The Broken Rules

Origin: Iran
Ethnicity: Persian
Height: 5″2. A little buff
First impression: Cute
Age: 4 years younger

One faithful night around the mid of 2014, I met Aaron through a friend at the club. I still remember the moment he walked towards us. I exclaimed out loud, “Wow he’s so cute! Who is that?“. “My best friend.”, one of my girlfriends said.

Owh. I really don’t like F-ing guys from the same group of friends. Things always turn messy.



Throughout the months of partying with him, friends would always try to hook us up.

I’m guessing it’s because Aaron is an asshole and I’m the definition of an asshole stuck in a female’s body.

I was very interested in him initially and every time he turned up at the club, he would try to chat me up but I was either not in the mood to party, too smashed to give two hoots bout what he has to say or out on the dance floor grinding some random guy I found.

Eventually, I lost interest.

A night before Halloween, a girlfriend of mine, Jane decided to take things further.

Jane: Aaron really likes you. Aren’t you interested at all?
Me: He is really cute but I find him a little too shy for my liking.

Next thing I know, Aaron dragged me out on the dance floor and kissed me. It was soft, gentle kisses that didn’t excite me one bit. When the short lived kiss ended, I smiled at him, made my way back to my friends and told Jane, “nice try, but I don’t feel any sparks“.

He texted me the next day but I pretty much ignored him.

Aaron was a chatty drunk. Every time I saw him at the club, he would yak continuously and I would find ways to get rid of him.

Him: What is it with you that guys would always come up to you? I have been watching you.
Me: How the F would I know? Why don’t you ask yourself that? You come up to me all the time too!

Endless attempts to chat me up, making me dance went on for months till..



I was smashed at the club. Jane wanted me to get them in for free and for some strange reason, I felt an extreme instant attraction the moment I saw Aaron that night. My hormones were probably the main culprit.

We hugged, went to get some tequila shots and he just grabbed me and we made out. If the first kiss was spark-less, this one had fireworks exploding above our heads!

By the second round of shots, I was way floored. All I could remember was that I pushed Aaron to the bar, grabbed him by the shirt, kissed and told him to stand still while I grinded him to a good hard on and stuffed my hand into his pants.

I guess my drunk brains registered him to have a good enough size because I automatically followed him home that night.

To be more detailed, I went missing for a good hour with some other friends and Aaron was begging Jane to get me out of the club. No one could find me and he decided to go in and dragged me away from another guy. I have no memory of any of these.

Back at his place, he was CRAZY in bed. The tossing around, hair yanking, dirty talking.. He is too young to be this experienced!

Aaron is pretty lucky below the belt too. An almost 7 inches hanging on that small 5″2 frame. Wow, just WOW! I literally went all, “OMG you have got to be kidding me!

Me: Enough! No more sex, I’m sore!
Him: You don’t get to tell me what to do! *tears my legs open!*

We F-ed twice that night.. and all of the next day when we woke up. He knew just what to say and what to do at the right time.

“So from now on, when I text you, REPLY!”

Aaron tried to cuddle, but I pushed him away. I don’t do cuddles with anyone other than my boyfriends. When I thought he was to send me home, I was held hostage for lunch!

Oh sweet Lord, why did he have to do that to me? Yes, there was absolutely nothing wrong with spending just a little time on a free meal, but then I’d be forced to look at the guy as an actual human being who could be nice and intelligent and not just a good looking, breathing sex object!

Aaron’s sober self was really down to earth, entertaining, funny and sweet as opposed to his continuous blabber and jumping around like a mad man after he had alcohol in his system. He also tried to hold my hands but I pulled away.

A good F, free meal and a ride home; what’s there to complain, right? Nope. He kinda got into my head.

RULE BROKEN: Communication.



The same night I met Finnigan and ran away from him, Aaron called at the end of the night and picked me up from the club. Read about Finnigan HERE.

Instead of going back to his place for a boom-boom session, I felt like I was kidnapped back to his boss’ place to hang out and by the time we got back to his place at 9am, he was too tired to F and pinned me down and cuddled to sleep.



We F-ed twice when we woke up but it was horrible! He was just too hungover to do any good.

“I’m sorry, I know I brought you here but I’m too F-ed up to F you right now”

I decided I was done with him when he sent me home that evening.



Aaron turned up unannounced with his boss and a few other friends and we made out for a little till I noticed his hot friend.

Him: Come back with me later. But I’m going to another club now.. Do you want to follow me or I could come pick you up after?
Me:  OK, but for now I want your friend.
Him: Sure no probs. Good luck!

