The Highschool Crush

I’m just not in the mood for work.

While mourning the lost of my rather huge sale and the potential of getting an iPhone 6 and a beach vacation with me, myself and I where I could bake in the sun all day and Tinder all night for a week, instead of scrolling endlessly through pictures of hunks and gorgeous nail arts on Instagram, I decided to dig out an old story.

Throwback to early high school years when I was 14; I had a crush on Shane.

Origin: KL
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5″10. A little chubby back then
First impression: Class clown
Age: My age

Shane was a classmate. Always goofing around, disturbing girls. Although Shane was adorable and sweet, he wasn’t one of the popular boys. Nobody knew, but I had a huge crush on him.


At the tender age of 14, just chatting on the phone for hours and hanging out in class was a pretty big deal.

One day, a bunch of us girls skipped school and got caught. When we got back from the principle’s office, my other 2 girlfriends were bawling their eyes out. I wasn’t sure why but watching them cry, I started sobbing myself. Shane comforted me for the longest time. He always made me smile.

The next year, Shane migrated to Sydney, Australia.

We kept in touch through ICQ/mIRC and MSN Messenger, chatting almost daily. I was always entertained by all his stories. The cultural difference Down Under, the parties.

When we were 17, clearly we did not sit home in front of the PC as much and so we would occasionally SMS one another updating on our lives. But I was dating Leo then and he wasn’t happy when he found out. I explained that we were only friends and the dude was a million miles away but he still wanted us to seize all contact. Fine. I did it his way. Read a little about Leo HERE.

We totally lost touch. It was a time when ICQ, mIRC and MSN Messenger were no longer in use. Facebook was not even popular yet.


One day, I dreamt of Shane. We were in our class when we were 14, making out at the back of the class. The dream was so vivid even when I woke up.

I searched the Internet for Shane to no avail. After a couple of hours, I gave up. I went about with life as usual but a few months later..

I dreamt of Shane AGAIN!

This time, I told Sherry, my then best friend about it and begged her to search the Internet with me. I refused to give up and eventually, I found a website that Shane and his friends started. They uploaded videos of themselves at parties, silly kung-fu moves, “fight” scenes, endless pictures.

That website led me to his MySpace profile and guess what? Shane was no longer the chubby little boy I remember. His transformation was astounding! Buffed and toned, Shane oozed sexuality!

I started up a MySpace account, added Shane and caught up on all the lost years.



At 21, Shane came back to KL for a vacation with his best friend for a week. Though I was happy, I was going through a rough patch after all that I went through with Sid. Read about Sid HERE.

The first night we were out partying, I got pissed drunk on Vodka and started sobbing uncontrollably in the ladies. Shane noticed I was missing and came into the washroom looking for me only to find me in tears. He gave me a shoulder to cry on and eventually I was back in the club partying.

A girl friend of mine was fooling around taking photos with Shane’s friend, lip to lip. I drunkenly told Shane I wanted a photo like theirs. Next thing I knew, we were making out all night. I remember photos of him carrying me while lip locked, with friends cheering us on in the background, us flashing our undies (more like his undies and my g-string) at the camera.

But being the shy(er) girl that I was back then, things were awkward the next night we partied. We pretty much ignored each other and he left the day after.

Shane came back for a short trip the following year. He made a pass at me when we were out partying but I was dating Chad then and had sworn to myself to be loyal at that point of time. Read about Chad HERE.



Though we are friends on Facebook, we did not exactly keep in touch other than a few comments here and there on statuses and photos.

One day, I got a call from a random number. Shane was in town for a week for his dad’s funeral. It was a Wednesday night and he wanted to party.

I gathered a few close friends, picked him up from his relatives’ home and took him to a club nearby where only locals hung out.

Me: Shouldn’t you be mourning? Or at least sad?
Him: My dad would have wanted us to go on with life. I’m dealing with it in my own ways.

If I ain’t at my usual joint, I’d be at this particular club just because drinks are cheap and I felt so much at home. It’s a bonus that I occasionally score free drinks from the bar because the club’s manager is an old friend.

Shane was to join a body building competition at the end of the year and he was huge! It really was an impressive transformation from the once upon a time chubby boy I knew. We both know how we used to have a crush on each other. We also knew that at that point of time, we are both still physically attracted to one another.

It was only midnight but our friends were starting to leave.

Me: If you want to stay and drink, you could. Don’t worry, I’ll get you home safe. I won’t take advantage of you.
Him: Are you sure you don’t want to? *smiles cheekily*

By 2am, with all the beers, vodka and tequila shots, we were both whacked. He attempted to kiss me in the club where I told him no. I knew too many people there and I was in the early stage of dating Luke. Read about Luke HERE.

When the song Danza Kuduro by Don Omar came up, he dragged me out of the club and sat me down at the lounge area.

Him: Do you know the meaning of this song?
Me: Nope. Do you?
Him: La Mano Arriba. It means ‘your smile’. Cintura Sola; it’s so beautiful..

Shane went on and on, somewhere along the lines of that, describing it to be the cheesiest love song ever made. Some months later, I Googled the meaning only to realize that all the song was saying is to ‘put your hands up, moving only the hips‘. Smooth!

Shane grabbed me and we kissed the most passionately drunk kiss in history (if that’s even possible) when we entered the car.


Him: Take me home with you. I’m gonna ravage you!
Me: No! I don’t live alone.

We ended up at a budget hotel in the area.

Him: Why were we too chicken to do this 7 years back?
Me: I don’t know. You were the only one who ever got away!
Him: So I’m just a trophy to you?
Me: You know you have wanted this the whole time too.

Unfortunately Shane had a whiskey dick that did not last too long and so we pretty much drunk talked and made out all night before the guilt kicked in and I made a move, leaving him stranded in the room.


When I told Christy about Shane, she was beyond amused. “First you have a crush. Then you make out. Then sex. The next time he comes back, you guys are gonna get married!

I have not seen or spoken to him since but I’m sure as hell that I’d be seeing him the next he’s in town.


VERDICT: Shane and I have came a long way since we were both 14. Some attractions can last a lifetime (or at least more than a decade!)


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