday girl was as usual in her crazy drunk state by the time we arrived. We stayed for a couple of drinks before we decided to head to another club.

I have this strange habit of not wanting to be by the side of my dates. Almost like I do not want to be seen with them. As soon as I see humans other than my date, I’d be talking to them instead. That also meant I spent the night mingling with his friends whom I just met and pretty much ignored him.

When the night ended, Leon sent me home.

Leon: Did you have fun?
Me: I always have fun!
Leon: What would be the ultimate end to your night?
Me: Hmmm..

Just then, the traffic light turned red and Leon turned over to kiss me.

Me: Not bad.. this little boy can kiss. Hey, wait.. You’re supposed to turn in there! 
Leon: Nope, you’re coming with me!
Me: Oh? I don’t get a say in this?
Leon: Nope.

We got back to his place and we F-ed. Leon is a pleaser and a pretty damn good F. Pretty decent size too for a half Chinese!

We spent the rest of the morning F-ing and talking and F-ing again till the sun came up, slept a little before he sent me home.



Leon: Where are you partying tonight? We are headed to XXX.. Come join us, bring your girlfriends along.

And before I could reply, Christy sent a screenshot of Leon inviting her – Tess and I will be at XXX tonight, wanna join?

Wow, seriously?! We just F-ed a couple hours ago and now you’re making plans for me? But okay, I’ve always said it’s a crime to say no to good sex so I’m all for it.

That night, I brought some of my girls to his usual joint. It’s a pretty new lounge/bar that served overpriced drinks and his friends were always with buckets of champagnes so my girls ain’t complaining. I was hiding away from my usual joint anyway. Kurt had been spotted roaming the areas I’m usually at and I was avoiding him at all cost.

As usual, I was doing my own thing while Leon was seen picking up chics.

Christy: Why would you still wanna F him? He’s sucha douche..
Me: If no one wants him, why would I? I honestly don’t care, if anything, it makes me want him more.

Yes, I’m sick in the head like that. The more the dude is surrounded by chics, the more I am attracted to him. Weird.

We F-ed that night.. and the next.



The next weekend he was off to China for a family vacation. His mum was in town and he wouldn’t bring girls home. We ended up F-ing in Josh’s porch and hall while Josh was passed out in his room upstairs.

Leon: Are you going to XXX tomorrow? I’m flying off but Josh will be there, if you want you girls can join them.
Me: Most likely. I’ll give him a call then.

I honestly find hanging out with my F’s friends without my F to be rather weird but they’re pretty cool so I was alright with it. Free champagne doesn’t hurt either.

.. and so I spent the next week partying with his friends while Leon was away in China. He’d occasionally text to see if I was alright, just to catch up.



Leon: Just got out of the airport. Can’t find my suitcase.. yada yada yada.. what are your plans for tonight?
Me: Nothing much. What have you got in mind?
Leon: You wanna meet after dinner or a little later?
Me: Not too late, you’d be drained of energy!
Leon: Cool, we’ll meet Josh at 10pm. Bring your girls if they wanna drink.

So yeah, we F-ed that night. And we continued to F that weekend. And the next. For the rest of the month.


It came to a point where I felt bored at the mere mention of his name. How could I possibly feel that when the sex was mind blowing initially? And so I stopped. I did after all spend the entire month F-ing just him. I needed my variation.

But because I had became friends with his friends, and my girls with his boys, we still continued to hang out.

One of my girlfriends, Val even hooked up with Josh.



Val was blacked out drunk and naturally followed Josh home. I was done for the night after all the champagne. Truth be told, at this point, I can’t even recall how I got home that night.

The next day Val texted and asked if I noticed anything off about the night. All she remember was that she went back to Josh’s place and he was no where to be seen. The next thing she knew, Leon was on top of her, she pushed him away and ran off to puke.

When Val told Josh what happened, Josh didn’t bat a lash and changed the subject.

I texted Leon;

Me: I heard you were hitting on my friend?
Leon: No such thing. Probably too drunk.