Towards the end of the night however, I met Ethan. I was undecided if I should wait for Aaron or to just try out fresh Danish meat and when Aaron did not reply after 10 minutes, I went ahead with Ethan. Read about Ethan HERE.

When I was done with Ethan and checked my phone, there were 9 missed calls from Aaron and multiple texts from him asking me where I was and to answer his calls.

Him: Babe answer my calls, I can see you’re online.
Me: Dude I’m with a guy. I’ll text you tomorrow.
Him: Oh OK. I won’t bother you then. Have fun! *lots of kiss emoji*

By Wednesday he tried to booty call but I was out for with my friends so I didn’t bother with him.



It was a day after Valentine’s and he texted me in the afternoon making small talks. By night however,

Me: What are you doing for Chinese New Year?
Him: I’ll be in town as far as I know. Want to do something?
Me: Like what? F all day?
Him: Yeah, but I was thinking of doing that tonight.

I was undecided for a long time. I wasn’t sure what sober sex with him would be like. His hungover sex was beyond bad. It lasted all of one minute.

After a whole lot of persuasion, we settled with him sending me an Uber, a pizza for supper and to send me home in the morning when he goes to work.

NOTE: He lives really far and there was no way in hell I’d drive all the way for sex. Also the reason why I have been held hostage at his place and was not willing to take a cab home.

Aaron’s brother and Jane’s fling, Sam was there when I arrived.

Sam: Wow you’re here on a Sunday.. and sober?
Me: Yeah, I’m here for the pizza. Where is it?
Sam: Ha! Right.. all the way here for a pizza!

We F-ed and he F-ed me good while sober. I was totally addicted.


When the pizza arrived, we all gathered in the hall and chatted and laughed the night away till the boys called it a night at 2.30am.

I felt like I was in college again. Hanging around him made me feel young. All the guys I F-ed in the past year lived alone and did not allow me to smoke in the house.

RULE BROKEN: Hanging out with his friends.

We went back into the room and F-ed another two times before falling asleep at 4am with a lot of pillow talks, cuddling, playing and running around the room like kids in between F-ing.

I did try to push him away from cuddles but he pulled me back going all, “don’t you push me away!“. Eventually I just decided to give in and enjoy the moment.

I woke up to his boss leaving him voice notes on Whatsapp telling him to work from home.

Went out for breakfast, came back for more sex before he planted his ass at the PC designing some kinda social media post and having me delay his work further with endless font suggestions.

Me: I don’t usually hang out all day after sex. You’re an exception because you live on another planet!
Him: No, I don’t want you to go. Stay. It’s not that bad here. I’m not that bad to be around either..
Me: Yeah, you’re not too bad..
Him: You’re so arrogant!!

More cuddles and sex when he was done with work.

Aaron sent me home at 3pm. A full 15 hours spent together, minus 4 hours of sleep.

I was in bad emotional shape.



It was CNY eve. I texted Aaron;

Me: What are you doing tonight?
Him: I’m not sure but I’m out for now.
Me: I’m thinking of partying and have you F me hard after. *Sends a screenshot of the group chat with my friends where we said that it was good luck to have a good F on the first day of CNY because Chinese believes that the first day of the new year would represents the year”.
Him: Ok, I’ll let you know.

I did not hear from Aaron for the rest of the night. Come 3am, he asked if I was at the club and showed up completely wasted.

I too wasn’t walking straight and all I remember was at the end of the night, I saw him standing at the table doing nothing alone, attempted to drag him to the dance floor where he pushed me to the wall and kissed me.

Him: Come back with me. My friends are waiting outside, I really gotta go! *drags me out of the club*
Me: But I need to tell Phil!
Him: You can tell him on the way out.

Aaron passed out as soon as he got home, with a lot of puking the entire journey back.

You know, I really love you guys.. among so many of my friends, you are the only ones who stayed to take care of me. You (his brother) have no choice, but you are awesome, thank you!“.. Ahh don’t we all love drunk talks?

He woke up the next day to a massive hangover. He couldn’t even lift his head up for a drop of water but managed to turned over, spooned me and F-ed me from behind while planting soft, passionate kisses on my head the entire time.


Compared to the usual hard F-ing, that was totally not cool!

RULE BROKEN: Slow passionate sex!

When Aaron finally managed to sit up, he gave a big and wide cheeky, mischievious smile, “Damnnn, look at what I brought home!” and smacked my ass.

He didn’t remember how I ended up in his bed but his brother reminded him that they threw him into the car, drove off and he demanded to go back in to get me.

With that, he got up, and we all went for lunch at the nearby mall, hung out for a bit with him trying to hold my hands and hugging me in public.

