The Sex God : Part II – Best Sex Ever!

I met Sex God Sean 10 months back at my usual joint. Sean was and is the only guy who ever made me squirt.

First, you gotta read about how we met and our first F HERE.

We were supposed to meet a week after our first F but I was down with tonsillitis and Sean started travelling and left the country soon after. I was devastated. With every new guy I meet, I’d ask and attempt to teach them to make me squirt to no avail.

Early February this year, I found Sean on Facebook and added him. I was estatic when he approved and we started chatting.

Me: Hey gorgeous! Remember me? I was looking for another Sean and I found you on the list. Small world!
Him: Of course I do! How are you doing??
Me: Doubt you remember me. When are you in town again? Lets grab a beer!
Him: Come on… you did very well on my bar stool how could I forget
Me: Now you’re making me blush. You’re based in Hong Kong now?
Him: Yes but still have my apartment in KL. Feel free to use it!
Me: What would I wanna do in your apartment if you’re not there? Reminisce bout what happened on your bar stool? When will you be back next?
Him: You can do whatever dirty things you feel like doing! I am in London full next week but come right after!
Me: Come right after sounds.. wrong! Wouldn’t wanna be leaving stains all over your apartment while you’re away do we?
Him: Both sounds right to me! You, I, barstool…
Me: LOL. You, me, barstool, the week after next sounds just about right!
Him: Brilliant plan! 🙂

WOOOHOOOOOO!! I couldn’t believe it!

*does the victory dance*

Instead of texting Sean all the time, I decided I’d continuously purge photos of myself on Facebook so that he would not forget my existence.

I don’t usually post every damn thing and only post party photos when it’s someone’s birthday or if it was some kinda event but for two whole weeks, my photo purge was so intense that even my friends questioned my change of behavior!

Two weeks later, I texted Sean again but he was somewhere across the globe. I was dying to F him again but I pretty much gave up after two attempts.



Sean texted at 2.30am asking if I was awake. I would have been if I hadn’t gone out for happy hours and passed out after one too many beers.

Him: Are you awake?
Me: I am now! Was that a 2.30am booty call? (At 8am)
Him: Sort of – i couldnt sleep so needed any kind of entertainment
Me: Aww poor baby! Perhaps I could keep you entertained tomorrow instead
Him: I was only here for 24h… Leaving today 😦 But back next week!
Me: Wow that’s a really short trip! Have a safe flight then. Txt me when you’re back next
Him: OK *kiss emoticon*
Me: I’ll claim that kiss soon
Him: No doubt!



Him: Hooooraaaaa
Me: LOL sup baby
Him: Thats the last hoooraaa
Me: Now I’m confused
Him: How are you?
Me: Good! Besides having my car alarm go crazy on me, all’s good! Where you at?
Him: Am at home now! Are you out?
Me: Home.. in KL? So I’m guessing you’re bored now?
Him: Not really. Just know I owe you. I was so difficult the last time.. wanted to give you more lead time
Me: 2 days lead time? Aww that’s so sweet of you. Listen, I’m really hungry right now so if you’re up for it, we can go look for some food. Else I can probably meet you tomorrow late evening
Him: I am half naked and in boxers in my living room. So in case you are coming with food – much appreciated
Me: Are you tempting me?
Him: Aaaahh shh… my flatmate just came back from bali with his gf in the very second. So i guess i might not tempt you
Me: *angry emoticon*
Him: Unless you sneak in and promise to be quiet.. Otherwise i will have to press a pillow in your face
Me: I’d say convince me, but I think we both know I don’t need any convincing
Him: Haha so what do you need then?
Me: I’m conflicted if I should go to sleep or get fucked into oblivion
Him: I definitely fuck you into oblivion and beyond. Sounds like a good problem to have. You should start touching yourself … Will make it easier to find the answer

That was all I needed. By the time I got my ass there, it was 2am.

Preview Image 590x332 27

Sean snuck me in, chatted for 15-20 minutes tops, catching up and debating bout how he grew a belly. Sean insisted that personality topped looks while I argued that I’d pick looks over personality if it was just sex. Personality when it came to relationships, definitely!

Eventually Sean looked genuinely sleepy and cuddled up to me. After all he did message me at 12am and I only turned up at 2am. I pretty much turned, pressed my finger on his lip and kissed him. No time to waste!

We made out for a bit, the usual foreplay. I swear his hands are God like! Sean knew EXACTLY where and how to touch you. I was dripping wet within seconds!

I’m gonna hurt you so bad!

We F-ed and he F-ed really hard! Half way through, I was outta breath and demanded that I wanted his hands.

Sean dragged me off the bed, fingered me and within 5 seconds, he said, “I can feel you’re about to squirt!” and dragged me into the bath tub. True enough, I squirted within the next 5 seconds!

We continued F-ing and this time, doggy style! It’s funny though. The first time we F-ed, it hurts soooo bad! He literally reached the cervix, but this time, I could totally handle him!

Mid F, I told Sean, “Grab my hair while you F me!“. He yanked at my hair with so much force, my whole body flew up while he spanked me real hard. Soooo much pain and pleasure!

I guess by then Sean figured that I enjoyed the pain and rough sex because he got off me, went to his luggage and retrieved a belt.

Me: Wow you’re so 50 shades!
Him: No, I’m 60 shades! Tap my arms if I’m too rough alright?

Sean wrapped the belt around my neck with one hand while he balanced himself on my shoulder with the other as he F-ed me good. His stamina was amazing. I felt like my head was about to explode.

Finally he stopped;

Him: You can really take a lot!
Me: Is that not normal?
Him: No! and no more F-ing! I can never cum with a condom on, I can literally go on for hours.

Sean then demanded that I went down on him and he wanted me to be in a kneeling position. When he was about to cum,

Me: No, you’re allowed to cum!
Him: It’s not for you to decide! You sure know what you want
Me: Shouldn’t everybody know what they want?
Him: Fine. Everybody knows what they want but they don’t say it
Me: Really?
Him: Yeah, most girls don’t!

Sean then pinned me down and mouth F-ed me. Eventually I got bored and told him, “You want a blow, I want a finger. Fair trade!“. His eyes opened wide in amazement and laughed as he shaked his head at me while he inserted a finger in.

“No more for you. You’re going to squirt all over my bed in 5 seconds, I can feel it.”

When I refused to allow access into my mouth, I held him with both my hands.

Him: You like holding a big cock in your hands?
Me: Definitely. You’re huge! *sizes him* Holy shits that’s 3 whole hands!


That’s 8 inches, mind you!

Eventually we finished him off with a blowjob while he jerked himself off.

Cleaned up, and dropped dead on the bed. “Don’t worry darling, I’ll be out of here in a bit. I just need to be able to breathe first

We fooled around for the next 10 minutes then walked me to the door while spinning me in circles.

When I got to the lobby, I whipped out my phone and texted Christy, “This is no 4am drunk text, but I’m a freshly F-ed happy little girl! Sean really is a Sex God!

I’m glad Phil told me to go ahead when I was skeptical. I mean, Sean is so amazing I’d pay him to F me!

Well, Sean’s lease will be ending in 2 months. There is a high possibility that I would never see him again after that.

Even if it was a once a year affair, I’d enjoy every second of it!

I’ve had quite a hand full of guys and none of them could even come to a close second to Sean in the sack.


VERDICT: Some F’s are luxury F’s. His stamina, his dominance, his God-like fingers, his gigantic D, that gorgeous face. I could only pray that I’ll get to F him again. His girlfriends must be the luckiest girls on the planet!