Val couldn’t confirm what happened so I let it slide.

A week later, I was out drinking on a weekday when Leon booty called. It’s been awhile, I was bored and didn’t mind F-ing. He offered to come pick me up from town so I figured why not?

When we were done F-ing, Leon told me about that night. The night Val was blacked out drunk.

Leon: I F-ed her. She probably doesn’t even remember it.
Me: WTF?! That’s rape!
Leon: She didn’t say no. And she didn’t really look that drunk.
Me: Yeah well, she puked. You think?!

I was truly, utterly disgusted with Leon. Yes, I’m totally cool if my F-Bud F’s half the town, but only if it’s consensual. One should never take advantage of drunk girls.

I made up my mind that I was done with him but I couldn’t decide if I should tell Val.



Val asked to hang out with them. I kinda get a feeling that she had developed some feelings for Josh. I brought my freshly single girlfriend out with me that night.

Kurt came to see me. Yeah, Kurt. I decided my feelings for him were part of the past and made peace with him. We are purely friends now and we don’t even text anymore.

By the end of the night, my newly single girlfriend and I were highly intoxicated when she came up to me;

GF: Babe, you wouldn’t mind if I go with him?
Me: Go for it, he’s all yours. 
GF: Yeah, but you’re more important to me.
Me: Don’t worry. You can have Leon, but not Kurt. Leon’s a pretty good F. You’ll have fun!

.. and then Leon pulled me away

Leon: Babe, you know you’ll always come first..
Me: Geezz.. just go for it. I don’t freaking care!



I texted my girlfriend to see if she was alright. Those boys can’t be trusted. I’ve heard too many stories from Leon to not be worried.

Me: Are you OK? Did you have fun?
GF: Yea.. yada yada yada.. Oh did I tell you? I was F-ing Leon and Josh walked into the room and wanted to join in..
Me: WTF?! and..??
GF: I screamed at him till Leon told him not to come in anymore.
Me: Was he wearing clothes?
GF: First time yes. Second time he was naked. And I was naked!
Me: Seriously?!!
GF: Why didn’t you tell me that they were like that?
Me: I wouldn’t think that Leon would bring you back to Josh’s.


And that was it. I told Val what happened with Leon and decided that none of my girlfriends should go near that bunch of freaks again.

Another girlfriend of mine told me that Josh took her out for drinks and instead of sending her home, he took her back to his place, and demanded she get out of the car when she refused to. She threw a fuss till he gave up and sent her home.


It’s funny how Josh never tried anything funny with me and Leon had always respected my every request. Josh probably thinks I would slice his D if he tried anything given that I could sometimes be a raging psycho drunk bitch. Or that the entire KL would know of their antics given how I freely talk about my F’s. Then again, I’m never too drunk whenever I wanted to F.

I had this conversation with Christy and we both agreed that things like this happens to girls who cannot take care of themselves. Douchebags like them would only take advantage because they know that these girls will never speak of such incidents again. Val doesn’t want anyone to know of it.

It happened to me once with JACOB and I never spoke of it because of his girlfriend. The entire KL would have known what happened if it wasn’t for her. Ever since then, I never fully trusted a guy.

I’ve been telling my girlfriends to follow this set of rules;

  1. Don’t drive if you’re planning to drink a lot. It’s just F-ing dangerous.
  2. If you’re too drunk, go home with another girl or get an Uber.
  3. Never ever follow a guy’s car unless you’re alright if something were to happen.
  4. Don’t get too drunk if you wanna F. It’s never safe.

And guys, just keep it in unless its consented. It’s not a trophy if you banged her when her mind is not present.

Leon tried booty calling me 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I ignored his advances. I am not mad that he F-ed my friends. I am mad that he took advantage of them and that is totally not cool.


VERDICT: If women deserve getting raped because they were dressed inappropriately or were too drunk, does that mean we can smash your face cause we find it ugly or slice your D cause we did not want to see it or have it in us?


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