Long story short, we spend the entire day sleeping, cuddling, talking, more cuddles and 3 rounds of amazing orgasmic sex till 9pm! I have never spent that many hours with a F-bud!

RULE BROKEN: Too much time spent together

You’re going to have an awesome year. You had a good F today!

Yup. Multiple good F’s.

Did I also mention Aaron has multiple F-buds and has been F-ing his almost girlfriend, a Russian blonde for the past 9 months?

The dynamics of this F-bud relationship is exactly like Seth. We talk about everything under the sun and it scares the daylight out of me that we could be so open and comfortable with each other. Read about Seth HERE and HERE.



My girlfriend, Violet wanted to check out the club Aaron usually goes to and so did I. She texted Aaron and somehow we scheduled for a group sex session when his friend gets back in 3 weeks. Violet totally digs him!

I’ve never put much thought into group sex but its kinda intriguing so I agreed to it. But that’s besides the point.


Aaron totally turned from a puppy fan boy into a world class asshole.

We planned on heading to the club tomorrow night.

Him: We can start drinking at my place before partying if you want..
Violet: You gotta convince Tess. She’s driving. And she wants to go to *insert bar name* before that..
Him: If she wants to go, let her.. Why is she forcing me to go?
Me: Tess here. I totally did not ask you to go!
Him: Well, I’ll be drinking at home. Tell Tess she can come if she wants to.

Wow. Baby, you totally turned a 180 degrees from worshiping the ground I walk on to being God’s gift to women?

This young boy needs to be booty trained and no mercy shall be given.

If Aaron wants to play the game, bring it on! There is no way he is gonna walk away smiling, I’ll have him begging for attention again in no time!

To be continued HERE.


VERDICT: I went through one heart break after another trying to figure out what keeps me from falling for a guy and I broke it all with Aaron.


The Dominator

Two nights back at the club, I was looking to get laid. I don’t know about other girls, but I get real horny right before my period and Finn wasn’t available to scratch the itch so I had to go hunting for a new F. Read about Finn HERE.

As the night went on, my new regular toy boy (whom I was about to write about if it wasn’t that more interesting stories kept coming up) turned up unannounced and we made out for a little till I noticed his hot friend.

ToyBoy: Come back with me later. But I’m going to another club now.. Do you want to follow me or I could come pick you up after?
Me:  OK, but for now I want your friend.
ToyBoy: Sure no probs. Good luck!

Yup, with a body just like that


His hot French friend with killer body was already beginning to show some interest. It turned out that we matched on Tinder some time back. We danced and I grinded him to a full on hard-on but Phil just had to turn up on time to pass me my bag so we could go to another part of the club. We exchanged Facebook and parted ways.

At the other part of the club however, I was introduced to Ethan.

Origin: Denmark
Ethnicity: Danish
Height: 6″1. Lean
First impression: Not too bad
Age: 1 year younger

I wasn’t completely wasted. I don’t usually drown myself in alcohol whenever I’m on a hunt. I would behave like a complete fool and unless the guy was a desperate sleazeball, he would never take a second look or be even remotely impressed by my slurring.

We chatted for a bit before he held me by the waist to dance behind me. It wasn’t the way most guys would hold on to a girl for a dance. Ethan had this hard, firm grip that made my insides stir.

I walked away from him back to my friends trying to decide if I should wait for ToyBoy to finally reply and come pick me up, to go back to the French dude or to just take what’s in front of me.

When French dude texted me on Facebook informing that his phone ran out of battery and was already home, I decided a change of flavor would do me good. I can after all have ToyBoy anytime I wanted.. Plus, I have never been with a Danish dude!

Friend: *talks about abs*
Me: Let’s see if this one has any.. *pokes at Ethan’s stomach*

Ooh he does! Under that loose buttoned up shirt were lean ripped muscles!

We danced a little and I decided I needed to see some real moves on the dance floor.


Man it felt more like a battle than a dance. Ethan would push me against the wall roughly, yank my hair back and kiss me hard. At that moment, I knew I needed to know what he could have up his sleeves in bed.

I’ve said it before and I’d say it again; If a guy could behave that way in public, there would be so much more to expect behind closed doors!

Needless to say, I followed Ethan home.

Once settled in, he pushed me on the bed, stripped me and did the usual foreplay and shits.. he did everything with extreme roughness.

It was nothing new and I love it when they grab my hair while I went down on them. I’ve been mildly choked and lightly tapped (slap) on the face by Pablo once and I loved it. Read about Pablo HERE.

But Ethan? Mid-Fuck, he slapped me HARD across the face and choked me so hard I was in utter shock! What shocks me more was that I thoroughly enjoyed it!


He didn’t just do it once. The choking and slapping went on through out the entire time and he’d stop occasionally to finger me. I never liked it when guys tried to finger the back door but he did it so naturally, I didn’t find it awkward or uncomfortable at all! It actually felt.. nice!

By the time we finished, I was wrecked! I felt like I was aching all over from getting thrown around.

When I woke up at around ten in the morning, his morning wood was apparent and clearly Ethan wanted to F again.

I was thoroughly sore and luckily the sex was vanilla this time round. I doubt I could handle any more slapping and choking that early in the morning. Still rough, but I realized that it was no where as pleasurable as the mild BDSM style sex we had only a few hours back.

Or maybe I just hated morning sex.

I left after a couple more hours of sleep. All the way home I wondered; How am I ever going to enjoy the plain old vanilla sex anymore?

It seems to me I learn something new about my sexuality with every new guy I bed. Would there be an end to my endless kink fascination?

Would I F Ethan again? I’m not so sure. I am undecided if I really like being completely dominated, or that I like dominating my guys to dominate me. Did that even make any sense? It’s just that I seem to get the kicks from demanding that they perform certain dominating acts.


VERDICT: I can’t wait to meet my very own Christian Grey with his red room of pain.

The Ultimate Failure

It was just another night at the club with my girls. We were dancing, drinking and as the night went on, we made a beeline for the dance floor.

I hate the dance floor. It’s crowded and you can’t see further than 2 faces in front of you. The podium, where you have a bird’s eye view of the entire dance floor was the way to go.

pole dancer1

Dragging my girls up, I spotted him at the corner of the dance floor alone. He was looking at me with pure intensity and he was gorgeous!

There were a bunch of decent looking Italians near him and our guy friends came up to us, cheering every now and then. Not sure why they did that when they usually could not give a rats ass about what we were up to at the dance floor.

I’d exchange glances with him every now and then, but his eyes never left me. Two songs in, my girls wanted to take a break and we headed back to the table.

I kinda forgot about him or something but he pulled me back to the dance floor.

We danced. We grind.

Me: What is your name?
Him: Finnigan.
Me: Whaaaatt?? We matched on Tinder today! Show me your phone!

Origin: Portugal
Ethnicity: Portuguese
Height: 6″1. Lean
First impression: Drop dead gorgeous
Age: 2 years younger

It was true then! Earlier in the night I was raving to Christy that I matched with this uber hot dude on Tinder. I was going on and on about how he was so gorgeous that there was no way those were his real photos.

And there he was looking right into my eyes, holding me close right in the middle of the dance floor. I was ecstatic!


Eventually, I had to go back to my friends and I brought Finnigan with me. We chatted, exchanged Facebook, took photos, made out a whole lot.

Him: You’re a great kisser you know that?
Me: I’m sure every girl is a great kisser.
Him: No, but with you, I feel a connection.. Come back with me.
Me: No. I don’t want to..

But when it was time to leave, my fucktarded drunk brains decided I should run away from Finnigan.


I literally stood up, told Christy, “Just drag me away!” and darted off the opposite direction!

What in the fucking hell hole was wrong with me?!! The dude was gorgeous, but I guess my libido was asleep. Sigh.

I woke up to my friend sending me our photos from the night and telling me how “I couldn’t believe it when you ran away from him. I think he heard what you told us” and a Tinder text from Finnigan saying, “You ran away from me *thumbs down emoticon*”.

Just great.

I studied the photos, and mannnn he was drop dead gorgeous. There was a pic of me sitting on him, one of him kissing me on the cheek, and one of us kissing.

I decided to stalk his Facebook. It says that he was an actor and with the many modelling shots he was tagged in, I decided to Google him up and..

F MY FCKING LIFE! Finnagan was a model and acted in the local series where he came from. There were pages after pages of his interviews on Youtube, and even a scene that was possibly from one of his series that was a soft porn.

I could have F-ed an actor and a possible porn star? I have never felt a bigger failure than this. Who doesn’t want to F a porn star?



I texted him;

Me: *sends our photos* Looking good!
Him: Ohh yeahhh. But you ran away.
Me: In Thailand already?
Him: Yup. In Phuket now.
Me: Ever coming back to KL?
Him: Maybe before I die. Yesterday you didn’t want nothing with me. So..
Me: You can blame my drunk brains for that.

Oh wells. I showed the pictures to my other girl friends who weren’t there that night and they all had the same thought; Go kill yourself!

It’s been 5 days since and I still feel angry with myself when ever I think about it. Doubt this would be an easy incident to forget!


VERDICT: If I could ever top this failure, I’d have to be running away from Ian Somerhalder or Nick Bateman.. Or some kinda Hollywood star.